Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It Will Be A Peacocks And Mardi Gras Tree

So... this year's Christmas Tree Theme is Peacocks and Mardi Gras Style... and since I won't actually decorate the Tree until after Thanksgiving I've got Peacock and Mardi Gras crap all over the other rooms of the house awaiting the Tree's Transformation... looks like a Peacock Massacre took place in here!  With Real Peacock Feathers and Faux Peacock Feathers strewn all helter skelter across several rooms... *Smiles*

But I must say, it looks Pretty even tho' it's temporary and not really intended to Decorate the Space it's presently occupying until we're ready to Transform our Autumn Decor into a Vision of Christmas.  In fact, I couldn't Believe that I 'Scored' these Amazing Faux Peacock Feather Clips for a mere Dollar and Forty-Nine Cents each at Wal-Mart!

And this Adorable Ornamental Crown for the same low price!!!   This will be a Perfect little Crown for Pimping  Taxidermy Royalty and they had them in Silver with Blue Jewels as well if you are going for a more subdued palette than Goldtones.

As for me the Jeweltones and Gold are the Perfect Holiday Palette for this year's Christmas Theme.

And it just kinda happened... there wasn't a lot of Planning and Foresight that went into exactly what the Theme would be this year... it just kinda spontaneously Evolved into a Peacocks and Mardi Gras Tree Theme by what I already had on hand and found at a Bargain.

I've built up quite a Collection of Lovely Mardi Gras Masks and when I browsed a World Market recently they had a small Christmas Tree festooned with the same type of Masks and glittering Jewel Tones and it was quite breathtaking.

I have so many Real Peacock Feathers that I suppose I didn't really NEED to have some sparkly faux ones... but I just Loved all the ones I found and will utilize them long past Christmas.  In recent years I haven't really purchased new Christmas Tree Ornaments since our Christmas Storage Area is quite filled with Christmas Past and we often like to Improvise and put Vintage Photos, Salvaged and Created Items on our Tree for Decoration as well.

And of coarse we'll still be Creating some Peacock and Mardi Gras Themed Christmas Tree Altered Art Tags... and Pimping Out some random Vintage Photos I've Sourced with Glitter and Stickles... as well as Adorning the Christmas Tree with Architectural Salvaged Items to give it all a Unique and Vintage Feel.

I don't know about you but if I had the Room and the Time I'd Enjoy Decorating several Christmas Trees in various Themes.   We don't have the Room nor the Time so instead we often visit Homes on Christmas Inspired House Tours that go all out like that for Christmas, it's Truly Magical and Purely Enchanting to see a Home Transformed completely into a Christmas Wonderland!

I actually used to do that... back in da day... and sometimes I Wonder how I ever had the Time or Energy to Decorate that much while raising a Young Family and working a demanding Career with ultra long hours?

I don't Feel the Need to go all out like that at this Season of Life... not because I don't thoroughly Enjoy the Holidays any less mind you... but it does consume a lot of Time and Energy that I simply don't possess and cannot manage now.   And it's Okay... I'm Content with doing what I do now and visiting other places that can do what I used to be able to do... or more!

There has been a certain Liberation in downsizing the Holidays and Simplifying them... and Life... as I've Aged.   I don't Need as much as I thought I needed in past Seasons of Life.   I take Life at a more Leisurely Pace and my Priorities have certainly shifted more in the direction of a Zenlike Existance.  I don't Try to do it ALL anymore nor does it bother me that I can't do as much really... it's a good enough Excuse to do less!  *Winks*

I'm pretty sure I received some of my Inspiration for the Peacock Theme from hanging out with these Magnificent Creatures this weekend at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale.   The Grounds of the Historic Ranch Estate are now converted into a Public Park and the Peacocks that have always been there are flourishing.

This is the Season when the Males are shedding feathers so Princess T and I were scouring the Park Grounds for any tiny Peacock Feathers we could attach to Altered Art Tags for the Tree!  *LOL*  They were following her around like she was the Pied Piper since she had some dried Beans and Corn Kernels to feed to them.  *Smiles*

Many of the Females had Baby Peacocks in tow, drab like the Females but oh so Cute since they're pint sized Peacock looking.   I didn't Photograph the Babies since the Mama Peacocks are quite protective of them and didn't let you get too close.   But the Males are quite brave around Humans and seemed Curious as to what exactly we were looking for in the Grass?  *LOL*  They kept coming over and looking down too, just in case we were noticing a Buffet they might have missed!?   Little did they know we were looking for any bright feathers they might have dropped!  *Ha ha ha*

And yes, we did find some... and had a little envelope filled with them by the time we left the Park.

We Thank all the Peacocks that contributed to our Altered Art Tag Project and will therefore be Immortalized in our Artistic Creations!

Of coarse a certain Limelight Pretty-And-Proud-As-A-Peacock Diva was getting a bit jealous that Gramma was spending so much time trying to Photograph Peacocks.   After all... SHE was here in all her Glory, right!?!  *Winks*   So she kept trying to steal the Show and Centerstage from the Mister Peacocks... and hey, they just couldn't Compete, could they?  *LOL*

Okay... so now that it's all about ME and I'm the Center of Gramma's Universe again... all is Right with the World and everything is back in Balance and Aligned as it should be!  *Winks*

Good Lord I had to Photograph that Child sprawled out on everything she could Vogue and Pose upon at the Park!  *Ha ha ha*

Now to be sure this Park is an Ideal Backdrop for Photography Shoots and I don't think I've ever been there when there hasn't been a Posse of Professional Photographers doing Family Portraits or a Wedding... so I was Amateur Small Potatoes compared to those guys and all their gear.

But Princess T and I had Fun taking turns playing Photographer here and especially in the Gorgeous Rose Garden which has just about every type of Rose imaginable and the Scent permeates the air like you're in Rose Heaven!

Princess T decided we should make a Game of finding and Photographing the Perfect Rose of our Favorite types.

Of coarse she got VERY Competitive about finding the most Perfect Roses to Photograph... so it almost went Left as a Game... so Gramma had to be very discerning about what I said about her Choices lest it become Moodfest 2014 and not Fun anymore!  *Yowsa!*  Divas are so Temperamental like that!  *Le Sigh*

Though it was so much Fun to look for the Perfect Rosebuds and Roses in various stages of Bloom to Photograph so I really Enjoyed our little Game.   You can Feel quite Accomplished as a Photographer when you're Photographing something Created so Naturally Sublime that you almost can't take a bad picture of it!  *Winks*

I kept Imagining what types of Magnificent Bouquets I'd Create in every room of my Home if I had the wealth of Beautiful Blooms to Harvest daily that this Garden has!?!  Or how it would Feel to live in a Mansion and Estate such as this one?  Alas, I haven't done so well with Roses at Bohemian Valhalla, they take a certain Expertise to raise and get quality of Bloom from in a Desert Environment.

I could get some pretty decent Rosebuds, but never this quality of the other stages of Bloom from my Home Grown Rosebushes.

But there is nothing quite like Bouquets of Roses... or the heady Scent from them.  They are a Flower that I Enjoy all the Stages of Bloom from tight Rosebud to the dropping of Petals once the Bloom is spent.
And some of the Colors are Surreal!   Though this particular type of Rose wasn't the Classic Shape and more like Wild Rose Shape, the Hue was Mezmerizingly Bright and Bold!  Break out the Sunglasses... this Color was absolutely one of my Favs.

We spent half the Afternoon here at the Park soaking in the Atmosphere on this Glorious Autumn Day!   With the Melodic sound of Bees buzzing and Collecting their Nectar to make Honey.

Princess T and I are definitely Park People... we could spend inordinate amounts of time Park Hopping and be utterly Content and reveling in the Natural Splendor.

This little Bug looked like he was taking a nap... or perhaps simply overwhelmed by the power of the heady Fragrance of the Rose's Perfume, I dunno?!  *Smiles*

And there's not much that can rival the Beauty of a Rose in any Stage of Bloom IMO.

The only thing lacking this Day was having a complete Picnic Lunch to Enjoy there!  Yep... that's me... always thinking about FOOD!  Thus, this Dieting Thing and losing weight isn't working out so well for Your's Truly!!!  *Ha ha ha!*

Princess T was more intent on the Playground after our Photo Shoot than she was about having Lunch... so we waited 'til after the Park to go out to eat at a Fav Restaurant.  But I would have liked to have Planned a Bar-B-Que or Picnic Luncheon right there.

And many people had the same Idea because Picnics and Bar-B-Ques abounded... along with the Scent of Roses was the Aroma of Grilled Steaks, Succulent Ribs and Bar-B-Qued Chicken wafting thru the air!

And I was getting mighty Hungry smelling all that!  I was almost getting ready to Gatecrash a Picnic or Bar-B-Que!!!  *LOL*

"Gramma!!!  You're not gonna Starve before we get to the Restaurant!"

But lemme tell ya, when this Marathon Parkster is turned loose in a Park you never know how many Meals you might miss before she's ready to leave... so it's always a good Idea to pack at least a light Picnic Lunch and Refreshments... which I completely Forgot to this day since it was a spontaneous Park Visit on the Fly!

Those can be the best types of visits tho'... the spontaneous unplanned ones.

I tend to prefer to Live Life Spontaneously in fact... I'm not very much of a Planner or sticking to inflexible Schedules.

And neither are the Kiddos... it cramps our Style to have to Commit to a Plan and stick to it!  Which sometimes drives The Man Crazy because he is a lot less Spontaneous in his approach to Life.

Which Type do you happen to be my Friends?

Are you mostly Playful or Serious?

Do you Enjoy being out in Nature or do you prefer an Urban setting?

I think we have the best of both Worlds here... living in an area with large Cities and Urban Enjoyment, yet plenty of Lovely Natural settings to have a healthy Balance of Enjoying each.  Not too remote and yet able to get away for some Solitude when you need it or some Urban Life when you need that.

And I can easily bear the sweltering Heat of an intense Desert Summer when I know that the other Nine Plus Months of the year are going to be this Glorious and Perfectly Ideal!

Even the Ranchhand's Quarters on this Estate is pretty Impressive!

With two levels of wrap around Porches and Lovely Architecture even the Hired Help lived well at the turn of the Century here!

I'm so Glad is has been so well Preserved by the City of Glendale and now is Open to the Public to Enjoy rather than it remaining a Private Residence.

All the Details of the Structures on the Estate are not lost on me... the Details of a Historic Home or Site is what I Enjoy most when I'm Exploring them or taking a Tour.   And I'm always Delighted that parts of History like this still remain so that Future generations can Enjoy and Appreciate them too.  I Hope you've Enjoyed coming along with us and being as Inspired as we have been?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. your day in the park looks wonderful, dawn! beautiful roses--mine do not look that those! and your princess is such a cutie:) (love your lace top:)

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I can smell those roses clear here in Missouri!


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