Friday, November 14, 2014

Back To The Fluff Of Life

Well Hello again my Friends, glad you decided to drop by and go galivanting around the City with me Today, we're gonna have a Good Time.   And I might even get this Post finished without a dozen or more interruptions by The Man and the G-Kid Force?!  Well... I might... or might not... since we're up to about a half dozen interruptions already and it's barely Noon and I've only Devoted perhaps 20 minutes to the Project and I've only got two out of three of them here this Morning interrupting me!!!   This is why so many of my Projects remain in a type of Suspended Animation and various degrees of Interrupted Vision actually.

And I want to Apologize for being so Harsh in my last Post about the extreme popularity of Pure Fluff here in the Land of Blog... I was having 'A Moment'.  I recognize that this is a Land that many of us Escape to because it is filled with Visions of Beauty and doesn't have to focus upon the often harsh Realities of Life and the Important Stuff all of us must Deal With much of the time.   So there... I'm Guilty as Charged as well when it comes to my Extreme Enjoyment of the Pure Fluff Posts saturating this Wonderful Land of the Blog!  *Winks*

And I also recognize that when we choose to have our Blog Posts be a Platform for the more Serious Issues of Life or what we're deeply Passionate about beyond The Fluff and Stuff, we have that Freedom as well... and that's what makes it so Special really to have this little Slice Of Heaven in our Blogs where we can Post whatever our little Hearts so Desire at the Moment.   So now... it's back to the Fluff Of Life Today as I take you back to Favorite Haunts around the Valley during my Whirlwind Weekend.

I was Delighted to see such a great selection of Carnival Kitsch as my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES.   And NO, I didn't add more to my Collection of it at Home, but simply because I'm still Bailing Out my Fabulous Printer's Cabinet on Layaway at the Shop... should have it Sprung by December just in time for it being my Christmas pressy.  *Smiles*

And I'm Resisting all HUGE Taxidermy Beauties because I've run out of Wall Space to Showcase them now.  *Sob*   Lord have Mercy, I NEED more Walls now I suppose?!?  *Winks*  Okay... so probably there could NEVER be enough Walls for me to hang everything that should be hung... and a property filled with random Walls would probably look mighty Weird, even for me.  *LOL*  But I might NEED that Vintage Child's Play Indian Headdress for one of my Taxidermy Beauties at Home... Loving 'The Warpath Look' it Imparts... specially since I've been on The Warpath a LOT lately for one Important Reason or Cause or another!  *Winks*

But I did pick up a couple of Tiny Treasures... like the Art 'Wish' Tag on the Left...

And this small Prayer Rug with a Vibrant Design.   BTW: Decorating Tip if you like Exotic Style, small Prayer Rugs work great as Concealers atop small tables whose tops are damaged or scarred and you're either too Lazy or not ready to Paint or Refinish yet.  *Smiles*   You can even permanently afix them with Upholstery Nails... this will be such a Concealment Rug since it's the Perfect Size and so Beautiful... and I NEVER have sufficient Time to Paint or Refinish everything I Intended to!  *Le Sigh*

Loved this small Prayer Rug as well but limited myself to just one this day.

Hard to pass up Vintage Tambourines... but I managed!  *Winks*

And though I already own a Collection of them, even tho' I don't yet have a Waist in order to wear them well *Le Sigh*... I'm always blown away by my Friend Angela's Beautiful Belt Creations.

I'm also always Smitten with the Architectural Salvage, the more Ornate the better!

But I did use a lot of Restraint during my Visit... coming away with a few Small Treasures and loads of Inspiration from all the Eye Candy.

Lately I've been in a Bunting Creating Mode because it is a Project I don't have to Devote enormous amounts of Time to Create and the End Result is always so Visually Pleasing.   I have this 'Thing' for Buntings anyway and have thought about Creating some from Old Flannel Shirts for the Holidays for that Cozy Christmas Feel.

And over at the Sister Store SIRENS AND SAINTS they had just received an Order of these Creative Oil Painting Tote Bags... how Cute and Unique is this?!?  Each side is a different Work of Art on Canvas and also the inside Pocket as well.

If you Love Art... and the Unknown Masters especially... as much as I do... and don't possess nearly enough Wall Space to have a Gallery of all of the Art you'd like to own, this is another great way to Showcase Art and in a most Useful way!!!  
I am Ashamed of myself that my own Adult Vintage Tricycle has languished in the yard for way too long and will now probably need a Servicing before I can even ride it.   I had this Vision of me riding it all over Town instead of driving and because Life just got in the way of Vision... well...  you know.  *Le Sigh*

So it is Vital that I Maintain being Inspired by Visiting the Visions my Talented Friends bring to Life until such time as I can get around to Manifesting my own Visions and bringing them to Life eventually.   I know the Time will come... I just don't know when yet?!?

Sitting on and Delaying a Vision is really, really Difficult isn't it?   Deferred Vision is quite Torturous I tell you if you're the Creative Type and Desperately want to do many things and yet Life gets in the way of it and you have to wait!!!   I'm not good at waiting, I get impatient and frustrated, especially if I don't know how long it's gonna take?!?

I can probably Hold Out Patiently for Hours or even Days... but when it stretches out to Weeks... Months... Years... or even Decades... it starts to really get to me!

So it's a good thing that I've begun to move towards some of the Vision and Projects long Delayed and put off for far too long on account of Life and all.   I'm a Dreamer by Nature... but I also like to make my Dreams my Realities and not just leave them there in the Dream Realm.  How about you?

To be sure I have a lot of Grandoise Visions and Dreams... but I Feel as though I could actually bring some, part or even all of them to Life if I were able to Devote more Time to them.  And it doesn't have to be some Big Deal for it to be Deferred or Delayed actually.   Hell, I'd like to actually be able to get thru a simple Conversation with Friends without an Interruption most days!  *Le Sigh*

But some Calls you just have to answer and Avoidance isn't an Option... dammit!  *Winks*   Lately the School Nurses and I have had more Conversations than I have been able to have with my Friends it seems.  

This Crew seems to have been taking turns dropping like Flies now that the Weather has taken an Autumnley Turn... wait, is Autumnley even a Word I Wonder?  *Smiles*   And Seriously... are you Guys ALWAYS really Feeling this Sickly?   Yeah, you Guessed it... I'm no Nurse Nightingale when it comes to Sick Folks and how High Maintenance that gets when you're Dealing With Sick Men and/or Sick Kids!  *LOL*

And it's not just becoz they're Sick... it's because of how they Act when they get Sick... all that Drama... and Inability to just Rest and Get Well properly... keeping them Down when they're Sick is like trying to Herd Cats.   And so the Recovery Process for them doesn't go so Well... and then I Morph and turn into Nurse Ratchet!  *LOL*

Or how about those seemingly Miraculous Recoveries?  Like when they're too Sick for School... but by Noon they get that Second Wind and Swear they're Perfectly Well enough for Normal Activities... which in this Crew isn't Normal Activity by any stretch of the Imagination in the first place... and way too much Activity if you're Recovering from something or even happen to be a Normal Person!  *Le Sigh*

So the Yo-Yo Syndrome plays out... where they're up and down from their Sick Beds continuously it seems... because they won't just stay down 'til a proper Healing could take place... or a True Miracle... which I'm always Praying for so that they'll ALL actually BE WELL one day!

I know, Pray for me and my Reaction to Dealing With bouts of Caregiving Burnout... that's what I try to Recuperate from the majority of the time.   No matter how Healthy I can manage to Maintain my own Body and Spirit... the Mind is where most of the real battles take place to stay Centered and Maintain your Zen as best you can when Dealing With circumstances beyond your Control.
This is me and how I Feel most of the time.   Without committing any Crime and without any Release Date or Parole pending.   So... lately I've begun Scheming a Master Plan on how Best to Deal With It in a completely different way and Mindset that will seem a lot more Hopeful, Helpful and Energizing to Self?

It's almost like a New Beginning and Re-Birth when you Decide to do that actually.  I got pretty Excited about it even tho' the Master Plan was actually quite Simple and nothing all that Profound really.   But it was a Master Plan I could Implement Daily in small increments that were Do-Able even with my present Circumstances, Commitments and Obligations... so I was Jazzed to begin.

And each day I have put a Focus on Accomplishing just one Small Thing that has been Delayed... Deferred... Stalled Out... and Put Off for just far too long already as Life got in the way.

And it can be something as Simple as hanging a Peacock Shade Lamp that I bought Months ago, quite similar to this one in fact... and which had to get set aside because things came up... and kept coming up... constantly... and so it just never got Done.   Well, actually that Project hasn't been Done yet and it's still set aside and on The List, but I'm just using it as an Example!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

But you get the Picture?  *Winks*  I got all this Fluff Of Life to DO and try to Get To for Heaven's Sakes... If only the Important Stuff quit getting in the way!!!... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. lt sounds like the Vets day march went well for you and hubby Dawn, with honour and respect in abundance.... which is as it should be.
    l loved this post Dawn, so many interesting pics and great ideas....l especially love the canvas totes. l've painted heaps of crap canvases and was seriously going to chuck them all in the bin (any day) but there are perhaps a few l can salvage to make into bags, so l'm gonna give it a try anyway.....Also the peacock feather lamp is fantastic....l soo want one.
    l also totally relate to all these projects on the go and no time to do them, as you would say - le sigh.....anyway have a great weekend and take it easy.


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