Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Bear Head At Breakfast... Not So Unusual... For Us

There are times when it becomes glaringly apparent that we're not your Usual or Normal Family. Like when I Purchase a Bear Head and because I roll in Late from the 'Pick', I just non-chalantly place it on the Front Kitchen Table for now coz I'm Tired... not thinking ahead.  The Table where the G-Kid Force will have Breakfast in the Morning and not know Gramma got a Bear Head and it will be waiting there at Breakfast to Greet them and Sharing the Table with them!   But in case you were thinking that's the NOT so Unusual or Abnormal part for us, you'd be only partly right.

Because you see... the first Child up is Prince R and he strolls in for Breakfast, past the Bear Head without even seeming to notice it's there, pours his Cereal and proceeds to eat it at the Table with said Bear Head beside him, not saying a thing about it being there!!!  *LOL*   It struck me at that moment when I get up and see the Scene of G-Son and Bear Head having Breakfast... and that it was no Big Deal worth even mentioning in this house, that its glaringly apparent we're NOT your Usual or Normal Family... *Smiles*

Yeah, they had noticed it... barely... because for us it's the Norm to find things like this around this Old House... almost anywhere and at any time.   And so it's not a Topic of Conversation that would even be mentioned over Breakfast... when you walk in and find that your Gramma put a Bear's Head wearing a Santos Crown on the Kitchen Table where you will be Sharing your Breakfast beside it 'til it moves to where ever in the House or Studio it will Reside!  *Winks*

Yeah, they think it's as Way Cool as I do... so they're not Freaked out about it... they've gotten into the Jeep after School and had to sit beside similar objects before that Gramma has Sourced.   And now for the Story of the Bear Head {among other Taxidermy Found Treasures that day}...

I hadn't Intended to Source inexpensive Taxidermy Treasures that day actually, it just happened by pure Serendipity.  I walks into my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES simply to make another payment upon my Fabulous Printer's Cabinet still on Layaway and awaiting Bail-Out... *Winks*...  and there it was in all it's Glory!   Now... I had always wanted a Bear Head... but JUST a Bear Head, not the whole damn mounted Bear or Bear Head attached to enormous Bearskin Rug that I simply would not have sufficient room for... just the Head... and it's Rare to find 'em Mounted like that.  So when I spies this Blonde Old Vintage Beauty... and better yet, well within Budget, there was no leaving it behind!  No siree-Bob!

And earlier I had procured another unexpected Vintage Taxidermy Treasure on Sale at a deep discount that a Friend had in his Space... so now I no longer have to Lust after my Friend Shelly's Feathered Friend.  Yes, this will be Pimped soon with Tiara or Santos Crown, Velvet, Trims and Vintage Gypsy Jewels soon and join the Taxidermy Party in Progress in the Studio.

Color me Happy and totally Jazzed to not only unexpectedly find two Treasures I've been Lusting for... but at a Bargain no less!!!  *Booyah!!!*

And I also got a Good Deal on another Creepy Doll... loved her disproportionate little arms and hands, makes her all the Endearingly Creepier and more Frankenstein Dolly... though I do plan to Tea Stain that Yellow Dress and Embellish it since it's just too pristine and plain for My Style.  *Winks*

But otherwise she's Perfectly Imperfect and has so much Character etched by Time in her Face especially.

And with her Forlorn Expression and Great Deal Price she just had to come Home with me too...

And say Good-Bye to her other Creepy Doll Friends... it must have been a 'Yellow Thing' between these two!?!  *Smiles*

And there were other Little Arm Creepy Babies as well... which was quite a Curious Thing!?!

Made me Wonder if the disproportionate thing was a Doctor Frankenstein Old Doll Repair gone awry or if they were made this way on Purpose, which would be Curious indeed?  Doll Factory of the Era having run out of big and mid-sized Doll arms or something??!??!  *LOL* 

Of coarse along with Complete Dolls of the proportionate or Doctor Frankenstein Variety there were also lots of Wonderful Old Creepy Doll parts as well...

For those of us who don't always need a whole Old Doll and Enjoy the Creepy Old Doll parts just as much as the complete Old Dolls.   I happen to find Value and Possibilities in all Old Doll Parts so I'm always on the lookout for some to add to the 'Collection'... ahem... Okay... the 'Hoard' at Home which has gone to the Extreme of constituting a 'Collection' I suppose.  *Winks*

Like a Creepy Old Doll Marine it's hard for me to leave a Creepy Old Doll behind!   But I girded myself to sticking with the dreaded Budget and chose only one... for now.
Well kinda... you see I already had another Creepy Doll Head in the Jeep that my Friend's Brett and Myko had Sourced for me that same day.   She has both eyes, I just can't get the other one turned around and positioned in the socket and I don't wanna force it lest I break her Fragile Head!   Don't mind her having just the one Eye showing anyway, so no Worries.

A Bird's Nest had just fallen out of one of our Trees at Home during a recent Storm and I gathered it up and put it safely on the Porch for now.   But seeing this Lovely Old Bird Nest under Glass has Inspired me to Showcase it in a similar way.   Only Question... what should one do to ahem, Semi-Sterilize an Old Bird Nest before dragging it into the house and putting it on Display?  Or does one bother?  I dunno... but they're so Artistically Created that it seems a Shame not to Salvage them when you find one intact.  So any Suggestions will be Appreciated before mine is Cloche Bound.

And since the Art Studio Cottage Bedroom Makeover is in full Sage and Sepia Swing... or at least my Attempt to keep it somewhat Monochromatic in a Fav Hue... I had to take a long gander at my Friend Katie's Space at the Shop to stay sufficiently Inspired to Go Sepia Exclusively if possible...

Or with as many Complimentary Neutrals as I can without throwing Bold Color in there and Spoiling the Vision I'm Striving to replicate in there!  *Smiles*

I only Wish I had such an Edited Hand and Eye when it comes to Decorating and Styling... but I'm Working on it!

And visiting Masterfully Edited and Styled Spaces continues to Inspire and Teach me what I need to Work on in order to have at least one room come together as I've Envisioned it for Years and yet haven't quite Accomplished to date!  *Le Sigh*

And I'll be taking you back with me to RUST AND ROSES for yet another Post Later... but right now I'm chomping at the bit to Reveal a Peek into the Art Studio Cottage Bedroom Makeover... even tho' it's just a mere Corner, that isn't even Complete yet!  *Smiles*  Are ya ready for a Glimpse into my Project in Process?  *Suspense Mounting!*

Ta Da... Okay... so it's just a Wall and Corner, and not even Finished at that... but it's giving you a tiny Glimpse into the Vision I have for the whole Room... still need to Oil all the Old Wood Wainscot and Trim now that I've Painted this Area.

Happy to give my New Bat her Residence Placement... I J'Adore this Piece.

And my Wall Mounted Pheasant {Not Peasant my Friend Pamela... Bwahahahaha!  It's an Inside Joke Shared in a Previous Post.}... though I did Agonize a bit on which of my Hoard of Antique Frames would Showcase it... so I spent half a day just trying out damn near every Antique Frame I've Stashed over the years 'til I decided upon The One.   I'm very anal and OCD like that you see! *Smiles*

And I just have to Show Off my newest Gypsy Trade Item... an Antique Still Life Painting I Traded a Vintage Milk Glass Salt N Pepper Shaker Collection for with my Friend Hugh.   He has the most Amazing Gallery of Antique and Vintage Paintings and this was one of my Favorites so I was Delighted we could do a Gypsy Swap that was mutually beneficial.   Isn't it Magnificent?

And because I can never just have one Project going at once, because... well... I'm ME... I've also been busy emptying one of our Storage Outbuildings of it's contents and putting some into Inventory, Donating some and putting the rest to the Curb for Bulk Garbage Pickup or 'Pickin' for the Locals.  And you never know what Forgotten Treasures you'll find when you sort thru Storage that hasn't been gone thru in almost a Decade.   So I was Jazzed to find my Old Teddy Bear that my Nanna in North Wales bought for me when I was born.  It used to have the Queen's Crest Label on the bottom of one of it's Velvet Foot Pads, but subsequent Generations of Kiddos have picked it off... no problem, it's still Priceless to me.

Well... that's all I have Time for right now... more Adventures and Projects to come Later... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. Another fascinating post! Gosh I can imagine what my reaction to that bear head would have been!

  2. Oh Dawn.....this is too cute. I can honestly say....I am always amused by what you find and post on your sweet little spot. I'm sure your grandchildren know just how lucky they are to have a FUN have one handsome grandson. Did he perchance give that bear head a big "bear hug". LOL


  3. I'd love to have a house full of taxidermy! Creepy dolls? Not so much!


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