Monday, October 6, 2014

You CAN'T Go Simplistic The Man Says...

Okay, so The Plan this year was to try to go more Simplistic in my Holiday Decorating and take it down a notch or two... no, Seriously, it WAS The Plan, I Swear!   "You CAN'T go Simplistic.", The Man says matter of factly... he could be right, ya think?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

The newest Vintage naked, bald, armless, legless Manne got a Wardrobe... but I had to find the smallest, lightest Vintage Hat in my Collection to stick on her head, given her angle of leaning without her legs she would have tipped over otherwise!  *LOL*

Her center of gravity is off as just a torso, but I'm still totally diggin' her, so difficult to Source the best Vintage Mannequins that have the Creepy and Aged yet still strikingly Beautiful look I prefer.

I don't want the pristine Vintage Mannequins or Dress Forms, I want the ravages of Time to show and be evident that they've had a Life and some History behind them.   I like to Imagine which Shops they once Graced and the Eras of Wardrobe they might have Modeled over the decades?

I've also been deeply diggin' thru my Storage Buildings and turning up more pieces to throw in the mix of the Holiday Decor Layering... as well as head to the Showrooms to be flipped.  So much for the Simplistic Fantasy I had!  *Winks*

I Think I could be done now though... but you never know with me... but I still often have the Delusion that I'm making Progress with Simplifying things... at least MY Version of Simplifying!

I went to visit my Aunty June yesterday and got a look at what TRUE Simplicity of a Beautifully Maintained and Decorated Home for the Holidays REALLY looks like... yeah, Clearly I still have a LONG way to go.   Perhaps when I'm in my Eighties like Aunty June I will have finally Arrived at Simplicity... I dunno?  *Winks*

But you still have a Young Family that you're raising Aunty June says in my defense when I lament that my Home never looks as Orderly, Clean and Lovely as hers.   She knows about raising Families, she raised six Kids, one of which became severely Disabled and not expected to Live or be able to Live Independantly like she does now, along with also raising one Grandchild over the years.   I Hope she's right and that one day my Home will come together like hers is?  She's always been Inspirational to me of a Strong Woman who Endured so much and came through Shining and with such an Uplifting and Positive Attitude.

Aunty June was in her Wheelchair outside busily Decorating her Front Porch for Halloween when I Arrived... it made me Feel like a total Slacker and she laughed, she has a Beautiful Laugh, like a Young Girl.   So when I got Home I got busy Decorating our Porch... Simplistically... well, at least for ME it is!  *Winks*

Princess T and I had spent the past couple of days peeling the atrocity of a Purple bad paint job off of the great Old Door I'd 'Scored' at the Parking Lot Flea Market Sale Event at our Antique Mall. Underneath was my Fav hue of 1930's Era Green... which at some angles even has a Turquoise look to it depending on the Lighting.

How anyone could think this bad Purple paint job with the equally bad Whitewash attempt was an Improvement upon the Fab Aged Patina of the Original Vintage Color is a complete Mystery to me... but to each his own I suppose!  *Smiles*

But for a mere Twenty-Five Bucks and a hint of that Green peeking thru on the bad side, Hardware still intact, and a much better Deep Green that is almost Black on the reverse side... I didn't even mind that the Glass Window was broken out.   The Son is a Glazier so that's a quick fix, I'll just have him put some Vintage Glass back in eventually.

In the meantime tho' it makes a perfect Window for a Halloween Prop of a Vintage Medical laminated Poster... and we decided that leaving a hint of that atrocious Purple bad paint job actually gave it a pop of Dreadful Color contrast that is kinda growing on us now and quite Perfect for Halloween.  *Smiles*

I think I spent more time cleaning off the Porch than actually Decorating it... these Monsoon Storms this Season have been Fierce and blown all kinds of crap into every nook, cranny and crevice on the Property!   It is also why I'm going more Simplistic on the Porch at least, so that I'm not chasing down faux Pumpkins and Decor that get blown to Kingdom Come and all over the place during the coming Storms!

I like the expressions on these few anyway... especially the Old Looking Constipated ones!  *LOL*

"Do you think I've gone overboard?", I says Today to The Man.   "Well, Yeah, you always do...", he says matter of factly... and I know he's right... but that's just how I do Me during the Holidays and it isn't likely to Change a whole lot if I stay True to Self and Enjoy the Experience and The Process... which I do... tremendously.

And when the G-Kid Force bring their Entourages thru the house it always has a Wow Factor for the visiting Kiddos... they totally dig it and are Enchanted by it... and I realized that really that is the Point, to give someone an Experience when you Decorate for anything.

If it doesn't look any different than any other time of the year, especially during the Holidays or the changing of the Seasons, how would you even know what time of the year it is unless you go Outside?  Here in the Arizona Desert it's even a bit difficult to know by doing that, since we're pretty much Sunny and temperate year round and don't have the 'Usual' Seasons that Change drastically.

And because of that temperate climate we can spend more time Outdoors Hosting Events and such year round... with perhaps the exception of the height of Summer unless you don't mind baking as if in an Oven?   So... now that Autumn is here there is a wealth of Flea Markets and Outdoor Venues and Events.   We just had one at our Antique Mall and here's my Friend Brett in his Space... nice shady Space in fact under the Mesquite Trees!

Though I didn't take a bunch of Images of the Event, because we were on our way to the Dealer Breakfast Inside that Morning too, and Princess T was dragging me along 'cause she was HUNGRY... it was a Good Tag Sale.  I particularly liked the Vendor who had boxes of Vintage Asian Kitsch!

Along with boxes and boxes of other Kitsch of every Genre in fact... he was still putting it out since it was early, but I snapped a few Images before Breakfast and before it began to get picked over by the crowds.

But with Princess T egging me on to get inside so we could EAT before the Breakfast Buffet was also picked over by the other Vendors, and so that we could skiddaddle and make our Getaway to Theives Market with Miss Pamela afterwards before it too was picked over... well, I couldn't malinger as I normally would.  *Smiles*

So many venues, so little Time... *Le Sigh*... and with Peacock Feathers waving in the breeze too... it was really, really hard to just keep Walking...

We did Share a good Laugh tho' at my Friends Jocelyn and Sal's Spaces... they had Sourced a wealth of these and I walks up and know instantly what they are and they say, "Do you know how long we searched the Internet trying to figure out what these things are called?"  *LOL*   Yep, shouldda asked me first and saved yourselves all the Trouble, huh?  *Winks*   There is some benefit to having lived this long... you Recall a LOT of incidental Stuff and Trivia that Younger Folks might not know about!  *Ha ha ha*

I was Envisioning a Gypsy Coin Bracelet and matching Necklace Created out of some of these... alas, the Old Door was my sole Purchase since we were pressed for Time that Morning and wouldn't be back 'til Late.

Yeah, I even walked on past the Turquoise Ball Jars at only Five Bucks a pop...

And Fun Blinged out Storage pieces that are mos def My Style...

Luckily we'll be having another Parking Lot Sale Flea Market soon at the Antique Mall... and perhaps I'll have a bit more Time and Cash to Source Wonderful Found Treasures?!?  Because the Thrill Of The Hunt is what I can never get out of my System!  And I don't even want to!  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The door looks fantastic on your patio with your Halloween display!

  2. love this post! so much inspiration...

    lots of grandchildren and pretty much no simplicity here too!

  3. You absolutely find the neatest places to shop!


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