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The Salvage Yard... On Ten Hour Saturday

We'll call it the Ten Hour Saturday... because that's how long I dragged the G-Kid Force around with me, since for once they were both on best behavior and being kind to each other all day!!!  WOW, that almost never happens!   And this only proved that it's not impossible!!!   *LOL*

Now... to be sure I didn't have them for the full ten hour stretch since their Aunt and the Young Prince's entire Paternal Side of the Fam live really close to the Event we were Attending, so they had them for four of the ten hours.  Giving me a Divine Solitary Zen Break on the East Side of the City!  *Smiles*

I Love it when things work out well like that... The Force being not so Dramatic and well behaved with each other for a change... and just happening to have an Event nearby extended Fam.  Even tho' it was a spontaenous visit, since I forgot they lived so close to our destination... they were Delighted for the Kiddos to be able to visit and spend some quality time with them.   Distance is always a factor since Fam are spread out all across the Valley now so we can't spend as much time together as we'd like to.

And since there are several Family Members to take turns Entertaining and Indulging the Kiddos, they could handle a four hour stretch with The Force!   Usually nobody Sane would dare to take on the BOTH of them for an extended visit without backup anyway!!!   *Winks*  Don't let the Cute face fool ya, there's a Beast within and just under the surface and you never quite know when The Beast Princess will come forth and 'it' ain't so Pretty!???!??! 

And then there's The Other One... who sways between Magnified bouts of Teen Angst and Delightfulness with a Bipolar Edge.  Which means you could be dealing with either the Personality of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or The Prince Of Darkness... all wrapped up in one Fabulous Package!  *LOL*   This day he was much more Fresh Princely... but not so Enthused about Gramma's Pathological Picture Taking as you can tell by the Resigned Expression!  *Winks*

Yes, while SOME Thrive on being Photographed *LOL*...
Other's definitely DO NOT... and will avoid the Lens as if I'm aiming a Gun at them!  *Smiles*

Luckily there was much to Photograph other than The Force... these tiny Bottlebrush Christmas Trees were a big hit with The Force... they could Envision a Forrest of them spread out across the Fireplace Mantle this Season... we'll see...

And I managed to get a couple of Obligatory Togetherness Poses since they were getting along well enough that I could actually have them near each other without an Epic Battle of The Dual Forces Of Darkness Sparring!  Though to be sure, despite size and age differences, it's a pretty even match lemme tell ya once they get Scrappy and Vicious!  *Smiles*  They look absolutely Thrilled to be that close to each other for a Photo Op, huh?   I could tell it was taking every ounce of Restraint in them both to be Lovely to each other all day just becoz Gramma had slyly Set Them Up by saying I DIDN'T THINK THEY COULD EVEN MANAGE TO DO  IT!???!  *Winks*  Yeah, we'll show HER! *Ha ha ha... and they DID!*   I am certain the Young Prince is holding his left hand just so it won't Involuntarily reach out and smack her tho'?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*

It Helped that there was a big bowl of Blown Glass Hearts nearby and they both were Feelin' The Love and Imagining our Year Round Christmas Tree festooned with these around Valentine's Day... we'll see...

Yeah, there were a LOT of Imaginings going on with us all but Gramma held firm to her Restraint not to overspend and keep to the Dreaded Budget.   It's so Wrong that 1st half of the Year's Property Taxes are due right before the start of the Holiday Season huh?   Dreaded Taxation... Dreaded Budget... they really cramp my Style!  *Winks*

But my Friends at THE SALVAGE YARD always manage to put on an Event that makes you absolutely Forget About your Dreads and Smile.   And even though I wasn't able to make it out on Opening Day or even the day after Opening Day... the Fresh Inventory being brought in every day Ensured that even on Day Three of the Four Day Event there were Found Treasures galore.

And Eye Candy everywhere one looked!   Since I was down to my very last Band Hat in my Showrooms I almost sprung on some more... but instead came away with some Awesome Signage and Political Buttons as Fresh Inventory.   Yep, you'll find Pickin' Prices to replenish your own Inventory or to Create your Art with here, so it's fast becoming a Fav Destination for Artists and Pickers alike.

Because you'll find large Lots of similar Rusty Salvage Gold at Killer Prices to choose from...

And grouped en masse it's pretty Impressive visually....

Like Blue and Gray Industrial Storage Box Heaven!!!

And Commercial Loaf Pan and Burlap Sack Heaven...

And Tooled Leather Heart Heaven...

And Horn Bling Heaven... you get the Imagery...

If I hadn't been intently focused on my Mission Statement for Inventory I probably would have sprung on at least a couple of Santos Hands... coz I'm pretty Certain I have some Handless Antique Santos sitting around at Bohemian Valhalla!  *LOL*

But becoz I did have an Entourage in Tow this day I had to be Mindful of the Time spent Photographing and Pondering over Product... becoz The Natives were getting Wrestless!   They are of the Power Pick Variety and can 'Do' an Event quicker than a Blue Ass Fly could traverse the scene!!!  *Winks*

And tho' I was Eyeballing the likes of this... they were Eyeballing the Dairy Queen next door that I'd Promised Lunch and Dessert at after we got done with the Event.  And so given that Seductive Nature of that Reward they were 'Done' rather quickly, Naturally!   Fast Food and Ice-Cream Sundaes were Calling to them like a Siren's Song... much like Taxidermy and Old Frames do to Moi!  *Ha ha ha*

Okay... I Get It... and so I didn't malinger as long as would have liked to have reveled in Salvage Wonderland and Picker's Paradise...

I'm quite Certain I missed something Spectacular that I should have snagged... *Winks*
I just always Hope I don't see it LATER when I download the Images for Blog Fodder, ya know?!?  And have one of those Oh Dammit Moments of the Stuff that shouldda, wouldda, couldda been MINE had I only spied it instead of Feeling Rushed!   *Le Sigh*

I Confess I am SOOOOO NOT the Power Picker... and yet, even tho' I am a Leisurely Zen Picker and prefer to take my time doing whatever I'm doing instead of being in a Rush... I always manage to 'Score' the best Found Treasures and so I don't worry so much about what the Speed Pickers scooped up Light Years ahead of me while I languished and soaked it all in.

Yeah, I know, I'm told that those who Zoom and descend upon everything quickly and first do get some Choice Found Treasures to be sure... it's just not my Style of Shopping, never has been, never will be... and so the Kiddos and any Friends in my Entourage know they'll always have to retrace their steps and come back and get me... probably several times in fact... and thus, it will always take me way longer to 'Do' an Event and Experience it the way I want to.  That drives them Crazy sometimes... as I Leisurely Shop, Socialize, Photograph and Admire oblivious that they're 'Done' already and have been for quite some time actually.  *LOL*

And I also like to Languish in the Seasons and Holidays as well... so tho' there were some Great Christmas Inventory selections and Vignettes being Showcased... I was Happy to see that Halloween here had NOT left the building just yet!  *Whew*

There was still a Fantastic Selection of Autumn Decor and Harvest Style as well as Halloween Accents to be had... including Velvet Pumpkins.

And Pumpkin Patches Displaying a wide variety of Pumpkin Creations for your Home Pumpkin Patch, whatever your Vision for it is?.

The Book Pumpkins were so Cute and a Novel Idea... I could see some of these Gracing my Library Space at Home.

And if you didn't Harvest some Fab Knarled Twisted Twigs for your Vignettes... well, Leslie and Mike had done it for ya!

Today will be the last day of the Event... so if you didn't make it down there... ya better hurry my Friends!!!

Tick Tock... Tick Tock... I know... October is so chock filled with Fabulous Events that it is a Dizzy Marathon of Fun... but that's why I so look forward to the start of the Holiday Season actually... I'm very ADHD like that so having many Venues to Entertain us is an added Bonus to me!!!
I will at least try to do them ALL if I can!  *Smiles*   Hence the Ten Hour Saturdays and such... *LOL*

And yes, we packed a LOT into the Ten Hours... especially those Four I didn't have an Entourage in Tow!  *LOL*   Future Posts will Testify to that!  *Winks*

But I must say I was Proud of The Force this day... if they could Roll like this Together ALL the time I'd take them along more often and not Feel like I needed a drink or Institutionalization afterwards!  *Winks*

We had almost Convinced The Man to come along... but Honestly, with Football Season and his inability to Roll for extended periods in Public, it was probably good that he wanted to park in front of the Games on TV all day and just Gel while we did our Marathon Saturday Thang.  *Smiles*

We checked in on him and brought him some Treats so he was Good and probably Glad to have the house all to himself for the better part of the day... with Peace... and Quiet... and nobody wanting to Wrestle him for Control of the TV Remote!  *Ha ha ha*

You see... the Kiddos and I are not the Sports Enthusiasts that The Man is... unless I'm Playing the Sport I just am not that 'Into It' at watching other peeps Playing it while I sit on the Sidelines.  And lets face it, my Interactive Sporting Days are more behind me than in front of me at this Season of Life!  *LOL*

The Man on the other hand Played Sports all of his Life, even on the Military Teams, until he couldn't... and now he does still Enjoy watching it and re-living Glory Days of the Games he Excelled at and Loved so much.   I know, it's probably a Guy Thing... he can't miss a Game, it's as if he's going to be in it and they couldn't Play without him!  *LOL*

And though we never missed a Game that The Man or The Son was actually Playing in or the Girl's were Cheerleaders at becoz it was Awesome to be there and have an Investment and Excitement of a Loved One in the Game as a Participant... to watch random peeps Playing, no matter how Famous, doesn't have the same Effect for me personally.

And I'm Embarrassed to admit that the older I get, the more difficult it is for me to be there at all... even if I know somebody Playing... I just can't sit for that long anymore and stay focused.  *LOL*

In fact, I can't sit for that long and stay focused on anything... it's just how I'm Hard Wired... I'd rather be Active and DOING something myself.

I haven't even seen The Young Prince twirling his Flag yet... *Gasp*... yeah, I know... Bad Gramma... Bankrolling it was difficult enough and the Games aren't inexpensive to Attend, so he'd rather I spend the cash on him doing it and feeding him during his Practices and Games than showing up.  I don't think Grandpa nor his little Sister could sit thru an entire Game either... and tho' the Guard he participates in took Third Place in their Division, apparently he and the others are Good Flag Twirlers... the Football Team has a dismal record so they usually get trounced and that is painful to have to watch knowing how much Work and Practice all the Kids put into their Sport.
And I know most Adults will tell the Kiddos it's not whether they Win or Lose, but how they Play the Game that Really Matters and all that... but these Kiddos ain't Five anymore and only Interested in the Snack they'll Receive at Halftime now and couldn't care less about their Performance.   So they get discouraged or embarrassed when they lose and especially by a landslide, so it DOES matter to them no matter what anybody tries to say to the contrary.  I don't Patronize a Kid just becoz they're a Kid, I Respect when something Feels a certain way to them.

And when you Participate in anything and give it your All and then kinda suck at it... or somebody else just Excels in it and Shows Out... it doesn't Feel so Good.   I know that tho' the Grandson Enjoys his Flag Twirling, he admits that the Games themselves are difficult to watch since his School doesn't do so well most of the time and then everybody is 'Down' about it if they get beaten real bad by another School and their Rep gets Tarnished.

And it probably doesn't Help that some of the Families REALLY get Caught Up in the School Sports Activities and put a lot of Pressure on their Kiddos to Perform.   I've never been a Fan of that... my Kids and my Grandkids only Participate if they're totally diggin' it and frankly whether they are Good at it or not isn't a Big Deal to our Family... no Pressures no Worries, just have Fun.  And if it isn't Fun anymore, I'm Okay with you going on to something else.   I'm just not that Invested in Whether you can Play a Game Well or not.   Chances are you aren't being Drafted after High School as a Professional Athlete... and if you are, it's your Natural Gift and it will make Room for you and be in your Destiny without Pressure from Fam.  Yeah, I'm very Opinionated about such things, I've seen some Miserable Kiddos that can't live up to the Standards their Loved Ones set for them.
And some Loved Ones trying to Live Vicariously thru their Youngsters or Recapture their own Glory Days of something they Loved but perhaps the Kiddo isn't that 'Into' really or perhaps isn't even that good at and shouldn't be made to Feel badly that they aren't.

And I'm quite sure that another one of the reasons I don't like Attending the Events is that I have a difficult time Relating to those Families that Live and Breathe High School Sports and take it so Seriously... I just am not that person myself and I can't fake it.  *LOL*

The "What does your Kid do?" and the Bragging Rights or Comparisons are just not my 'Thing' even if my Kiddo Excels in something.  So I Zone Out when the Conversations turn in that Direction and I'm sure my Eyes Glaze Over.  *LOL*  Becoz I don't think the Kiddos that don't Excel or are Mediocre at something deserve any less Support or Praise for doing their Best, whatever it is, most put in a lot of Effort regardless.  Everybody Excels at something and sucks at something... that's just Life.   And so probably the most Annoying to me are the ones with the 'Perfect Kid'... Shut Up already about your Perfect Kid... not Interested *Yawn*... Sorry... I keep it totally Real... I'm NOT Interested and probably most other peeps aren't either but they're too Polite to just Admit it.   Be Proud but don't expect everybody to be equally as Jazzed about it and the incessant Bragging.  *Bwahahahaha*

Princess T has my utmost Respect becoz when anyone is going on and on about their 'Perfect Kid' Ad Nauseam, she's inclined to just say in her Deadpan Wednesday Addams Tone, "We don't Care..." and walk away.   *LMAO... because Honestly, we don't Care... that's just the Truth and we're not here to win Friends or influence Enemies... the 'Perfect Kid' crap just arouses irritation in us.*  Word Up, there are NO Perfect Kids... nor Perfect People... period... doesn't exist except in the Imaginations of those who have become Legends in their own Minds.

So... while I evade having to hang out with the School Sports Crowd I'm Delighted to bring my Fam instead to the Events we DO Enjoy and are totally 'Into' and can Relate to the Peeps that are Kindred Spirits and Share similar Interests.

And Please... no Hate Mail from the School Sports Enthusiasts... if you totally Dig It and Believe you do have the Perfect Kid, just Enjoy what you Love and Support your Beliefs Privately, you don't have to defend it to me or anyone else or convince or sway us... what I Think doesn't matter anyway, you could be right... we'll leave it at that.  *Winks*  Just throwing that Disclaimer out there since I just Delete Negative or Confrontational entries anyway, I don't even bother to read them in their entirety nor Engage in the discussion. Life is too short and this is my Blog, nobody has to Agree nor Disagree with me on the Content.  *Smiles*

Actually I must say that regardless of how Opinionated I am and how not PC and Controversial a Topic a Post can be... *winks... yeah, I know I go there sometimes... smiles*... I've not had too many Neg Blogging Experiences, this Community mostly and generally Rocks.  Though I have had Blog Friends who unfortunately have dealt with the "Unlovelies" as I like to call them.  The Unlovelies exist in Real Life and thus they will also be present most other places they frequent.   I personally always think their input is quite Sad really and Reveals a Tortured Soul that is now Evident and Exposed to the rest of the World.   I have a lot of Compassion, just not a lot of Tolerance for Tortured Souls that lash out and hurt others because they are so hurt filled themselves... seek Therapy, not Vengeance upon Mankind would be my best advice.  You can Thank me later when you Purge that unhealthy Energy.

Blessings, Love and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. glad everybody was in a good mood for the shopping trip! I like the white bottle trees and red hearts too!


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