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Rusty Saturday And More ~ On Ten Hour Saturday

We also visited RUSTY SATURDAY on our Ten Hour Saturday Shopathon... it's so nice to have two Fav Shops sharing one Building... a two-fer for the Junquing Experience.  Commuting in the City can take so long that you can't fit too many stops into a single day otherwise.

And this day we were determined to pack a lot into our itinerary... the G-Kid Force Enjoyed this Vignette, Prince R joked that the Skelly was in a Fabulous Disco Pose!  That Kid has been watching too much U-Tube I think?!    I Survived the Disco Era and I never remember striking this pose?!?  Of coarse, there is a lot about the Disco Era that I don't remember doing... *LOL*

The Velvet Pumpkin Patches were of coarse some of my Favorite Displays... I never got around to Creating any this year and now I'm almost out of Time again... Curses Foiled Again!  *Winks*

I've got a Hoard of Real Pumpkin Stems and plenty of piles of Vintage Velvet, Damask and Brocade, so I have no Excuse except I've been too busy doing other things... like Ten Hour Saturdays!  *Smiles*

And it's not as if I don't already have an Impressive Velvet Pumpkin Patch at Home already... so I'm Good... it's just that every year around this time I always Imagine that I will have Created some by now... one year I even made ONE!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Props to the Artists that crank these out by the bushels full, you are far more disciplined than I! 

I was absolutely J'Adoring these Chairs... the Upholstery was Sublime and just My Style!

This Style of Wingback Chair makes a comfy Library Chair, I have a couple at Home in dire need of Upholstering and I'm either going to do them up in Awesome Fabric like this... or Velveteen Rabbit Style distressed Patchwork Inspired by the Awesome Chairs of Carol Hicks-Bolton... or maybe one of each, I dunno yet?  That's yet another long Neglected Project still on the back burner.

The G-Force Loved our Friend Karen Valentine's Beautiful Space... she has Created a Sanctuary of Serenity in it.

Princess T Loved it but reminded me that in our House it could never stay this Crisp and Clean with all the Guys... AS IF she wouldn't also contribute to the Soothing Colorless Palette going dingy and dirty in a heartbeat!  *LOL*   Yeah, I'm talkin' about YOU Girlfriend... you're as bad as the Guys and part of why Gramma's brief flirtation with Decorating in Whites and Neutrals didn't work nor last! *Smiles*

I had once thought that surrounding this Crew with Serenity and Soothing Palettes would Create Serene Beings out of them... yeah, that Delusion didn't last any longer than my brief flirtation with Colorless Styling here at the Asylum Bohemian Valhalla!  *LOL*

But Karen does it so well that I could Imagine a Vacation Cottage Retreat by the Beach in my Fantasies and experimenting with this Style.   Okay, who am I kidding, I'd be dragging some Aqua, Celedon and Seafoam Green in there, I know I would... and spoil the whole Fantasy!  *Ha ha ha*

Loved this little Vintage Upcycled Grainsack Pillow with the Cute Patchwork Accents.  Now something like that can Live here without too much carnage to it.  *Winks*

In fact, I was actually at Karen's Space on a Mission to procure something I'd left behind last time and decided I needed to have.

And just in time too since only three now remained!  *Whew*

So... I chose this one and now it's Serving Duty as a Kitchen Hook in our Front Kitchen, which is mostly the Pale Buttercup Yellow Original to the House.

And I had one more Mission Statement at the Shop while I was there...

There had been these Amusing Whimsical Altered Art Vintage Photos readied for Halloween in one of the Spaces and I'd neglected during my last visit to even see if they were for Sale or just Props?

I'd thought they were so Cute that I Intended, one again, to Create some at Home with my Vintage Photo Stash... but since Time was running out and that's yet ANOTHER Project I knew wouldn't meet the deadline in time... I had Hoped perhaps these were For Sale?

There had been a wealth of them and they were all so Creative and Whimsical that I'd Smiled a lot and knew I wanted some to add to our Halloween Decor here at Home.

And Thankfully yes, they were Inventory and priced at a mere Budget Friendly buck or two apiece, depending on Size... so I was able to get several of my Favs.

I also had heady doses of Nostalgia with all the Great Vintage Halloween Decorations this Vendor had... I remembered our Family having most of these back in da day!!!
This was my Two Dollar 5x7 Altered Photo... and the rest were only a buck.

I remember when Halloween Masks all looked like this and the Costumes were like a Onesie!  *LOL*  Usually our Family Created our own Costumes 'coz we were Resourceful like that... but one year we had Store Bought ones and my Brother and I were Mister and Missus Bug-A-Boo!  The Masks were translucent Scary People faces and had a big rubber bug on the cheek... mine had a Spider and my Brother had a Lizard! 

Oddly... that's the only Childhood Costume for Halloween that I even remember and with any clarity... I think I was about Princess T's Age at the time and that Halloween in Upper Michigan they had a Blizzard Halloween Night so we didn't even get to wear them that long since it's hard to pack a Snowsuit under a flimsy Halloween Costume Onesie!!!   And breathing under a Plastic Mask with a low chill factor made it so you steamed up and couldn't see!!! *LOL*

Our Kiddos have it so easy by comparison... no Blizzards or Snowdrifts here in the Arizona Desert on Halloween Night... it's usually Cooler but still quite balmy and you can wear skimpy Costumes if you want to and without a Jacket.

Of coarse we're still going thru our Annual Fiasco about Costume with Princess T... she IS NOT as decisive and easy to please as her Big Brother about what she's going to be for Halloween!  *Le Sigh*

Every year I buy her another Exotic Dance Costume since that is her preference... but though she'll don it for a Photo Shoot... she keeps every Exotic Dance Costume from Halloween Past and until the very last minute I'm never sure which one she'll actually be deciding to Trick-Or-Treat in?  *LOL*

She does Wardrobe Changes as if she's in a Theatre Production and playing several Characters!!!   And that's not just for Halloween either!!!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*   And the DRAMA that ensues each and every year about Make-Up, Hair, Wardrobe and Accessorizing... oh my!!!  She's got the Drop Dead Diva Part of her Performance down to a Fine Art my Friends!  I am NOT Enthused about being her 'Handler' at times such as these... what a Production!  *Ha ha ha*
We did it this Sunday... Thank God it was the Sabbath and I had a Dose of the Holy Ghost to get me thru the Ordeal!!!  *Winks*  And tho' I've Promised her an entire Blog Post just for her Costume Debut *LOL*... I guess a little Sneak Preview won't hurt.   This Gorgeous Costume cost me only Twelve Bucks Goodwill Hunting... if you shop early for Costumes you can always 'Score' the best and at a Deal.  It helps that we have an East Indian Immigrant Population in the area and these are Authentic Cultural Wardrobe for Kids and not really Halloween Costumes.   Which is perfect since Princess T wears them to Dance around in all year long.
 I think it looks just Fine... she's Fussing right now about it being too Restrictive to wear Halloween Night!!! . {ie in Princess T-Speak: Not Hoochie and Revealing Enuf like her Belly-Dance Costumes of Halloween Past!  LOL, yep, she's definitely her Mother's Child and starting just as early of being quite the Vain Exhibitionist!}  And you're only seeing one hand becoz she hadn't had sufficient time to do her fake nail Mani on the other hand since Gramma was getting Impatient about it taking the better part of the day for this Photo Shoot... which was SUPPOSED to be Simple.  Yeah, Right, like that's ever happened before... NOT!

The Young Prince by comparison is a breeze to deck out for Halloween... he almost always wants to be Death... or some Representation of it... *LOL*   Death is easy compared to Costuming Princess T! *Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*

In fact, if I buy the Young Prince some Oil Face Paint Crayons he'll draw on himself weeks before and after Halloween and be as Happy as a Clam at High Tide.   He has Gothic and Dia de los Muertos Style Face Painting down to a Fine Art now and it costs far less than his Sister's strict Halloween Requirements before she'll step outta the house in Costume!  *LOL*

A recap of him last year... and this year he's going much fancier with the Face Painting and Perfecting his Craft!  *Smiles*

His Little Sister has her own Style of Face Painting... this is a recap of her last year... and this year Naturally she wants to go Fancier!  *LOL*

I'm just Hopeful she'll be in Good Witch Mode Halloween Night and not Bad Witch Mode... I almost bought her this Frozen Charlotte Necklace Creation becoz it reminded me so much of what she quite often Morphs into on the turn of a dime and often for no apparent reason Sanity or Logic can possibly fathom!?  *Smiles*

But I resisted all Bohemian Bling this day... and focused on my Mission Statement, procuring everything I'd come back for.

And earlier in the Ten Hour Saturday... our first stop had actually been at our Antique Mall Flea Market Parking Lot Tag Sale... yes, we had two weeks in a row and this time I 'Scored' this Amazing Vintage Hat with Fab Millinery Roses for a mere Three Bucks!!!   And the Dealer Friend threw in another Vintage Hat for Free.

I Love this Hat... I have a definite weakness for good quality Vintage Millinery.   And this is the Perfect Color Palette for My Style of Decorating!

In fact, there were quite a few pieces that I really liked, the full body Mannequin was only Twenty Bucks... but I didn't have room for it in the Showrooms or Studio and I'm trying to clear out my Storage Cottage to rotate the Inventory I already have, so I Passed on it.

But my Friend Hugh generously loaded me up with Vintage Concert Posters, Antique Tobacco Cans and Ephemera as a Surprise Gift... huge stacks of it in fact... he's such a Sweetheart and the selection of Quality Antiques and Artwork he has would blow you away!

When we got Home I put the new Vintage Hat on the leaning Mannequin and was surprised it didn't make her tip over... I like it a lot better on her than the small Crown Fur Hat that was more like a Headband than a Hat.

And I hung the Altered Vintage Photos up... so Clever and every time I look at them I Smile, what a Great Imagination this Vendor has!

We will Enjoy these for years to come since it's just our Style of Whimsey and Darkness... *LOL*

And who doesn't like Adopted Relatives... I Love Collecting Old Photos and making them relevant and Proudly displayed again.  I like to Imagine what the lives of the People in the Images was like?

And speaking of Truly Awesome Halloween Imagery... check out this Zipperface self-made 'Costume' the Cashier at 'Savers' had Created using a U-Tube Tutorial Video on how to do it from a plain zipper and some Halloween Make-Up... BRILLIANT!!!   And it looked even more Zombie Authentic in Real Life, like the Quality of Make-Up you'd see at a Haunted Attraction... Simple yet so Effective... it was Mezmerizing becoz it looked so REAL, like her face was unzipped!!!   I'm Thankful the Cashier obliged at my Request to Photograph her for a Blog Post and to show the G-Son so he can replicate this look.
Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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