Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rust And Roses... A Barn Fresh Sale Coming Up Soon!

RUST AND ROSES will be having a 'Barn Fresh Vintage Sale' October 16th thru 18th.   The Preview Party will begin at 4 pm thru 7 pm on Thursday for early Shopping... and then Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm will be the Event, so don't miss it!!!


I can hardly wait... and another one of my Talented Friends, Katie of SACRED HEART STUDIOS  is joining the Team so I cannot wait to see the new Fall Line she will be bringing to the Shop!


I know that I'll be Jonesin' to add some of it to my Wardrobe!!!   Since it's just My Style and Katie and I definitely have a similar Aesthetic and are Kindred Spirits cut from the same cloth!!!


The last time I was in the Shop Shelly had Created these Awesome Southwest Blanket and Leather Fringed Tote Bags with Vintage Cowboy Belt Buckle Clasps.

I captured an Orb hovering over this one... which just happened to be my Favorite too... guess Spirit was confirming the mutual Attraction?!?  *LOL*

The Vibrant Colors and Western Gypsy Flair of these Totes really Appealed to me so it was difficult to walk away without one.

Alas, September was an expensive Month for me on a Personal Level so I'm Hopeful October will bring some Financial windfall Blessings our way?  *Smiles*

Princess T's Intercession Classes over Fall Break are going so well that she asked me to sign her up for the second week of it as well!   I'm Delighted that she's really getting something out of it and they're focusing on her weak Academic Skills to bring them up to par before she falls further behind.

I'm also Happy that her School received the Grant for the Classes to Assist 'At Risk' Kiddos.  Princess T tries so very hard Academically, but isn't faring so well and doesn't want to have to repeat the Third Grade.  She's eager to attend her Intercession Classes and got a Favorite Teacher that she Adores, which really Helped Encourage her to Attend and be so Gung Ho about going to School even during her Fall Break.

Prince R is now on Fall Break too tho' the High School only gets one week and he's still got his Band and Honor Guard Practices and Competitions they're doing right now so it's still up every Morning at 6 am for Gramma and the Kiddos during the Fall Break Period and taking them to School.  *Le Sigh*   The Good News is that it does give me at least four hours each Morning without Kiddos underfoot and having to be Entertained!  *Winks*

And tho' I've never been much of a Morning Person since I'm a Vampire when it comes to the Hours I keep... I'm rather Enjoying the Early Mornings so I haven't even been crawling back into bed and wasting the Free Mornings away... which is a good thing... a lot is getting done around here and the Showrooms on account of the early start to each day.

I was also Encouraged that the Soft Sales of September have begun to be replaced by Stronger Sales already and Inventory moving... so the Energy of the Showrooms just Feels less Stagnant now that there's a steady rotation of Inventory moving in and out more quickly.

It is also very Inspiring to be Visiting my Friend's Shops around the Holidays to see the Amazing Displays, Vignettes and Inventory they're Sourcing and offering for Sale.

Loving the Wee Deconstructed Chandies at Shelly's Shops.  I'm a Sucker for Ambiant Lighting, I've got it all over the place at Home.

And Displays under Glass always draw the Eye to them and make them seem so much more Important.  I never pass up a good Deal on a Cloche because I'll always find a use for them.

And putting anything in an Antique Frame makes it look even more Lovely... if I don't leave a Special piece of Art unframed I always put it in an Antique Frame... the more Ornate and Aged the better.

Now... when I spotted this Killer Piece I literally stopped dead in my tracks and it took my Breath away... I thought I NEED something like this in the Studio!!!

And the fact the Vintage Industrial Printer Cabinet still had all the Die Drawers was an added Bonus, usually most are missing... and check out the Amazing Pulls!   I liked that they were not all matchy-matchy and each was a little Work of Art unto itself.

This is something I'd have to work out payment arrangements on to even think about Possessing... but if I could swing it, this would be an Ideal Piece to have for the Art Studio Cottage... so if it's still there next visit... I might have to work something out!?!  *LOL* 

Shelly had also Created some great Gypsy Curtains to separate the Showrooms... making me feel like a total Slacker that I haven't even started mine yet that will look very similar becoz they'll be Created out of similar Vintage Fabrics as Tea Dyed Old Lace and Crochet... Burlap... Antique Embroidered Linens and Seam Binding.

I'm really Resisting the Urge this time to just buy the Gypsy Curtains for the Art Studio Cottage Bedroom Windows which would be far Easier... but I already have all the Supplies to Create them myself and a Vision for how I want them to look, so I'm holding out 'til I have the block of Time I'll need to hand sew them and hang them up.

I also want to Create some this Winter to offer for Sale in my Showrooms since I've always got Customers wanting to buy the ones I've got hanging at my Entrance so I know the demand is there for the Product... just gotta make them!  *LOL*

So many things in fact that I know I need to get busy and just Create... for my own use, for Gifts and also to Sell... so I should be busy for the rest of 2014 and into the New Year with the Creative Process.

I'll probably also need to do at least a couple of Posts to get all the Eye Candy in here for you all to Enjoy... I must say I've been Slackin' on Blogging as well... so much to do and I'm finding it hard to find the Time and the Motivation to Create Posts lately even though I've got a Wealth of Fab Images to Share and so much to tell you about!

I'm Glad you're all being Patient with me... I don't wanna end up being one of those once a Month Bloggers... if it ever got to that level of Neglecting my Blog I'd probably just "Forget About It" completely!  *Said in my best Wise Guy Impersonation... Smiles*   If I only do anything just once a Month I'll lose all Motivation to Continue doing it with any Enthusiasm, Passion, Discipline and Commitment at all... it's just how I'm Hard Wired I guess!?!

And I am Passionate about Writing, Photography, Junquing, Creating, Styling, Art, Salvaging, Preserving pieces of History and Sharing these Passions with those Kindred Spirits that can't get enough of it all either!

But October is chock FULL of Events and Opportunities to do the things I Love most... so it's also difficult to squeeze extra into an already Crazy Schedule... you should see my Calendar, it's INSANE... but in a Good Way!  *Smiles*

And it's likely to remain that way thru the first of the year and into 2015 as the Holiday Season ramps up in intensity...

And our Weather here in the Arizona Desert just gets more and more Spectacular so that all the Tourists and Snow Birds return to Enjoy it with the Locals.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn...Hope all is well out there in the desert...:) I love the dress & the printer cabinet...awesome pieces...I got a hardware piece with all kinds of draws I am redoing for my craft room....I hear you about blogging...I have neglected mine this summer but I am back at it...I figured better get to it or drop it...not ready to let it go...LOL good to see you r amazing posts...

  2. That IS an amazing cabinet, Dawn! Hang in there. I'll look forward to seeing YOUR curtains when you're done. Glad the Princess is enthusiastic about here classes.....


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