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Romantic Prairie And French Market Style ~ Sweet Salvage

If you've never Experienced Romantic Prairie Style there are several wonderful Books to introduce you to this relaxed Romantic Style of Living... this Month the SWEET SALVAGE Event would also Transport you there to the Romantic Prairie, the French Market and Countryside for the best of both Worlds.

Along with a Book Signing by the Fabulous Fifi O'Neill, who I was absolutely Delighted to finally meet in Person.   And wouldn't you know I forgot to bring my Romantic Prairie Style Book for her to sign!  *Le Sigh!*  I had pre-ordered it before it even hit the Bookstores some time ago and it is as Fabulous as Fifi herself... you can pick up your copy at the Event this Month if you don't already have one.

Fifi is as Sweet and Darling a Spirit on the inside as she clearly is on the outside and we had so much Fun visiting with her and hearing the Stories about the new Book she's got coming out in December, I can hardly wait to get my Copy, which of coarse I'll pre-order before it hits the Bookstores.   My Talented Friend Minnie had Created a wealth of Romantic Prairie Style Fashion and Home Accessories just for this occasion.

I always J'Adore Minnie's Pillow Creations and this Month was no exception... I was particularly drawn to the ones Created from Vintage Feather Pillow Ticking Fabrics.

And though I don't totally Decorate in Romantic Style you'll probably be quite Surprised to learn that I do have quite a few Romantic Prairie Style Accents here at Bohemian Valhalla!  Yes I do!  I rather like that Style you see and it lends itself well to the Eclectic Bohemian's Aesthetic and Decor.

I actually have a Hoard of Vintage Feather Ticking Fabric Pillows... the Old Ticking came in such a Delightful array of Fabric Designs that I spent years Collecting them and have a pretty Impressive stash now in the Storage Cottage.   I'm thinking that I should get them out of Storage and add some Vintage Dyed Velvet and Lace Ruffled Trims because I really do like the effect and nothing is quite as comfy as mounds of squishy Feather and Down Pillows... or as Beautiful as piles of Vintage Ticking Fabrics layered on a Bed to dive into and snuggle up in!
I am so Glad I snagged some of the Images off the SWEET SALVAGE Blog because this Show filled up so fast with eager Shoppers... I mean, who ISN'T a Devoted Francophile to some degree, right?!?  And here in the West we do dig Prairie Style because it holds the Essence of American Country Loveliness, Simplicity with Beauty and Utilitarian Function.

And even though there was the Organic Loveliness of Simplistic lines to so many things... there was also many layers of Textures and Romance that the Feminine Spirit incorporates into any Lifestyle us Gals choose.

Yes, even the Dressing Room was Divine in it's Decor!  I'd Love to have such a Dressing Room at Home!   This would be a great way to Transform a walk-in Closet you might have in fact!

And there was so much Talent and Creativity in the house this Event... my Talented Friend Heidi of PARIS MONTANA was one of the Guest Artists and brought her new Fall Line of Fashion and Fun Accessorizing.  Heidi does Paris meets the Wild West beautifully so I've been a Collector of her Creations for quite some time.   And remember that little Procrastinated Reveal I hinted about in the last Post of why I couldn't buy any more Bling that day?  *Winks*

Well... it was because Hell to the no I wasn't walking away without one of Heidi's Creations after I saw the New Line of over-the-top Bohemian Bling!!!   *Smiles*   The only dilemma was which Piece I'd Claim!??!???!

But there was a certain one that stopped me dead in my tracks the moment I spied it... yeah, this one was definitely ME!!!

Gypsy Style Sparkle that would make you don your sunglasses so it didn't blind ya with it's Awesomeness!  *LOL*

So yes, this was my Bling Indulgence of Retail Therapy for the day!  I didn't get much this day but what I did get was Quality Fabulousness as you will see!

My Talented Friend Pamela was also a Guest Artist for this Event... she has an Impressive Cache of French Inspired Treasures...

As well as her Fun Creations... I'm thinking I should have snagged this Marie Antoinette Card actually... but Princess T and I will be back Today for our Girl's Day Out Together to hit all the Seventh Avenue Events one more time before it's a Wrap.

Yes, tho' Opening Day is the Big Girl's Day Out... I always Reserve the following Saturday for Princess T to join us, when things calm down to a level that Little Girls can properly Enjoy it too.  She really looks forward to her time spent with Gramma and Gramma's Friends, because Naturally she becomes the Center of Attention and the Universe revolves around her that day!  *LOL*
But I have to say... that as much as I do Enjoy hanging out with my Grandkids... I also thoroughly look forward to my Big Girl Time without a Gen X entourage in tow... I can languish and Socialize longer without The G-Kid Force dragging me along at their Warp Speed and getting Impatient at Gramma's Leisurely Pace and Intense Socializing!  *LOL*   Hey, I don't get to hang out with Grownups very often so you can't blame me!  My vocabulary has even digressed to Kid Level anymore out of force of habit!  *Smiles*

I had taken more pixs of Friends at the Event but either the Image was blurred or eyes were closed and I won't Share any unflattering Images of my Wonderful Friends.  So... if you didn't see your Image here my Friends, you wouldn't have wanted to see THAT particular Image!  *LOL*

And just so that I wouldn't forget the Title of the new Book Fifi O'Neill has coming out in December I Photographed the Copy she Previewed at the Event... along with some Wonderful Stories of some of the Photo Shoots.  Trust me, this is one you will NEED to have in your Decorating Book Library.   There is even a Gypsy Roulotte Shoot that is absolutely Divine and has a hilarious back end Story to it about Rattlesnakes!

And speaking of Divine Gypsy Imagery... my Friend Julie had Created a Custom Piece for Yours Truly that I was picking up this day... isn't it Fabulous and Fun?!?  Thanks Julie for turning one of my Fav Boheme' Images into something to hang in my Art Studio for Inspiration!

In fact, Fun and Inspiration is exactly what you'll always draw upon from Attending each Event, because the wealth of Talent Styling, Creating and Sourcing the Inventory is extensive and you'll never leave without Feeling as though you had an Experience that will be Memorable!

The Shop Guys and Gals that will be Assisting you are Cheerful and Funny, even in the midst of the Shopping Frenzy that is a sort of Divine Madness because of the Energy of so many present in one spot and Thriving on the Experience and in finding their Special Treasures to Feather their own Nests with!

It also becomes a Family Affair because the Loved Ones of so many of the Stylists are Involved in bringing it all to Life for you as well.   This is my Friend Myko and one of her Lovely Daughters, Sierra.

And you know that with my Pathological Picture Taking and fact I'll be Attending two days of the Event I shall have to Share it with you in Installments, so I do Hope you'll come back and join us for the other Posts as well?

It was so very hard for me to Resist not coming Home with a Romantic Chandie... this one in particular.  *Swooning*

But one of the little Treasures I did come Home with were some French Word Cards... I got 'Magnifique' and 'la maison'.  I like Word Cards and have some in various languages and fonts, they're Fun to tuck into Vignettes.

And of coarse Ambiant Lighting is always Appealing to me... Loved this Wine Bottle Lamp with the Divinely Decrepid Old Lampshade.

And Objects of Faith are always a Favorite.

Another Wonderful Book by Fifi for those of you who Love to cook!

And the fragrance of dried Lavender is so very reminiscent of France, since I do remember Lavender Fields stretching out across the French Country Landscape as some of the most Beautiful Imagery of Natural Splendor!

This Old Marie Antoinette Pincushion with the Velvet and Lace Dress was very Tempting!

But I stuck to my limitations and just picked up the Statement Pieces I'd come for and just a few inexpensive Small Treasures like this Lovely Vintage Thank You Postcard... it just really caught my Eye and had the most Beautiful Aged Patina Hue to it.
And you'll be back to join us for more, right?  We look forward to spending more time together...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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