Thursday, October 23, 2014

Melrose Vintage ~ The Lampshade 'Score'

Our Girl's Day Out with the Kiddos now takes you to our Friend Wendy's Shop MELROSE VINTAGE... where I immediately 'Scored' one of my Fav Found Treasures of the day!!!

Yep, this Post is aptly Titled 'The Lampshade Score' because I procured one of the most Divinely Decayed and Decripid Style Lampshades.   When I spied it atop a high Shelf my Heart skipped a beat and my Pulse began racing!

It matches My Style so Perfectly I could wear this as an Accessory!  *LOL*   Only kidding... I didn't wear it as a Hat out of the Shop, but as you can see, it matched my Ensemble and Aesthetic to a tee so I could have!  *Winks*

And it was a Fantastic Bargain on top of being absolutely Ideal for the Art Studio Cottage Bedroom's Ambiant Lighting Vision... I'll convert it into part of a cluster of hanging lamps above the bed that I have in mind.

It's very Fragile and Delicate and Aged to Perfection... quite a large Shade actually and I can't wait to see how it looks with muted Light shining thru it?   I'm going to be putting an Edison Bulb on a simple bare Light Fixture through it to suspend from the vaulted ceiling of that room.  It will Perfectly match the Gypsy Curtains I'm Creating for the double Carriage House Door Windows behind the Bed of that room also.

The Fabulous Lampshade was not the only item I was having a Serious Love Affair with though... this Vintage Velvet Couch is EXACTLY what I would Love to have Gracing my Livingroom!!!  *Swooning*

Perfect Color and Fabrics and Age... and of coarse the Bella Notte Pillows really Compliment it Beautifully... though I have plenty of Gypsy Pillows Created from Vintage Fabrics and Trims that would look equally Divine strewn across it.

Alas, Couch is not for Sale... and even if it were... I have no way to get it Home... and it would probably not fare well with The Man and The G-Kid Force plonking down upon it at this particular Season... which is exactly why I haven't yet procured the Ideal Couch in my Livingroom.  *Le Sigh*  But I can presently be Inspired to find those that look like the Vision I have in the Future for said room when the Kiddos Grow Up and The Man is presented with a new Recliner so he'll keep off MY Delicate Vintage Furnishings I shall have then!  *Winks*

I'm on the fence about when that Time will be Ideal to FINALLY have the Livingroom of my Dreams?  The Young Prince is more than halfway Grown now and Princess T, being a Girl, shouldn't be too hard on Furniture as a Teenager... it's the 'Guy Thing' I'm most Guarded about when it comes to Pretty Furnishings... Men + Boys = Furniture taking more of a beating from everyday wear and tear.   Maybe that's just my Crew... I dunno... but it is what it is.

Wendy always has the best Parasols... I also Love to Decorate with Old Parasols... the Funkier, Faded or Decayed the better... I want to suspend some from the Ceilings of some rooms at Home and in the Studio because I like how it looks.

Of coarse you can draw oodles of Inspiration from how things look at Wendy's Shop... even the most Simple of Vignettes looks good enough to climb up into!  *Smiles*

And the abundance of Divine Inventory and Props is always so Impressive... I usually want it ALL!  *Smiles*

I have actually come away with quite a few of my Statement Pieces at Home from the Shop... Wendy has such a Good Eye when she's out Sourcing Props and Inventory for the Shop... and she has the best Tag Sales EVER a few times every year!!!

So I'm always Scoping Out which might go from Prop Status to the Tag Sales at some point in the Future?  *Winks*   And when something is up for Sale I usually Pounce on it right away because Wendy's Prices are so Fair.

But it's not just the Furnishings and Accessories that you'll be Inspired by... this is an Artist and Crafter's Dream Destination for Supplies!

And the Samples Created for Inspiration always duly Inspire me as well... Loving this Whimsical Witch's Hat.

And it's nice to have all of the Supplies you'll need to Create similar Projects all in one spot so you can conveniently Source it for your next Project.

Humnnnnn... when that Prop Suitcase goes up for Sale... I think it will have to come Home with me... *Winks*

But in the meantime, Pamela and I were thinking upon the Creative Projects we'd like to add to the List of Creative Projects... already a mile or so long... that we'll want to do this Autumn and Winter in our Studios!

Banners are always such Fun to Create...

Always Love the unframed Art in Wendy's Vignettes too, the Floral Still Life Art in particular.

And you'll find everything from Art Supplies to Romantic Furnishings to Seasonal Inspiration all under one roof.

The Art of Display here is always such Eye Candy!!!

And the volume of Art and Crafting Supplies is extensive.

But even if you don't want to Create anything but a Lovely Vignette in your own Home, you'll find ample Inspiration in the Shop.

And if you are seeking Fine Linens this is also the place to find them!!!  In fact, I'd Love to have some of the Bella Notte Line at Home... so Beautiful, such a selection and such Fine Quality!

Right now I think I only have one Bella Notte Pillow... but that's a start!  *LOL*

Had I not already Indulged in an ample amount of Retail Therapy already this day I might have sprung on this Lovely Rose Art... it was in a Lovely Vintage Frame and a great price.  Alas, I'm quickly running out of room to Display the Art at Home and in the Studio... so I reluctantly Passed on the piece and just Admired and Photographed it to Share here in the Land of Blog.

There's always Fresh Floral Bouquets from the Gardens as well... and a wealth of Lovely Outdoor Furnishings to choose from.

And I was Glad that I had an entire Zen couple of days during Girl's Day Out this Month... because I've spent far too much time in Emergency Rooms and Doctor's Offices this Month with the Young Prince and that is draining, to have a chronically ill Child, so Stress levels have been really high.  And we're Hopeful that the Specialist Referral next week will finally figure out what is wrong?

Having our Zen Days Out and Good Fellowship really Helps us to better Deal with the Issues of Life we're enduring daily... more Effectively and in the right Spirit.  Since our Strength is renewed and we can be brought back to Center with Enjoyable activities and Daydreams to look forward to... instead of only Dealing with perpetual Crisis one right after the other.  Balance is crucial to get thru the unpleasantness that Life can throw at you and move past it with Dignity, Hope and Grace.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn: Your outfit is divine and you look perfect in it ! And your face looks so fresh and radiant! Yes the old lampshade is perfect for your decor!

  2. This is all so wonderful, Dawn!! I am adding you to my blog sidebar right NOW, before I forget! Fabulous post, fabulous YOU!


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