Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Barn Fresh Vintage Sale Tomorrow!

I Confess that I do not know in advance what Midwest Truckloads of Fabulousness will be there Tomorrow Night, since my visit was last week... but if the New Entrance is a Glimpse of what lies inside... I can hardly wait for the Barn Fresh Vintage Sale Preview Party from four to seven pm Tomorrow Night at RUST AND ROSES!

Isn't this Entrance Display just Junquetacular!?!?!!   I Love it... I'd like an Entrance like this above our Driveway Gates but I think we'd have lines of people showing up thinking we were Selling something!  *Ha ha ha* 

But it's just My Style having Junque Art like this... it's Eye Candy for the Soul to those of us who have a Love Affair with Time Worn Treasures and Live for the Thrill Of The Hunt!!!

I do know that Shelly and the Shop Gals traversed the Midwest recently Sourcing all kinds of Fabulousness in preparation for the Event.

Since I am unable to make Epic Road Trips at this time to seek out National Treasures hidden down the backroads of America I sure am Thankful that some of my Friends make the Pilgrimages and bring it back to the Valley of the Sun to offer up!

The Event will run thru October 18th... so if you can't make it out to the Preview Party for early Shopping... I Hope you'll be able to make it one of the other days?

I know that I'd need to Win the Lottery to snatch up every Autumn Treasure that I'd Love to drag Home *Winks*... but it is so Inspirational to behold it all and gets the Creative Juices flowing to fuel the Projects I do have waiting to come to Life at Home.

Now that our Weather is finally Cooling off I am itching to get busy with the Creative Projects that have laid dormant all Spring and Summer when it was too Hot to bother.

I'm actually quite Excited to get into the Studio in coming weeks to start on Projects that have been perculating and simmering on the back burner.

I've been stocking up with Supplies for quite some time now in preparation for when the time would be right to begin the Creative Process again and get Lost in it throughout the rest of Autumn and Winter... I've had a reverse hibernation of sorts during Spring and Summer.

When I behold other Fabulous Creations it gets me itching to Create again.   I'm at my Happiest and most Fulfilled when I'm Creating something Beautiful from that which has been Scavenged, Saved and Salvaged from the Remnants of the Past.

To Breathe New Life into Lovely Old Treasures by Creating something New with them is such a Rush, I never tire of it, I just haven't been able to devote the time to it that I would have liked to in recent years... and so it's long past due to begin again.

There's a wealth of Sweet Little Found Treasures that can become something Lovely and Unique... I particularly liked this Sweet Little Vintage Coin Purse that has been made into a Cuff Bracelet at the Shops... Coin Purse Jewelry is so Cute and handy when you don't want to carry a large bag to stash your cash!  *Smiles*

I've been thinking that I need to visit the International Marketplace and after consuming the goods... keep the Packaging to start my Herb Garden in for the Season.   I still have abundant Herbs from last Season still Producing, but they've taken over their windowsill Planters and so I'll need to divide them soon and this would be just what they need to look Pretty sitting out on the Porch and in the Gardens. 

I'm not sure what will be on my Mission Statement at the Preview Party... since I'm still working on bailing out the Killer Printer Cabinet Statement piece.   So it matters not whether I get a lil somethin'-somethin' extra or just make another installment on my Cabinet.  *Winks*

In fact, there goes my Cabinet now to Layaway Land... *LOL*  I've got time to ready the Room to receive it and find the Perfect spot for it in the Art Studio Cottage Bedroom.

In fact, I'm Hopeful that all of the Events I'll be Attending Tomorrow will be sufficient Fuel for the Soul to propel me into completion of the Art Studio Cottage Makeover?  It is my Goal to have it ready before Christmas so that I can not only get in there Creating, but also have the Cottage ready to Receive Family and Guests for the Holidays and after the first of the year.

My Brother and Fiance' are planning a Road Trip out to Arizona for the Renaissance Festival in February and I'd like for them to be able to stay with us and enjoy the Solitude and Privacy of staying in the Art Studio Cottage during their visit.   My Brother will be Professionally Photographing the Festival and has Invited me to Attend with him, so I'm Excited about that too.

He's been Covering the Renaissance Festivals for years but I've yet to Attend one! *Gasp*  Yeah, I know, unbelievable that I haven't, huh?   After all... I dress like I'm going to one almost all of the time!  *Smiles*

My Lil Bro' has one more Major Surgery with very high risk factors that he has to have just prior to that visit... so we're holding him up in Prayer for that... and also that he'll be strong enough for the Journey once he recovers.   As many of you who have been following my Blog know, he's been battling grim prognosis and alleged terminal illness for years and is long past the 'Expiration Date' Doctors gave him many, many moons ago.   Tough as old boots my Lil Brother and Mom are... the Grim Reaper has had to just hold off and wait on them for years past Doctor's predictions... 'coz as our Fam likes to say... you ain't dead 'til God says so! 

I really am looking forward to spending time with my Brother, we've been really close our entire lives and living in different States for the past few Decades has made it so that we rarely get a chance to hang out in person anymore, which I really miss.

He has a Passion for all of the things that I do... I'm pretty certain it's in our DNA?  *LOL*

So I can't wait to take him to all of my Fav Shops and Junquing Destinations when he comes back to the Valley.   In the past, the times he's been able to come Home to Arizona have been during Family Emergencies and so we haven't had the opportunity to just have Pleasure Sprees and re-visit old Haunts he remembers from when he did live in Arizona.

We're now trying to make it that we get together not just during time of Crisis or Sorrow.   I also can't wait to go back to Cali and visit them, he's got loads more Special places to take me to also.  And you know Cali has some Great Spots to go Junquing and seeking out Found Treasures!!!  Not to mention... there's the Beach!!!  *Winks*

So God be Willing and the Creek don't rise... we've got a busy itinerary Scheduled for Winter...

And right now I'm Reveling in the Activities and Events of Autumn... which, BTW is my Fav Season.

The Weather just keeps getting better and better... and the State Fair and Fall Festivals are also going on...

But Tomorrow will be Devoted ALL DAY to Girl's Day Out... no Kiddos in tow... and complete Freedom to do My Thing... so I'm looking forward to it with much Anticipation!!!

Princess T's Teacher also arranged for her to be brought Home by Bus Tomorrow so that I didn't have to go back and forth from the City to retrieve her or have her miss a day of her Intercession Classes.  She was Delighted because she's not wanting to miss a single day, which I'm Glad about.  The Man is Glad about her not having to stay Home with him all day too... ha ha ha!!!  She can be a hard Taskmaster when Gramma leaves her in Charge and riding herd on the Guys!  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. how fun that all looks wish I was closer I would be there in my junk mobile to buy treasures LOL

  2. Another fun sale! I can't believe all the sales you go too! I would run out of money for sure! Glad you have a fun stay with your brother to look forward to!

  3. So many treasures. Looks like a great place to explore.


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