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Barn Fresh Vintage Sale ~ Rust And Roses

You're gonna hafta keep coming back for quite a few days to come along with me to everything I did on Girl's Day Out... since I Devoted the Entire Day to it for a change... totally unencumbered!  Yeah, I could definitely get used to that level of Freedom and Carefree Living!  *Winks* 

First Post will actually be my Last Stop, but I can hardly contain my Excitement about it so we won't go in any particular Order here in the Posts.  *Smiles*  My Talented Friend Katie was joining the RUST AND ROSES Team and would have her Debut Reveal at the Barn Fresh Vintage Sale... of not only her new Space inside... but her new Clothing Line outside Gypsy Style where the Event was being Hosted that Evening!

As you can clearly see her interior Space was beyond Awesome and just My Style so I got stuck there for quite some time before I even managed to venture outside to the Event and to pick out some Wardrobe from her 'Sacred Heart Studios' Line!  *LOL*

Just about everything I would Style with at Home or in the Studio was here... and so choosing just a couple of items proved to be quite the dilemma for Yours Truly!   Restraint not being one of my Strengths it would have been so easy to do way more Retail Therapy than would be prudent!  *LOL*  With stacks of Vintage Suitcases... Framed Skullies on the Walls... Creepy Doll Heads... Antique Loving Cups... and Sepia Hues abounding it was Agonizing to just come away from the Space with two mere Treasures and not a Trunk full!  *Le Sigh*

Of coarse I knew that one item would HAVE to be one of the trio of Creepy Doll Heads I spied first... but which one?

Would it be Sad Pouty Face Creepy Dolly No. 1?

Shocked Face Creepy Dolly No. 2?

Or Ghost Face Creepy Dolly No. 3?   Which was in fact the Creepiest of the trio, I admit... with it's Ghostly White Complexion, Bald Head and Lifeless Gaze and hint of a Smirk!!!  Which do YOU Think I came Home with my Friends?  And don't scroll down to the next Image and Cheat!  *Winks*


Since each had it's Merits... and No. 3 being the Creepiest of all... it was a difficult decision to be sure... but for some reason Creepy Shock Face Dolly had Endeared itself to me by a margin so that was The One.   Did you Guess Right?

And I had decided that perhaps a Loving Cup would be the second item... and though there were  nice ones... I was indecisive again...

So I pondered a bit about that decision... whilst Pathologically Picture Taking for Today's Post.

And Admiring the Pricier Creepy Doll Heads that I was equally Smitten with... but which would have eaten up the Wardrobe Budget and so I Resisted.

This one came with it's own Pedestal and Cloche... and had the most Adorable Hat and Veil that included a Taxidermy Hummingbird on top sitting in it's Nest... can you see it?   Hard to capture it properly without the glare of the Cloche obscuring it... but it was so Cute and Unique!

And I finally settled upon my Loving Cup Choice because this one had the Bonus of Bling... *LOL*  And it will hold Utensils well as you can clearly see by the Display.

Loved the Gypsy Curtains but they were a Display Item... they are similar to the ones I will be Creating for the Art Studio Bedroom Windows.

In fact, this Space made me certain of my Choice to go Sepia with the Art Studio Bedroom Palette after all.   I had been on the fence on whether to incorporate some Indigo Blue Walls... or continue with the Black and Red from the Main Room... but no, I think the predominantly Sepia Hues will be more Soothing and Restful for a Studio Boudoir.  Seeing an entire Sepia Space only validated it would be the Right Choice for that room after all.  Though rather than White Elements mine will probably be Black Elements.

And probably some Jewel Tones will creep in... which is Okay... I have a lot of Sepia in the Main Room of the Art Studio Cottage along with the Black And Red but Sepia goes with everything and is my Favorite Neutral-Non-Color.

White in general is too pristine for me... I like that Sepia has an 'Aged' appearance to it... like an Old Photograph.   Loved this Lampshade BTW... hard to Resist it as an Ambiant Light Fixture for the Bedroom... we'll have to wait and see if it's still around during my next visit?  *Winks*  And if not... then it will join the Project List along with the Gypsy Curtains in progress.  *LOL*

I'm thinking that I shouldn't have made The Man get rid of so many of his Hunting Skullies years ago now.   Though I always liked them as Decor, we had so many that we gave a lot of them away when we moved and wanted to lighten the load to relocate to this Property.

Back then, Fifteen years ago, not many others were really Decorating with them in their Primary Residences and so we just gave them to Hunter and Rancher Friends to hang on their Barns and Hunting Cabins.   In hindsight they would have been Awesome in the Showrooms... I think I would have used Antique Gilded Gesso Frames or distressed Black ones.   But these White Frames are very Pretty and Compliment the Antlers nicely too.

Well, it's not as if The Man and his Brothers, Friends and Nephews will never go Hunting again... so I'll just put in my Standing Order for their Dead Heads and Racks now.  *LOL*

You see... part of why I languished so very long here is that it's so much more My Aesthetic and the direction I want to take my own Showrooms that I was coming to terms with that.  Though I really don't know that the Far West Valley's Demographic will Embrace 'Full On' My Style or not... I'm trying to come to a Peace about just doing it anyway and taking the Risk.

It's been a rather difficult decision for me to make since how I have the Showrooms now seem to be popular with the Clientele and so Inventory is Selling... but it's not the Vision I ever had for the Spaces... nor the Inventory I'd prefer to be offering... and so I've waffled on whether to just ensure Sales or go with my original Vision and take that Chance and a Leap of Faith?

The Man said to Go For It and see what happens?  That I could always default back to what I have now if the Customers in our Demographic aren't diggin' it or Sales totally tank when I make the Changes.   But since I'm primarily doing it to help pay for his Medical Bills and get the G-Kid Force Raised since I can't Work outside the Home anymore... I'm hesitant for obvious reasons.

I'd LIKE to do Me in my Spaces 'Full On', but how it will be Received is a consideration since I do have to pay Overhead, Commissions and Transaction Fees and those add up Monthly so Sales have to be Strong if you don't want to end up owing money or breaking even rather than making money.

Though my Showrooms are my little Happy Places and a Hobby for me rather than an actual Biz since I can't make a Living at it with such modest Profits... I don't want to incur Losses either since there are bills to pay and Kiddos to Raise on our Fixed Income... so I NEED the venture to pay off... or close it down completely and call it a day.

Right now I'm in that 'Safe' Zone I have been for the past three years with it... where I'm making some money and only had one month where it ran at a small Loss... so I'm rather indecisive to completely Change it up and take un-necessary Risks... and yet I WANT TO!

And every time I experience a Retail Space that is way more My Style than my own Showrooms presently are... it makes me want desperately to Change it so that I'm Content with it... but I do have Concerns that the Customers won't Receive it as well as I need them to?  Tough decision... and since I'm still a Novice at Retail Sales I'm not a huge Risk-Taker at figuring out Demographics and what they want... becoz frankly, where my Showrooms are, it is a complete Mystery to me still!!!
I'd concluded that most just want a Good Deal regardless of the Style or Provenance of any of the Inventory in our neck of the woods.  So I'm slowly Evolving and Morphing the Showrooms towards My Style and just Sourcing Inventory now that fits better of what I want to carry, but which I can offer at that Good Deal and I Hope will Turn rather than languish becoz it's too pricey or too Weird and Wonderful?!?  *LOL* 

So... you're probably Wondering... well, Dawn, did you EVER freakin' make it Outside to the actual Event to see what truckloads of Midwest Fabulousness awaited you?!!!!!!!??!??!   Or... did you sit and ponder the Mysteries of the Retail Universe forever and a day and completely Space Out and forget about your Mission Statement and why you were really here!??!?  *Winks* 

I know... my ADD can really sidetrack me and get me stuck on a Tangent sometimes... but Yes, after malingering so long that scads of other Event Goers were streaming past me as I stood there in my Mysteries of the Universe Retail Trance Imagining my own Showrooms looking like they SHOULD BE... I finally did snap out of it and venture outside to join everyone else before everything got picked over!  *Whew*

That's precisely why I'm an Arrive Early Type, becoz I know I'll get waylayed and stuck in the minutia and daydreams... and end up malingering too long in one spot so I need plenty of Lead Time to get Mine while there's still some left!   *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*

But not to worry... tho' I WAS in my Trance, I was also Aware that most of the Female Shoppers passing me by to get to the Event ahead of me were way more Slender than Moi... so not likely to snap up all the Real Women Sized Creations unless they were shopping for someone else?!  *Whew*

And I had done my Recon ahead of time too before the Event even opened for Shopping... so I'd peeked over the barriers to see if there were items I couldn't Live without and would need to Speed Shop to get to ahead of everyone else?  *Winks*

And a Funny Story that I completely forgot to Photograph so you could get the Illusion Visual. {Sorry} While peeking from afar... I saw what LOOKED to be a two headed Albino Taxidermy Piglet... which IMMEDIATELY got my Attention as a Speed Shop Weird and Wonderful Oddity Item I hadda have!  *Whoa!!!  Insert Pulse Racing like a Hummingbird!*   But upon Zooming my Camera Lens to get a Close-Up gander and Inspection I realized it was an optical illusion... it was in fact two tiny faux Piglets beside each other, resembling a Mutant Albino Piglet!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*   Oh well... no need to shove aside or trample over anyone to get to it first now I suppose.  *LOL*

And with two pieces of Wardrobe being my Mission Statement now, I had to Resist all else lest I blow the Wardrobe Budget set aside for the actual Mission Statement... no easy task lemme tell ya!

Because indeed, there were truckloads of Midwest Fabulousness Sourced from the Gal's Road Trip!

And they were all Patiently waiting for me to snap out of my Trance in Katie's Space inside and join everyone out back!  *Smiles*

So I headed directly for Katie's Gypsy Style Boutique Area... trying VERY, VERY hard NOT to get infatuated with the large assortment of OOAK Bags hanging right there... like a Lure waiting to reel me in and throw off my Mission completely... but I wasn't quite ready to Abort yet on getting actual Wardrobe... which I NEED more than yet another Lovely Bag.  *Smiles*

Yep, even right past more Great Old Creepy Dollies!!!   Try not to look and fall in lust... try not to look and fall in lust... *Smiles*

And even Resisting this one beyond Awesome Carpetbag that I really felt like I NEEDED to have... but which, would have cost me one of the two pieces of Wardrobe... Dammit!

Focus Dawn... Focus!!!   Upon Wardrobe... and Big Girl Wardrobe in particular, which luckily ruled out all the Svelte Pieces I was falling in lust with as I Envisioned a Skinnier version of me.  *LOL*

Yeah, had the Purple Duster been in My Size, I might have Caved and hadda have it... but it wasn't.

Nor were the Cute Altered Jeans...

But Katie had certainly Delivered on Creating Stunning OOAK Wardrobe for all Sizes of Women!

So now it would just be a matter of Choosing which of the Big Girl Pieces would come Home with me?

Loved the Demin Gypsy Jacket... but I already have one that I don't wear very often so I was thinking more along the lines of Wardrobe I could layer and wear more often than a Jacket... since it is the Arizona Desert and thus we don't get a lot of Jacket wearing Weather.

And of coarse I HAD to check out the Gypsy Bling even tho' it was Forbidden Fruit this day... becoz... and you'll know why in another Post... I will just have to keep you in Suspense about that!  *Evil Cackle*

I should have spent way more time deciding upon Wardrobe... but sometimes you just see certain pieces and know they're The Ones... and so I was easily able to hone in on my two Pieces, even tho' the likes of Cute Accessories like this would have been equally Tempting.

Yes... even with many, many Distractions of Lovely Wardrobe...

And Lovely Bags...

And even more Lovely Bags...

And did I mention there were Lovely Bags??!??!   *Smiles*

And Bohemian Bling Tempting me on every side as well...

Along with Killer Midwest Treasures as a backdrop to it all!!!

Including these Ahhhhhhmazing Red Carved Columns...  *Le Sigh*

I've been Thinking I NEED Columns... and these were Carved... and Gypsy Bold Red... and well... PERFECTION... AND a Great Price... *Double and Triple Sighs... Dammit, Dammit and Dammit!*

But I remembered that I was paying down my Printer Cabinet, making another Installment even this day... and so I HAD to resist everything but the Wardrobe... HAD TO... HAD TO... HAD TO...  kept telling myself this fact!  *LOL*

And Good Lord the things I had to Resist were too numerous to count actually!  *LOL*

But I was Determined to just Admire and draw Inspiration from them all and move past them to the Destination of my Mission Statement...

To The Victory of my Two New Wardrobe Pieces... Ta Da!!!

Yeah, it took no time at all to Decisively pick these two Pieces...  I done Good huh?

Top No. 1 is my Fav... the Front...

And the back... it is light enough I'll get a lot of wear layering it over Tanktops.

And Piece No. 2 is a Wrap and much heavier, but I couldn't Resist it even tho' I have to wait for Cooler Temps to wear it more often... this is the Front...

And the Back... truly LOVE both Pieces and have to Congratulate my Friend Katie on Producing not only such a Great Line, but also for various sized Women and not just Size Sixes!   Coz us Plus Sized Gals like to Rock It too!  *Winks*

Yes, tho' I was loathe to have to Pass on so many other Great Items in order to stay within the Dreaded Budget...

Which didn't include just Great Old Creepy Dollies...

Though there was such an Abundance of them that it was indeed Creepy Dolly Heaven... where they all must go to Die?!?  *Winks*

And then await Adoption by us Creepy Doll Lovers!  *Smiles*

But also such Temptations as Twenty Dollar Antique Fireplace Mantles!!!  

And the most Fabulous Old Door Graveyard in recent Remembrance!!!  *Swooning*

Okay, so I ain't gonna Lie... getting Old Doors to fit into the Jeep is a logistics Nightmare so that HELPS me avoid the Temptation to purchase any more!  *LOL*   No matter how Chippy Fabulous and with the best Patina and Hues ever!

Or Carved Fabulous with Windows!   *Swoonfest*   And even Resisting such things as Minty Green and Pale Pink Medicine Cabinets!

Yeah, I DID see those... I just tried not to stand there and stare and Admire too long lest I Cave!  And had I realized the Minty Green one isn't a Medicine Cabinet but would hold Necklaces and Bracelets PERFECTLY... I might have Caved!  Coz now I'm thinking I shouldda got it?!  *LOL*

And even Stained Glass Windows and Old Doors with Stained Glass Windows!  *Oh my!*

And Old Butterscotch Striped Suitcases, which are a particular Weakness, among the others... *Winks*

So... even tho' I would have LIKED to have stayed way past Sunset and continued to Enjoy the Festivities... I Felt like I might just break the Bank if I lingered longer... and so with some remorse I set out before Sunset with my Wonderful Treasures and New Wardrobe and called it a day...

That's my Friend Angie waving Good-Bye to me... parting is such Sweet Sorrow...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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