Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thankfully I'm Very Eclectic

Thankfully I'm very Eclectic and my Customers tend to be too... so we're a good match.  They've come to expect just about anything to turn up in my Showrooms, which I see as a Good Thing since I can't be nailed down to just one Style or Love.  At times I think I should pick a Theme or be known for something Specific, but it falls by the wayside when Cool Stuff not of that Theme show up and beg to be included and not excluded... oh well.  I'M not Specific so why should my Inventory be?   I'm in constant Morph Mode and I just like what I like... which is a broad and quirky baseline to be sure!  *LOL*

Even other Pickers seem to have realized my diverse and Eclectic Tastes... and often now those I've become Friends with have already 'Picked' some Treasures for me hoping they'll see me that day, Bless their Hearts, and give the 'Scores' to me when I show up at our regular haunts!!!  Yeah, it's Good to be me!!!  I must be in my 'Fur Phase' because every 'Pick' lately they keep turning up and this Lovely Wrap was given to me by a new Picker Friend coz he knew I'd totally dig it.  Thanks my Friend, I Appreciate your Thoughtfulness, Keen Eye and Help... and Hell yeah, I totally DO dig it and so will my Customers!   Baby Girl always needs new shoes and this should supply the need for Princess T's insatiable Shoe Fetish!  *Winks*


In fact, the same Picker Friend also gave this Mink Wrap to me... he doesn't do Furs in his Retail Space but knew I am a Viking at Heart and would Appreciate any and all he can throw my way!  *Booyah!*

Yes, in fact both Showrooms are beginning to look like Vikings own them... Furs are EVERYWHERE!!!   *LOL*   And I've still got some at Home that I'm going to part with soon just in time for Winter.

See... I wasn't exaggerating when I told you I was evidently in my 'Fur Phase'!!!   *Smiles*   This stuff is being attracted to me like I'm a 'Fur Magnet' lately!!!   And if I told you how much I've outlaid for them you'd say, "No freakin' way Dawn?!?"   They were practically free I tell ya and of Wonderful Fine Quality by known Furriers!   So... I can easily pass the Savings along to my Customers that are Vikings at Heart too and want a Killer Deal on their Furs!  *Winks* 


Since the G-Kid Force often go 'Pickin' with Gramma and work their little Hearts out to Help fill my Showrooms... the other Pickers have come to know them and that I'm raising these two... so several of them have been so Generous as to voluntarily aide in The Cause.  'Cause Kiddos are Expensive and Seniors with no real big girl jobs or careers anymore are hard pressed to close that gap!   So whatever has potential Value and a Cool Vibe is gonna be offered up and we never quite know what that will be 'til it turns up by Serendipity... like this Gen-u-wine Camel Hair Coat... I sound like a Midway Carnie Barker don't I?  *Winks*

And I've been known to Gypsy Trade with the other 'Pickers' as well... in a kind of "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" reciprocity that benefits us all.   The more eyes, ears and hands out there for each of our Causes the better I say.  We're expanding a virtual Posse of Pickers that look out for each other and that Cameraderie is so much better than the cut-throat ones we all avoid like the plague. Like the Stalker Pickers and disingenuous Types, which I have no time for and don't engage with.   They're out there too, just learn to identify them for who they are and their particular agenda and M.O..   Thankfully there are more of the Cameraderie Types in The Game and it can become a Tight Circle of Friends with a mutual goal and Mantra of "Lets all make money and prosper...". 

I haven't been in The Game of Resale for as long as most... I'm relatively new at that... but I'm not new at Pickin', been doing it all my Life.  Just broadening my Horizons out of necessity now that I'm forced into premature Retirement from my well paying Corporate Lives, but still find myself at this Season of Life with hungry mouths to feed and Care for without steady Work.   I had Imagined that Retirement would be Blissful and filled with Self Indulgency... and earned Pensions... yeah, I have a fertile Imagination like that which isn't always in line with Reality... so ya gotta do whatever ya gotta do when Life just happens, right?

And in so many unexpected ways I was 'forced' into following my Bliss and Natural Talent for Hustling and Scavenging well... so it actually turned out rather Well if I do say so myself, even tho' it's been quite a Wild Ride and each day a New Adventure.   I'm earnin' while I'm learnin' so to speak... about this Resale Thang... and discovering my Niche along the way... and what Works... or doesn't.  
 I don't linger long with what doesn't... cutting losses early and move on... I'll Negotiate anything and everything to Turn it fast... I don't like dust collectors taking up retail space.  I'm not attached to any of it or what it 'allegedly' is worth on the top end, I wouldn't pay top end for most things and I suspect you don't want to either if you can avoid it?   I'm of the Mantra that something is really only worth what someone is willing to actually PAY for it anyway.  And since I always want a Deal I suspect my Customers do too so that's my M.O. when it comes to Re-Sale. 

I've also discovered in my short stint of doing this, that other Dealers, Retailers and Pickers just happen to be my best and most frequent Repeat Customers... so yeah, I Cater to them.  They have no saturation point like the Client whose buying to Style a Home or giving a Gift... so this relationship can go on indefinitely and I like that time frame.   *Winks*   The Home Styler and Gift Givers are Welcome too... I just find that, like me, you can only fill your Home with so much stuff and afford to give so many Gifts before you're 'Done' for now. 

Mostly I've Sourced Inventory with Gut Instinct about what would be a relatively quick Sale... since I don't have so much Space or Seed Money to Invest Big and Upgrade to the level yet that I'd Fantasize about.    You know how your Fantasy Retail Space and the Real Deal sometimes have disparity due to darned Budget and Circumstance... well, that's where I'm at right now... but it's Okay... it's at a Level I can handle right now and easily float... which is much better than a Titanic Moment.

Sometimes I Amaze myself at how little outlay I put into having two Showrooms and a couple of locked Cases!  It's already going on over two years now at this New Venture I knew absolutely nothing about really and was a Big Risk for me really, given our particular set of Circumstances and Limitations!

Overhead was always a heavy consideration for me at first... and timidly enlarging the Vision because of that heavy consideration weighing in... but I decided from the very beginning to just have Fun with this and not take myself too seriously... to just do my Thing and Trust my Instincts, which have always Served me Well.   And I am still having Fun with this... two plus years into it... my how Time flies when you're having Fun!!!

I mean, how much FUN is this when NOW I can Source and get really Excited about Discovering such things as a Vintage Suzy Homemaker Super Oven and have a REASON to 'Pick' it and not only satiate the Thrill of the Hunt, but Turn a Profit and offer something Cool to someone who might actually be Jonesin' for such a thing?!?!??!   It's a Win-Win situation, right?


I actually couldn't even recall when was the last time I saw one of these... but I think it was back in the Sixties?   *LOL*    And it needed some TLC so I turned it over to The OCD Cleaning Masters... aka: Princess T and her BFF Princess E to spruce up... they were like a couple of Lil Merry Maids and had the time of their lives Transforming it from having about forty years of storage dust and age grime on it... to this... which given it's Advanced Age wasn't too shabby!!!

All the while laughing with each other about how Archaic the Toys of Yesteryear were... as I tried to explain how we actually used to Play with such things.   I forgot that comparing it to how a Toaster Oven works didn't quite translate well since they didn't know what one of THOSE was either!   OMG, not like THAT didn't make me Feel Older than dirt now!!!   Yeah, me and the Dinosaurs used to think these were Cool back in the Jurassic Era... and before Toys were really all that Safe for Children!!!  Lord have Mercy how DID we Survive and not end up in the Burn Unit??!!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

I also Sourced some Cute Commercial Signage... which always Sells well.   This one I almost kept as a lark and to hang above The Man's side of the bed... since he languishes there a lot now that he's mostly housebound.   But he didn't 'Get' the Joke, because originally I had it standing on it's vertical side rather than it's horizontal side so he didn't know what it was even supposed to BE?!?  Some kinda strange hyroglyphic... uh, nevermind... off to the Showroom it went... if I have to Explain it then it's just not THAT funny anymore!  *Smiles*

This one he 'Got'... even sideways or upsidedown... but it was too large to hang over the Recliner where he prefers to eat his meals... *LOL*  so off to the Showroom it promptly went as well.   So hard to Photograph these tho' since they're highly reflective and blind the camera.
And tho' personally I'm not at all 'into' Nutcrackers... Seasonal Decor has been flying out the door of my Rooms and Cases so I had to stock up on some more and Source whatever Customers are totally diggin'... and I desperately need to purge some more of my Vintage Shiny Bright Ornaments since they Sold Out within days already!!!

Oh noooooo... we're almost out of Shiny Brights already!!!   *Gasp*   Well, at least THOSE I have a healthy Stash slash Hoard of at Home in the Storage Cottage and don't hafta try to Source... *Whew*

  And when I was putting this Peruvian Backpack up in the Showroom a little Girl from Nicaragua came up to me and said it reminded her of Home... which just touched my Heart, she was such a Sweetheart and that's part of what makes this Gig so worthwhile... locating Treasures that MEAN something to someone, and Evoke a Cherished Memory or a Rush of Nostalgia... whether they buy it or not!!!  

Because that's why I've always had a Love of Old.  Well... I Hope you've Enjoyed getting a Preview of some of the Eclectic new Inventory hitting the Showrooms?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh, I'd like to be a fur magnet too, Dawn! Especially today when they're not recommending travel due to all the snow we've gotten in the last two days. Bleh. And who'd have thought I'd have to figure out how this stupid radiator in the hotel works in mid-September! Bah!! But it sounds like you've been getting odd weather down there in the desert, too. Must be a worldwide phenomenon. ;)

    My mother would never buy me an Easy Bake or a Suzy Homemaker oven. She thought they were too dangerous. Obviously ahead of her time in her thinking. LOL

    1. When I think back upon all the dangerous toys we had fun with it's a Wonder we made it to adulthood intact! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian


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