Monday, September 22, 2014

Rustic Remains ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part II

We're back for more 'Rustic Remains'...

And even tho' the Words still aren't coming yet so easily... I decided to just refrain from using many and just do the Post.

Yes, I brought Home some of the Bright and Fun Dia de los Muertos Tiles to utilize as Coasters.


I can't Believe I walked away this time without picking up a Bohemian Bling Necklace for myself, especially since several pieces were definitely Tempting me with the Old Photos!!!


Lately I've felt more of a Quietness in my Spirit... and perhaps that is Translating to my Blogging as well?  I'm not exactly sure why I don't have very much to say and the Words won't come, but it's a nice Change for me actually.


Loved the Vintage Metal Commercial Medical Cabinet... but it was already Sold.

I did get this Lovely Cuff Bracelet for myself though... only Nineteen bucks!


And the BEST Surprise on Saturday was an unexpected Gift from my Friend Myko... this Ahhhhmazing Entomology Collection for my Cabinet of Curiousities!!!   Very difficult to Source these, it took my breath away... what a Wonderful and Generous Gift, Thank You Myko!!!

Yes, I also went back Saturday and was Delighted that Myko's Bat was still there... it NEEDED to come Home with us and I had regret leaving it behind Thursday... so Hoped it might still be waiting for me!?!



There is still much more to see... so be sure to come back again for even more 'Rustic Remains'...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your home has got to be the most unique of any around anywhere! Stay Well!

  2. I thought the bat was for sure meant to be yours! Glad to see you went back.Love what your sharing, I could look at this stuff every day, thank you!


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