Sunday, September 28, 2014

Re-Foofing It All... Home AND Showrooms

Okay, so it was driving me Crazy that I had a small corner of the Livingroom that was devoid of Halloween Decor... becoz I've been in Re-Foofing It All Mode lately.  *Smiles*

And as usual in my Mind's Eye I had way more room to cram everything I wanted for this Vignette than I actually had in Reality so there were leftovers to try to find a place for!  *LOL*

There were just too many things already there that I didn't want to pack away or remove from the corner becoz I Enjoy them so much and don't want to risk damage... like my Altered Art Bottles.

So I had to alter the Vision for the corner and just add the Cloche of Creepy Doll Heads and the Entomology Display as my nod to Halloween in this area.

I still need to Source a piece of plexiglass for the Display lest wee hands decide to touch the bugs and damage them... or worse yet, drop something on top of them and squish the entire thing... but for now I've sworn Death of whomever messes with it until it has more protection!  *Winks*

And taken enuf Images so that I'll know for sure if anything got jacked up before a covering is found... after all, you need sufficient Evidence for a justifyable Homicide, right!?!  *Winks*

I had toyed with the Idea of putting the Cloche filled with Doll Heads on the small Gothic Style Black side table beside The Man's Recliner, it would have looked Splendid there... but that would also mean it would be near him... and the door where everyone passes... Bad Idea... what was I thinking?!? 

So a more secluded corner is a more logical placement if I want it to remain intact and not shattered to smitherines when it's knocked off of a table in a well traveled part of the room and in The Man's Territory he has staked out and Believes he has Dominion over!  *Winks*

So... his little table next to the Recliner and the Door got this Make-Over instead... since the Masks are Paper Mache and sturdy enough to be near him... and the pathway leading into the house that the Kiddos and their Entourages are incessantly Traveling like a herd of rouge Elephants.

I'm Hopeful they won't take any tumbles... yes, it's True, my Expectations are High and totally Unrealistic like that sometimes!!!   *LOL*

I've also been busy 'Pickin' for the total Re-Foof I was giving Showroom One-Thirty-Three at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.    I just Love the Cheesy Titles of the 1960's Era Pocket Novels, don't you?  Perfect for Halloween I thought... though I had to hide the 1960's Astronomy Book from Prince R lest he beg to keep it.   Not that I don't sometimes do the same thing myself... I Sourced a Tarot Card Set too and decided to keep it... Shhhhhhh, don't tell him Okay!?!   *Smiles*
I'm pretty good about Sourcing things I Love and Letting them Go now though and into Inventory... so I must only be a Class One Hoarder now?!  *Winks*   Love Peruvian Folk Art because it's always so Colorful, Vibrant and Imaginative... and so I was Jazzed to Source this Mirror. 

And check out this 2007 Robert Rodriguez-Quentin Tarantino double feature framed Movie Poster... perfect for Halloween dontcha think?

This carved Wooden Last Supper was in tragic shape but once cleaned and oiled up it came back to it's original Glory!

I can never pass up great Vintage Religious Art for the Showrooms, always good sellers.

This Smithsonian Anatomy Model was gruesomely Cool... it can be displayed with all, part or none of the body parts attached for a good Halloween Prop.

Hard not to want to hold onto the Vintage Greek Dolls, they're so Cute... but I resisted the Urge to!

But I can't say I was totally Successful in not holding onto something that initially I had already brought into Inventory to Sell and then as the Re-Foofing was going on and I was near to it all day... I was having second thoughts.  You see, I had brought in some Vintage Hats... and the majority I had no attachment to even tho' they were Cool.

In fact, I thought everything I'd Sourced recently for the Re-Foof Project was pretty Cool actually... and since I wanted the Showroom to reflect MY Personality and Aesthetic more than it previously has... and decided I would finally NOT compromise the Vision for it anymore just to sell more stuff... since I wasn't that 'into' what was flying out the doors sometimes... I needed to Detach from most of it.

Which can be a Challenge if you're totally diggin' all your Inventory becoz it Truly DOES reflect your Style and Aesthetic now... but I was doing an Excellent Job of Detachment and I was quite Proud of Self... well... until...

I just couldn't do it with one item I'd already priced and put into Inventory... and was seriously Jonesin' to Keep and take Home.   I left it there for an entire day actually... but found myself kinda Anxious that it would Sell and I'd Regret not Keeping it since I certainly wouldn't find another exactly like it!   *Have you ever done that my Friends?*

Yes, it looked good in there... and Customers are certainly diggin' my Vintage Hats and I've Sold a lot of them in the past two years... but you know how it is with the chosen few that you have trouble Letting Go of properly!?!

So when I returned the next day to finish the complete Re-Foofing of Showroom One-Thirty-Three including the Bonus Room in it... I knew that if it was still there I would probably Cave and just take the damn thing out of Inventory and Home with me instead of Tormenting myself!  *LOL*   But as I came to the Showroom I was thinking to myself... but what if it's GONE and has already SOLD?!?   I was almost afraid to turn the corner and look!!!

Thankfully it had not... *Whew*... and so the downy soft Vintage Angora Hat with the Metallic Belgian Trim was unceremoniously snatched off the Mannequin's Head and replaced with a Black Veiled Vintage Hat I had no Attachment to and you saw in a pix earlier in the Post.  *LOL*
And yes, I was somewhat disappointed at myself that I couldn't just Detach from this piece and turn a Profit from it... becoz it's not as if I'll probably ever wear it you know...

But, it sure does look Handsome hanging in the Art Studio... or being Modeled on one of the Vintage Mannequin Gals.   I just REALLY dig it... and so I didn't beat myself up too bad for deciding to Keep it after all... way better than having Regret, right?!?  *Smiles*

And there were still several other Vintage Hats left behind in the Showrooms for the Customers since I'd hit the Motherlode of Vintage Hats... and even decided to part with more Mannequin Heads from Home since those Sell well too.

And I did like the direction the Showroom was taking... it was FINALLY Morphing more into what I envisioned for it... with fewer Compromises on the Inventory... which to be sure is a Risk... but one I'm finally willing to just take and see how it Rolls going more Full On Me now? 

Even if Sales slump becoz I'm no longer offering Inventory I don't really dig and don't want to carry just to ensure a Sale, I already Feel quite Liberated just making the decision not to try to put my finger on the pulse of what the demographic on the Far West Side wants anymore... it's entirely too much Pressure and I couldn't figure it out for the life of me anyways!  *LOL*

It was just too random... and unpredictable... and I can't keep re-inventing myself like that or NOT doing 'Me' with a Retail Space.  Becoz my Vision for it always has been to do what I happen to like and Style it in my own way... and just let the dice roll and see who else happens to dig it too enough to buy the Inventory presented?

So... I seriously marked down the crap  ummm... I mean the Inventory that was a personal Compromise and just not really my Style or I just don't want to Sell anymore... and Promised myself to just Source what I ADORE and will complete the Vision I have for both Showrooms in the way I want their Atmosphere and Styles to be.

Thankfully within days of the Re-Foof a lot of the Sale items went away... to their Happy Homes where someone does dig them and was Delighted to get them at a deep discounted Bargain.  *Smiles*   And several of the newly Sourced items have already Sold as well... which was an Encouragement since Sales have been really Soft for the past Month for everyone and that is Discouraging any way you slice it.

And now that Showroom One-Thirty-Three, which is the smaller of my Showrooms, is done... I'm moving onto Showroom One-Fourteen next.    I've already done a bit in there but it will be more Challenging to do a complete Re-Foof  'til some of the Sale items go away and declutter the space so that I can bring in new Inventory for how I want it to be Styled.

I Confess that right now I'm having a bit of a Love-Hate Relationship with Showroom One-Fourteen...

The Customers seem to Love it but I'm on the fence about how it looks right now and some of the Inventory it holds... becoz I know there are Compromises there still.

And until there's NOT I think that I won't be completely Satisfied with how it looks and Feels to me.   And even if Customers like it... if I don't... then I find myself not Caring about it as much as I want and NEED to, you know?

I'm like that anytime I 'Settle' for less than what I want something to be or Envisioned it to be.

And since I'm not very good at Compromises and 'Settling' it has been difficult to do so for a couple of years as I got this fledgling Hobby of mine off the ground and learned the ropes about Selling in an Antique Mall.

There's a lot of things I know about 'stuff' and locating Good Deals... Salvaging... Upcycling... Re-Purposing Found Treasures... giving the Discarded a New Life... Creating my Art... Styling to suit my Aesthetic... but I knew absolutely NOTHING about Selling in an Antique Mall or the Demographic I'd be Serving... Zip... Nada... I was absolutely Clueless in fact.

I just knew that being forced into a premature Retirement to become a full time unpaid Caregiver had left a void that I had to fill with something that Fed my Soul.  Something that became a Creative Outlet even if it didn't prosper like an actual business... but would instead give us at least some discretionary money to make up for my lost second income that we had grown used to and been spoiled by having all these years.

And to be sure it's been a delicate Dance of sorts that I haven't yet felt I've come even remotely close to Mastering... but have been muddling along with and Enjoying tremendously... so it's been worth it even during the times when Sales are not what I'd like them to be.

Discovering Found Treasures and The Thrill of The Hunt after all is something I live and breathe so it isn't like Work to me at all.   Saving part of the Past and Salvaging Elements that otherwise might be Lost is a Purpose I do Feel Destined to do since the Urge to do it is so very strong and always has been.

And certainly if you don't have a place to Let Go of some of it there wouldn't be room for most of it in any Residential spot and certainly at times I had reached Saturation Point and Yard Sales just weren't my 'Thing'... I'd almost rather set it all on fire than deal with the Yard Sale Mentality!  *LOL*  So... this is the next best thing and it's Evolving... slowly but surely... into what it SHOULD be and I MEANT it to be all along...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. You do an outstanding job decorating your home and booths! Sure looks fun to me even if it's not my style. Marlynne


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