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Meanwhile... Back At The Salvage Yard

Okay... so I was busy Styling and Gypsifying all my Found Treasures from our first Trip to THE SALVAGE YARD and it was all looking so Awesome that I just knew I'd have to go back at least once and retrieve some of the Treasures I'd left behind and really wanted... just so there'd be no regrets.   And because now Princess T was Jonesin' to Experience it too, since Halloween and Styling for it is our all-time Fav thing to do together... so a Girl's Day Out Saturday seemed in Order, right?  *Smiles*

Miss Bobcat had turned out Divine after Pimping her with Gypsy Bling and a Santos Crown... along with her Saintly Crown she is Modeling a 'Roadkill Couture' Necklace Creation by my Friend Heidi of one of my Favorite PARIS MONTANA Lines and some Antique Black Pearl Earrings.  *Smiles*  She never made it into the Art Studio Cottage and instead resides in the Back Kitchen on one of the doors that leads into the Diningroom.

It just seemed like the Perfect Placement and she's much closer to all the Mad Tea Parties we'll Host in there and can Greet any Mad Tea Party Guests as they enter the Diningroom.  *Winks*

Chalkware Halloween Cat is residing in the Front Kitchen under one of my Cloches on the Retro Kitchen Table beside a new Piranha Taxidermy Specimen recently Sourced and still patiently awaiting it's Pimp-Out and being put under glass...

And the Candy Jar is now filled with Halloween Treats in the Front Kitchen as well.

Vintage Halloween Cat Candy Tote is in the Livingroom holding even more Treats...

And the Butterfly Botanical is propped up near the Antique Boudoir Twins.   I just knew I HAD to go back and get some more of those Botanicals... they were too Perfectly My Style to pass up.

And of coarse THE Pillow, which I had been describing in Great Detail to The Man and lamenting that I left it behind... so he finally just about had enough I think and said, "Well then, go back and just get it..."   *LOL*   And so... I did... *Winks*   Because it's Perfect for our Autumn Vibe... and so squishy Down filled comfy...

And it's Vintage Velvet... so... DUH!!!    BTW: Unexpected Weird 'Score'... Prince R came Home with that Head X-Ray that is sitting in the Window, he found it curbside on bulk garbage day!  You can't really see it well at Night, but during the Day when the Sun shines thru that Window it's a perfect   back and profile shot of someone's Skull... so a great Halloween Prop addition to our Weird and Wonderful Collection!   *LOL*

So let me hold it up to the Light and show you... he was so Jazzed to drag this Home... and it just goes to show ya you can never predict what someone is gonna toss to the curb on bulk garbage day huh?!  We think it's Awesome for Halloween!!!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*  But I digress... meanwhile... back at THE SALVAGE YARD...

Princess T and I rolled in to find that more of the Rag Bunting was available... we'd missed out on any the first day since it was Sold Out before our Arrival... so I was Jazzed to 'Score' a strip of it...

And she was equally Jazzed to Vogue for her Photo Ops underneath it... *LOL*

You see it matches my Gypsy Curtains in the Livingroom across my double windows...

And so until I can Create some matching Gypsy Curtains for the single side window of that room, this dolls up the Old Drapes enough that I might just keep them now and Create the Gypsy Curtains with  that material rather than discarding it.

I'll just eventually add some Old Burlap and Old Tea Stained Lace and Bohemian Bling... along with that Rag Bunting eventually sewn in place across the top and Walla... New Curtains!   Some things just work out by Chance and save ya some coin and labor... this is one of those times!

I Love Rag Buntings anyway... great way to Upcycle every last Divine Scrap of Material that you Adore.

And tho' easy peasy to Create... they are a bit Labor Intensive and I can be either too lazy or hard pressed for sufficient time to Create everything I want and need... so 'Scoring' this Bunting pre-made and exactly as I would have made it just before the Holidays roll in was a Bonus so Color me Happy! 

And I Loved the Medical Print of the Male Skull and want to Thank my Friend Mike for Gifting me with one to bring Home.

Now that I have the Anatomy of the Male Skull I Wonder if it will Help me figure out better how the Male Brain Works?  *Winks*   Probably not The Man says... any better than he'll ever be able to figure out how mine Works!?!    Such things shall have to just remain one of the Mysteries of the Universe I guess!?!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Loved the Vintage Wall Atlas of Human Anatomy... but my Mission Statement was to snag some more inexpensive Botanical Prints...

Now... which to choose of those I didn't have?   I suppose I couldda just gotten one of each... but had decided two more would suffice so that I'd have a trio at Home.  So, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise... for ONCE I didn't feel compelled to get them ALL!  *Ha ha ha*

Decided upon the other Butterfly one...

And the Eggs...

Distressed them once I got Home...

And propped them up against the Stained Glass Window in the Front Kitchen.

Loved the layer of details they lent to my version of Minimalist Styling on a much used Surface.  *Smiles*

And the Kiddos will Appreciate that they can still eat Breakfast at the Table without moving a bunch of Gramma's Crap ... ummm... I mean Beautifully Styled Holiday Decor... out of the way before they can use the Kitchen Table for it's actual Function and Daily Living Purpose!   And yes, they have no Problemo eating Breakfast with a Piranha... they're used to Sharing this Ole House side by side with the Weird and Wonderful.   I've even been known to find an Offering of Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms in his toothy gaping mouth after Breakfast has wrapped!*LOL*

Couldn't help but think of my Friend 'Ranch Barbi' Pauline when Princess T pointed out the Zebra Hide... we're still seeking out a Zebra Mount for Pauline... there MUST be one out there unless this Zebra that the Hide came from was headless??!??!?  *Smiles*

And Princess T was also infatuated with this Hide Covered Chair...

"I Wonder what Animal it came from Gramma?" she mused... I dunno... any suggestions my Friends?

And I was gobsmacked to see The Mantle was still there!   *Gasp!*

So as I stood there fondling it and Admiring it again I hear a small voice behind me sternly admonishing, "No, it won't fit in the Jeep Gramma..."

Yeah, she could tell I was Wrestling with the Jones for it... and eyeballing the dimensions... but in the end I walked away! *Whew*   Because EVEN IF I couldda gotten it Home with some crazy Circus logistics of cramming it... and her... into the Jeep for the long ride Home... I had nowhere to put it once it got here... Believe me, I'd eyeballed every room in this Ole House seeking a spot already!   And Lord knows how heavy it might have been to try to schlepp inside by myself either!?! *Winks*

And because this Trip I had the 'Overspending Police' with me *LOL* keeping me Accountable and on Track with my Mission Statement of only Purchasing the Objects I came back for... I walked away without Purchasing a single Skully... Amazing huh?   Yeah, even she couldn't Believe that Gramma resisted every single one without her strongarming me to Walk Away!

And she REALLY kept an Eagle Eye on me around the Velvet Pumpkins... *LOL*   Though she was having a difficult time resisting them herself... especially Purple or wee ones!

And though we each Admired all of the Taxidermy that hadn't yet Sold... she reminded me that they were NOT on the Mission Statement either this Trip because I already had 'Scored' the Bobcat Mount last Trip.  *Winks*

But we were perplexed at where the elusive Bats had been... had they Sold or had we just missed them?   So we went on a Bat Hunt... and then finally gave up and just asked... and Mike brought them out from the back room so I could Photograph them.   They were so TINY and Fragile... and Adorable... but Fragile and Adorable can be a recipe for disaster during a Popular Event... and so they'd retreated to the back room to stay intact.

And there were Treasures that weren't Halloween Inspired... like this Lovely pair of Vintage Religious Paint By Numbers... I remember Painting those kits as a Kid and Loving them because you could feel like such an Accomplished Artist!   Still Love to Collect them as unframed Art Kitsch... and they Sell well in the Showrooms too.

This Print was Cute...

And the Ephemera and Vintage Photo Packs were quite the Temptation as well...

Princess T Loved the Altered Art Shadowboxes and reminded me that one of our Future Family Projects when it Cools off will be to Create some of these in the Art Studio.

Yep, that's certainly The Plan Kiddo!   I know we'll have a lot of Fun Creating some of these Together and allowing our Imaginations to run Wild.

Upon closer Inspection the Fab Rusty and Crusty Motel Key Holder was a Display Item... *Darn it!*

And I remembered to look up more this time so as not to miss all the Treasures suspended from the rafters!

I couldn't tell if Princess T was gonna burst into Laughter or Tears of Terror when I asked her to strike a Pose next to this guy and stand real close!?!???!   She wasn't quite convinced he wasn't a Real Cadaver and so it Creeped her out to get too close... just in case.  If that hand of his had fallen down I think she would have had a Heart Attack at the tender age of Eight!   Look how Relaxed she looks... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Her arms are stiff as ramrods and that Face!!!  *LMAO*   I know... Bad Gramma!  *Winks*

I have this 'Thing' for Old Sewing Cabinet Drawers, how about you?   I have a Healthy Stash of them for Studio Storage so I was able to resist all of the ones I saw this day.

If you've been looking for Vintage Tailgates to Create that Garden Bench Seat out of you'd hit the Motherlode here!

And huge Industrial Lightbulbs to use for display...

I just think they're so Cool grouped en masse.   I used to have a stash of them but Displaying them around Curious Young-Uns, just made me nervous about the Disaster Factor... so I Sold mine off because they do Sell well and quickly whether still operational or just for Display purposes.

And who can resist Junque Jars filled with Vintage Smalls?

Or packets of Interesting Mixed Small Treasures for Art Projects?

Or Architectural Salvage?   Yep, it was all here for the four day Event my Friends and I Hope some of you were able to make it down for the Monthly Pilgrimage?  But... if you missed it... you'll get another chance next month... til then...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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