Sunday, September 7, 2014

Halloween Trees And Autumn Fantasies

Halloween Trees and Autumn Fantasies have been our Focus this week and kept me Merry and busy with Seasonal Projects.  The Internet was down for a couple of days *Gasp*... and tho' I had pre-scheduled one solitary Post, I was in a panic because I couldn't pre-order my 'Sweet Salvage' Preview Party Ticket online for the 'Rustic Remains' Event!  *Double Gasp*

I knew they'd be limited to the first one hundred Guests and the Halloween Preview Party Sells Out fast, so I was so relieved when our Cable Company fixed the problem tonight in time for me to Register and still get my ticket!  *Whew*   I had also rushed back to Old Towne Glendale to snap up the left-behind Decor after I cashed my check from Showroom Sales... so all was now Well!  *Winks*

We finished the Halloween Tree Decorating now that all Ornamentation had been procured or Created.  I had 'Scored' this large lot of Vintage Addams Family Button Pins for a mere six bucks and Created some Tree Ornaments with them.

Cupcake Doilies were the perfect backdrop for Quickie Addams Fam Button Ornaments...

And it filled up the Tree nicely with great Visual impact for very little outlay.

I had also procured some Fun Halloween Bling at the Craft Store on Sale and utilized them for Tree Ornamentation as well.   I can always make Jewelry out of them later...

It was such a Cute Line of inexpensive Seasonal Bling that I picked up most pieces of it, knowing that if I didn't I'd regret it.   These are so My Style that I'd wear them year round and not just for Halloween.

I had such Fun Decorating the Tree... tho' I found myself Decorating it alone.  Princess T had Enjoyed Assisting with the Purchases of the Ornamentation for it, but she and the Guys aren't that interested in actually doing the Work of Decorating a Tree for any Holiday, which I'm Fine with... since I don't consider it Work at all.

They totally Enjoy the Fruits of my Labor and part of the reason I chose to keep a Tree up all year and Decorate it for various Seasons and other Holidays besides Christmas was because I so Enjoy the Styling of a Tree... and the entire Fam so Enjoy the Ambiance it lends to the room year round.  Guests Enjoy it too and I've Converted several to Adopting this Tradition in their Homes now.

And I'm thinking perhaps it might be becoming a National Trend since I'm starting to see much more Tree Ornamentation for various Holidays now rather than just at Christmastime!?!   So at least now I don't have to be busy Creating every Ornament for the other Seasons and Holidays... I can Purchase some Adorable ones as well and most are at such a Bargain price.   I also got a Tablecloth in the same Fab Print as the center of this Ornament!  *Booyah!*

In fact, I must say that most of the Designs for Halloween this year were particularly Appealing to me and just My Style.   Some years they haven't been, but this year the Selection was Awesome AND Cheap so I went hogwild snatching a bounty of them up well within Budget!  *Whoop Whoop!*

I was also Amazed that many of the Shops were running great Sales and Discounts on their Seasonal Items early... instead of waiting until after the Holiday and Season was over... so I didn't have to wait a whole year to utilize it all or have to mull over whether to purchase or not... it was a no-brainer!

And for a few of the double-sided pieces I picked up two so as to Display each side since the Sale Price made it so reasonable to do so.

And in case you're Lovin' these as much as I am... I got the selection of Purchased pieces at such Craft box stores as 'Michaels' and 'JoAnn' that are Nationwide and might be in your area too?!?  And even if they're not running an In-Store Sale, often they mail Coupon Flyers to regular customers thruout the Holiday Seasons that you can use to discount your purchases.

 But I also used several of my Fav Gift Tags that have been Created for me by Talented Friends... Frida is a Staple for this Season in our Home.

The finished Tree turned out just as I'd Envisioned and it didn't take very long to Decorate... which is why I Love these slender pencil Trees... they don't overwhelm a room and they Decorate quickly.

We also got Sugar Skull Molds and Sugar Cookie Skully Molds so that will be our next Project... Creating Edible Seasonal Treats!

But to tide everyone over and keep them on an energetic Sugar Blaze in the meantime I picked up some of the Delightfully Delish French Macaroons by our Friend Binh from the Vietnamese Restaurant.  Only six made it Home... the others were devoured at the Restaurant for Dessert after  Lunch!  *Winks*   Binh has added some new flavors like Thai Tea, Caramel, Orange Creme and Smores to the more Traditional flavors!  The Caramel rivals my all time Fav flavor of Pandan! {Pandan is on the far left, which is why there are two... I can never just eat one of that flavor and 'The Others' don't like it!  Evil Laugh... more for Moi!!!}

At least that was The Plan... 'til I discovered one of my Pandan Macaroons was missing tonight... *Gasp!!!*  WHAT!!!!!!!???!?!?  'The Others' are cultivating and developing a Taste for Pandan... oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  *Le Sigh... curses foiled again!!!  Smiles*  So I hurried up and consumed the other one right away!  HAD TO!!!  *Winks*

It was probably Princess T, she's the Sneakiest one... and so I swiped one of her LPS Hats for my new Medical Cadaver as Revenge... we'll see how long before she notices?   Looks Cute huh?  *Winks*

And speaking of Sneaky... the trio didn't even really notice how much 'new' Decor made it's way into Bohemian Valhalla for the Holiday Season... guess they figured I had such a healthy stash that they'd never see it all in one Season anyway so no tellin' what I've got squirreled away in Holiday Storage from years past?  *LOL and Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's our little Secret!  Winks*  

Okay, so maybe they did notice but didn't say anything... what's the point anyway, right?  And since everyone benefits from my Obsession with Decorating for every Fav Holiday it's not as if anyone is complaining either.

Holidays and Holy Days are always something we ALL look forward to Celebrating in Style every year and we tend to get Excited early and linger in each Seasonal Festivity and it's Traditions, Festivals and Rituals.

So having everything up even a Month early isn't unusual for us and if I start early then I can do it properly and ensure completion without rushing or running out of time before the actual day is upon us!   Not to mention having an Atmosphere we all thoroughly Enjoy and never tire of.

I think we'll probably Create some of these Sweet Shadowbox Ornaments as a Fun Holiday and Festival Family Project... they really Inspired us.

And look what the Goodwill was offering this year... new Dia de los Muertos Masks... really nice ones in their Seasonal Department!

I was Elated... since I hadn't had time this year to consider painting some of my own and knew I probably wouldn't get around to it anyway simce that would be a bigger Project than I want to take on right now.

And do you know why I knew this?  Because I'd bought some unpainted masks last year way early with the Intention of painting them in time for the Festival... and guess what... they are still unpainted and in fact I don't even know where I put them after I ran out of time last year and didn't get around to it!  *Ha ha ha!!!*  That is what happens when you have too many Grandoise Projects and Best of Intentions coupled with a Crazy Schedule.

So it was just better to 'Score' these when I spied them... and they didn't have that many and I knew they wouldn't last... nor did I want to scour the entire Valley visiting every Goodwill to ensure I got enough if they Sold Out quickly and I had Hesitater's Remorse.  *Winks*

I'm keeping it Real... you know you do that too sometimes... see something that you really, really want to Purchase or need... and hesitate... and then go back... and it's GONE!!!  All because those who don't hesitate beat you to the decision making Process and now they've got YOUR stuff!  *Smiles*

And nothing can ruin or put at least a damper on a Celebration quite like Remorse right?  For those things that got away and you shouldda, wouldda, couldda... but didn't!

I don't like to compromise for Special Occassions... I like what I like and want what I want.   I'll also splurge on Seasonal Decor I J'Adore and know I'll never part with... I look at those pieces as Wise Investments in our Holiday Cache'.   Pieces that I'll Enjoy every year and then pass on to the next Generations for them to continue to Enjoy long after I'm gone.

Because I've found that most of our most Cherished and Poignant Memories are typically associated with Celebrations and Special Occassions aren't they?   Of Holidays and Festivals... of Cherished Traditions and Rituals we've come to embrace as Ours and an integral part of Our Story.

And I can think of nothing better than leaving a Legacy of such things to pass along Generation to Generation... adding to the Memories and the Nostalgia.

Fondly Recalling and telling the Stories... and Creating new Stories and new Memories each and every year...

That's the Stuff Life is made of...

And for each of us it may be different how we choose to Celebrate or what we choose to Celebrate or Embrace and make a part of Our Stories...
But the really great thing is that we CAN choose... add to... change up... or retain... whatever is most Cherished or Intriguing and Meaningful in whatever way.

There's no right or wrong way to go about it really, it's an Individual Choice.   On one of my other Fav sites I visit often there was a Contest and they asked what you find to be Scary?   I had to Smile and LOL actually at a profound yet humorous answer one person gave, it went something like, "People who don't Celebrate or Decorate..."    Yep... I concur... SCARY indeed!   *LOL*

And you'll NEVER EVER find us in that Camp of those who don't Celebrate or Decorate...  *Winks*  It would be too frightening and Scary to even Consider for us... Mortifying in fact!    It's just too much a part of who we are and what matters to us as a Family... Enjoying all that Life has to offer and Celebrating it however and whenever we can and as often as we can!

Here's to Celebrations... and Decorating... and making Life matter in the best ways possible every Season and for every reason... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn your tree is freakin:-) awesome and what a fantastic idea to have it set up year round. Your Adams family button creations are so clever and those painted skulls are fantastic, l've never seen them here in the shops since Halloween isn't really a celebration for us:-( but l'd sooo love a couple. It looks and sounds like you've been having so much fun and the results are here for all of us to enjoy, thanks so much.... l hope you've had a lovely weekend in the desert...PS the boney one DOES look great in purple:-)

  2. OMG. Love the tree, your Halloween ornaments, the plush pumpkins, the Dia de los Muertos masks... What a wonderful post!


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