Saturday, September 6, 2014

Expanding The Autumn Vibe

The expansion of the Autumn Vibe at Bohemian Valhalla continues... I broke out the Whimsey in the form of my Beloved Tole Painted faux Pumpkins, which I've had for years.  Only Wish I'd bought more of this Artist's Work when I had the opportunity years ago, I just Love them and they've made us Smile for years.

You see, we went totally Whimsey and Harvest Theme the second year we owned this Old House because the first year we went totally Haunted House... erroneously thinking that since we'd bought the Oldest, most Historic Home in the area that the Locals Believed to actually be Haunted, that would be Fun!?! 

 We had NO Trick-Or-Treaters that year, even the Adults crossed on the other side of the street... oops.  *LOL*   So Whimsey entered our usually Dark Addams Family Vibe on year two... just so we'd get to hand out candy and not scare everybody away!  *Winks*

Now it's a blended delicate balance of Whimsey and Our Vibe and Style just so that we'll have Guests during the Autumn Months and Holidays.  Going Full On 'Us' has apparently been a bit much for most folks to handle without Terror setting in  and being totally Creeped Out as well.  *Bwahahahaha!*

I was absolutely Jazzed this year to Source this Vintage Tablecloth with Pom-Pom trim and Retro Halloween Graphics for a mere Ninety-Nine Cents!   I'm guessing it's Circa 1950's as I distinctly remember this particular Fabric during that Era being especially popular as a Halloween motif.

And as I'm busily in Pathological Picture Taking Mode a certain Pathological Vouguer starts turning up in just about every shot she can squeeze her phizog into!  *LMAO*  She's such a Diva that there will be no Photo Sessions in her presence and without her in frame some kinda way!  *Smiles*
We started out filling the Candy Dish with Dollar Store Jelly Beans... but that met with complaints of it not being a good enough selection and variety of Treats for ... ahem... Guests!   Right... FOR GUESTS {insert me rolling eyes}... just who did they think they were kidding anyway, they were talkin' to me and I KNOW them all well!  *Winks*

So... I went out and bought some Cheap Peace to quiet the Peanut Gallery... and it morphed into this.  Which I initially dumped into the dish all Helter Skelter... and which Princess T quickly went about Organizing and Color Coordinating because she's OCD like that... and apparently it was driving her Crazy to see it jumbled together in a most unbecoming fashion.   So as soon as I left the room, by the time I'd come back she'd changed it to a Vision of Loveliness, Order and structured Organization.  It must stay like this now, she's become the Candy Organizing Police.  *Smiles*

See... she's never far away from the dish anytime any of the rest of us is in the room now... just in case, Heaven Forbid, we might mess it all up when we take a piece!?!   *LOL*

Another Cool thing I Sourced while on a recent 'Pick' were a box lot of Porcelain Doll Hands for about a dollar... Great... body parts... I thought they'd look Splendid Displayed in a glass container for Halloween.

And for two bucks it's got Great Impact as a Cabinet of Curiosities Style Display.

Each little Vignette, as it came together, was a lot of Fun as the Welcome Distraction I needed during a particularly difficult Week.   Better to Decorate Dark than to Go Dark myself when things were not going so well and I risked being totally Stressed Out by things beyond my Control.

My Autumn Decor always makes me Smile... especially our Antique Creepy Old Man Framed Image, which is one of our Adopted 'Found' Relatives.  The Kiddos always think he just looks so Sad and Forlorn, needing someone to Love him... which is why they Love him... they Feel badly for any Unloved Old Person.   I just think he looks totally Pissed Off and not putting on any pretenses about it...  The Attitude of, "I'm Mad as Hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!!!"... and I Love that about him... especially when I'm having my own Bad Hair Days!  *LOL*

That which others find to be especially Creepy, doesn't usually Creep us out and we tend to have an affinity for or find the Humor in.

Like my newly acquired Conjoined Demon Spawn... Created by a New Vendor at our Antique Mall who Creates the best Dark Side Dolls for those of us who Appreciate that kinda thing.  Her Special Effects Make-Ups are Impressive and she Transforms ordinary dollies into Fear Factor babes that are Perfect for Halloween!

I also FINALLY located my missing Antique Jewelry Box filled with my Fav pieces of Antique Bohemian Bling!  *Whew*  I had torn the house up looking for them to Display on some of my Velvet Pumpkins for the Holidays and couldn't find them anywhere!  And doesn't that drive you Crazy too?  I became a Woman on a Mission and became Fixated on the missing Jewelry Box.

I finally had to throw in the towel and give up trying to look for it... so that I didn't lose my mind and so that it could just turn up unexpectedly when I WASN'T looking for it anymore... as is what always happens, right?

And it was in one of the most unlikely places that I probably never would have looked for it on Purpose.   Why I put it there nobody knows... I don't even know... it had to be one of those Absent Minded Professor Type moments that defies all explanation or reason.

Actually I think the Reason might have been that I put it somewhere NOBODY WOULD EVER FIND IT after a Burglary we had a few years ago... and I evidentally did a Great Job because NOBODY could find it in that fantastic hiding spot!  *LOL*  But you cannot Believe how relieved I was to FINALLY find it and set about upgrading almost all of the bling on my Pumpkins.

And put the newly Re-Found Antique Jewelry Box somewhere Sane where I can actually find it and it's contents on Purpose now and Display them when I want to rather than having them all hidden away where they cannot be Found nor Enjoyed!  *Winks*

I'm Adoring my unusual Industrial Style Flower Frog which can be morphed into various shapes and configurations for Displaying things.   I got it at the last 'Sweet Salvage' Event and had never seen one like it before.   The Cute Post Card is by a Favorite Blog Artist Friend Vanessa Valencia.

I also 'Scored' this Amazing mini Medical Cadaver for a mere Eight Bucks!!!

This is a mini version of a Miniature Medical Cadaver I have Displayed on the Fireplace Mantle so I was Jazzed to add it to my Halloween Collections.

And though I don't drink Vodka, I was Delighted to have a Vendor Friend who had a Collection of Empty ones in various sizes for me to add to my Skully Collections this year and which display my Santos Crown Collection quite nicely as well.

I dismantled my Vintage Child Mannequin that only had one leg so that I could Display her more easily with just the Head and Torso.   She's wearing part of a Halloween Outfit that Princess T wore when she was about three years old.

And speaking of Princess T's Halloween Outfits... she always wants an Exotic Dance Outfit each year so I begin looking early for just the right one to add to the expanding Collection of them.   Found it almost immediately at a Thrift Shop at a great price... she's gonna look so Darling in it!

She Loved the Colors and even didn't have a problem with it not being Harem Style like her other Belly Dance Costumes of the Past... tho' she's not sure how easily she will be able to Dance in it... it should suffice for Trick-Or-Treating this year.   Be sure to come back for more of our Expanding Autumn Vibe Posts...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Had to laugh at that picture of the sugar skull.I almost bought that skelly card the other day for display.Talked myself out of it telling myself "more, really, you need more?!" Then I see yours! I'm buying it tomorrow..great minds think alike!

    1. LOL... Princess T spotted the Card first and said, "Gramma, we HAVE to get this..." and yes, we HAD to! So go on Girl... go get yours while there's still one left! *Smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I am in love and enthralled by your blog Dawn!!! I have gotten up three times since I found you to redecorate things in my house because of your fabulous ideas and displays. I have a purple velour pumpkin that I just put a broach on and a white one AND I had to go in there a while ago and put a necklace on my manikin head and a broach on her hat. I was drooling over the taxidermy stuff from a newer post. Love all that you post. Especially the hike to the falls. So beautiful where you are! Thanks so much ~Laurie aka


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