Thursday, September 11, 2014

Delusional Gramma Moments

The Man has Brain Damage and even he recognized it as not being a good Idea!   So... was it Stubborn Pride, Denial, the Curiosity of a Cat, a Delusional Gramma Moment... ALL of the above?  You see, in my Head and Heart I don't Feel at all like a Senior... or what folks tell me a Senior ought to Feel, Enjoy and Act like.  *Smiles*

And after having had the Wettest Day Ever in Recorded Arizona History, I HAD to see it in all it's Grandeur.   Perhaps one last time while I could still Hopefully make the Pilgrimage and manage to climb up to a favorite spot in the White Tank Mountains?   To hike the Waterfall Trail and see it running again, for only the third time I could recall since the Seventies.   The Mountains were Calling to me like a Siren's Song and no naysayers could talk me out of it.

Now, to be sure it was harder than I remember it being when I was younger... and it was very early but already over Eighty degrees with perhaps 100% Humidity... but hey, ya gotta die of something, right?   Beats a Workout or sitting in a Sauna at the Gym... though I do recall looking around me and thinking to myself, that this would be a Lovely Final Resting Place.   That must have been Logic TRYING valiantly to subconsciously kick in and attempt to deter me too?  *LOL*

I spent way more time stopping to look at and scrutinize every Lovely Ancient Petroglyph by unknown Native American Artists that was along the Trail.   Leaving their insights and Story for all of Time etched in the Ancient Stones.  Not so much because I'd never seen any or all of them before in the last Forty Plus years of making Pilgrimages up here... but more to discreetly catch my breath as younger Hikers passed me by and left me lingering in their dust.  *Winks*

I realized that my Going Up Legs and Lungs weren't in nearly as good a shape as my Going Down Legs and Lungs anymore!    Climbing steeply to get up there was way more Challenging at this Season of Life... I definitely knew I had a Heart pumping in there and it was doing some hard Work to pacify the scratching of my itch.   *Smiles*   Luckily the Gown Down part to come back was not so rough.  *Whew*   I had thoughts of Paramedics having to schlepp me down off the Mountain on a stretcher and that Humility kept me Pacing myself Carefully!  *Winks*

Stopping at each and every Petroglyph and Admiring it... so that I wouldn't look quite so pathetic and out of shape for this Pilgrimage as Clearly I was now!   *Ha ha ha*

But when I looked back at the Trail behind me and the Panoramic View across the Valley... seeing the tiny dot of Civilization in the distance that is the City... I was SO Glad I was doing this again... I had Missed it tremendously and had a lot of Memories and Emotional Nostalgia.   I recalled when it used to be Free to enter the County Park Systems and we used to come up all the time with Friends and Family and there would be a lot of other people enjoying it.  Now that they charge so much you almost have the places all to yourself and they're underutilized and being maintained for 'who' isn't there anymore, such a shame.

Now... to be sure charging so much tends to keep Vandals away, like whoever Tony is that felt the need to desecrate the stones with his name in Graffiti!?   And there have been improvements... like stairs on some of the harder to climb parts that we used to have to scramble up like Mountain Goats in the Past.  I WAS grateful for those stairs now!  *LOL*

And up and up and up I went... and I could hear the running water down the Canyon now and look over the edge at the Pools that had formed during the recent Storms... nourishing the parched Desert and springing everything to Life!!!   Yes, everything was Green, the Desert comes to Life quickly when it has the opportunity to be refreshed with Rain!

Uh oh... now the stairs have running Waterfalls down them... this is gonna get tricky... but we're close to the Waterfall Tank now.  And by now a couple of young Foreign Gals were staying near to me... probably ensuring this Crazy Old American Lady makes it there and back without dropping dead?!  *LOL*   And they Graciously Helped me up some of the parts that need a Friend's Assistance to pull you up in order to traverse.   They'll have a good Story to take Home about me I'm sure, they were so Sweet!

Now, I couldn't take Images of the hardest part of the Climb up into the Tank because I had to put Camera safely away and sling Purse and Water Messenger Style across my back so that I could use all hands and feet for the Climb!  *LOL*   By now I was very wet and sandy... and in the Tanks it is way Cooler, which felt Good after the Sweaty Climb and Hike, but the gritty wet sand in my shoes and clothing, not so much... made the hike back down less comfortable.

And those brave slash foolish Souls that had made the Pilgrimage ON the Wettest Day Ever told me that the Waterfalls had been running Magnificently that day... that's Okay, I wasn't on a quest for a Suicide Mission... and though a Woman ON a Mission, this suited me just fine to see it running like this.   The fact it CAN run at all in the midst of a parched Desert devoid of most moisture is Magnificent enough to me and the water was surprisingly cold.

And though the large Pools were muddy with churning of all the Water rushing thru them, the Wildlife will thoroughly Enjoy the rare luxury that Nature has provided.   Everyone that had hiked up there seem Satisfied to have made the trek. 

It really was a Picture Perfect Day for a Hike... and I remembered how often I used to go on Hikes and Nature Walks before Full Time Caregiving consumed so much of my time and energy.   I had managed to squeeze it in when I had demanding Corporate Lives, so I decided that I really do need to squeeze in the time now to get back to it again.  Since I Love it so much being out in Nature... how it renews and refreshes the Soul, bouys the Spirit, clears the Mind and gives the Body such a good Workout all at the same time!

Quiet Reflection and deep Contemplation go hand in hand when you're out in the stillness of all of Creation in it's Natural form.   And they've built a Beautiful Huge Library overlooking the Scenic View very close to the entrance of the Park with a Gift Shop... so I do Plan a return visit as soon as possible.

Wish this Entomology Display of Local Species had been for Sale... Love it!!!    But I was Content with a CD from Navajo-Ute Flute Musician R. Carlos Nakai... which extended the Peaceful Vibe all the way Home...  Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. How Amazingly Beautiful Congratulations on your stamina and completion of such a strenuous journey!


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