Friday, September 12, 2014

A Salvage Yard Halloween Event


I knew the moment I walked into THE SALVAGE YARD's Halloween Event that my resolve not to blow the budget was shot all to Hell!  *LOL*   Ah, so much for carefully made self-imposed limits, they instantly fell by the wayside as I spotted acquisition No. 1 the Vintage Taxidermy Bobcat!

Quickly followed by Acquisition No. 2 the Botanical Print...

And I only slightly waffled on Acquisition No. 3 the Chalkware Halloween Cat Head, though at least I had my own Cloche at Home so I didn't haft buy that too!  *Winks*   There had been only two of the Cat Heads and my Friend Mary had snagged the other one, so I knew if I set this one down, I'd miss the chance and regret it. 
And my "Laws Of Attraction Purchase" was this Vintage Halloween Cat Basket which has a Good Story.   I had JUST finished telling my Friend Mary how I'd regret Selling one like this last year becoz I shouldda kept it and hadn't been able to find another... I turn the corner after telling her this and here's this one just like the one I'd Sold... I got Chills I tell ya!

For comparison's sake here's an Image of the one I Sold last year and instantly regret letting go of... since Vintage Halloween is so hard to Source and you might not be able to 'just get another' so easily!   I can't tell you how Jazzed I was to replace this piece... *Whew*... and Lesson learned!

In fact, my Friend Mary had brought in so many pieces of Cool Taxidermy and Skullies that I knew I was probably gonna be her best customer this day and she mos def contributed to my Delinquency of too much Retail Therapy.   She and I definitely are Kindred Spirits... she should just haul all that she doesn't want anymore over to my house!  *Winks*   This Fish Head rotated on it's stand... how Cool is that!?!  *LMAO*

In fact all of the Halloween Decor was just My Style and there was a lot of it so it wasn't slim pickins and I was Grateful for that abundance of Choice!   Even tho' I couldn't take it all Home with me, being surrounded by it all was such a Joy and bouyed the Spirits... I was definitely in my Element! 

Now... if I'd had more room for larger Taxidermy and a larger budget I would have sprung on this Fab Deer still in full Velvet... my Taxidermist Brother-In-Law has explained how much harder it is to mount them when they're in Velvet.   And how about that Awesome Victorian Piece of Fireplace Mantle framing him?   Yes, the Architectural Elements were off the hook Fabulous!!!

Leslie and Mike, you exceeded all of our expectations for this Seasonal Themed Event, the Styling and Selection were beyond Awesome my Friends!!!   Job well done... {insert Applause and a Standing Ovation!}

My Friend Pamela was my Pickin' Partner this day and filled in as Personal Photographer too so that my Friend Mary and I could get a pix together... Thanks Pamela!

And I got Mary to strike a pose in front of her Amazing Autumn Jewelry Line Display...

Most were Created from Horn and Antlers... so Cool!

I could have languished all day if we hadn't of had such a busy Schedule and time line to go pick up the Kiddos from School afterwards... so I might just have to go back before it all ends on Sunday?!?

Loved the little Altered Art Shadowboxes... and of coarse all of the Apothecary with a Halloween Vibe... I got the large Glass "Witch Powders" Jar on the bottom Right... it's holding Halloween Candy at Home now.   After the Holidays it will move to the Art Studio Cottage to store Smalls that are awaiting Projects.

You can't Imagine how difficult it was to walk out without a Skully... but I would have needed a hefty Skully Exclusive Budget to procure all of the specimens I Wanted or thought I Needed.  *LOL*  So I just refrained and didn't cave in to the Temptation of going down the slippery slope of trying to choose just one!  *Winks*

But this Pillow... I really thought I Needed that... so it was very difficult to leave that one behind... Vintage Velvet you know... SOOOOOO almost Impossible for me to resist!  *Le Sigh*

I tried to just focus upon being in Pathological Picture Taking Mode so as not to become too attached to whatever was in front of the lens.  *Winks*

And just instead Appreciate it for the Aesthetic Value and Inspiration it all delivered.  I mean, how Visually Pleasing and decadent is a huge Old Trunk filled to overflowing with Vintage Silverplate?

In hindsight I probably should have picked up more than just the one Botanical Print since there was an Awesome Selection of just the Types I Collect and like to Display around this Old House.

But really... since just about ALL of my Loves were there... including Mad Scientist Treasures... what could I do?   Seriously, I just had to resign myself to a few purchases and just Covet the rest!  There was just gonna be too much Good Stuff at one place Today to be able to get everything I Adored!   And really, how often does that happen?  Exactly... so I just Appreciated it all being offered up en masse like this at one Event!
Okay... looked up and totally LMAO but gonna resist saying anything... tho' I can Imagine you know what I'm thinkin', right?  *Winks*

Source: THE SALVAGE YARD ~ Facebook
Apparently the Bats must have Sold before I got there becoz I looked for them and didn't see them... yes, we got there early, but I think some folks must have camped out or something and beat us thru the doors?!  *LOL*
But I felt like there were still enough pristine Vignettes when we first arrived to give you some of the best Visuals possible... you can Thank me later.  *Winks*

Getting Kiddos to School first, meeting up with Friends and then driving clear across to the other side of the Valley means we can't always be the first ones there... sorry!

I Loved this Idea of grouping items in Crates, the Great Visuals and being able to easily find something specific or get an instant Collection in one fell swoop made it Appeal to me as much as the Beautiful Vignettes.

I happen to Love my Vintage Commercial Loaf Pans for easy Organizing in the Studio... and they're Great for Retail Display of Smalls too.

Vintage Dress Forms, especially Real Woman Sized, are always a Great Score if you've been seeking one.

I have to Admit I was on Visual Overload and totally Overstimulated... so there is a lot I didn't really take in until after I downloaded all the Images I took!  *Smiles*

The Anatomy Prints were really Cool... I probably shouldda picked up some of those too... at least of a boney Hand or Skull!

Now... though I've never Decorated exclusively in Black and White and probably never will, I must say it still makes a Great Visual Impact in Styling and for some reason always looks Glamorous and Refined to me.

How Cute are the Tussy Mussy grouping with the Vintage Halloween Graphics?   Load those up with Treats and hang them on a Halloween Tree or just a Gaunt Barren Branch spray painted with Black Chalkboard Paint or a Glittery Silver.

What are some of your Favorite things to Style with for Halloween?

For me it would definitely be Cool Apothecary Bottles with Amusing or Vintage Labels and great Skullies like this one... I SOOOOOOOO wanted this Toothy Skully of a Beaver, what a pair of Chompers he had!

See what a great Impact the Bottles and Skulls make... this felt so much like Home!  *LOL*

And if you needed Orphaned Chairs to group around a Harvest Table you wouldda hit the Motherlode my Friends.   The same with hanging Commercial Scales!

What have you seen so far that you couldn't have Resisted?

Source: THE SALVAGE YARD ~ Facebook
Had to use this Image from the Facebook Page because by the time we got there several of the pieces from this Vignette were standing in line at the Checkout already!!!

I am not quite sure why more Vintage Halloween Costumes didn't Survive into the Present?  Guess once kids outgrew them most Families just tossed them... and then again, I think I only ever had one Store Bought Halloween Costume and the rest were improvised or home-made.

Loved these Antique Fish Motif Wooden Shelf Brackets.

And this Killer Fireplace Mantle with Black Marble Top with inlaid Brass, and Carved Lion Pedestals... if I had anyplace in this Old House to put something like this I'd have it on my Wish List!

And for only Eighty-Nine Bucks it was a steal!   I couldn't Believe it was still there by the time I left!  Great Old Mantles are difficult to Source in Arizona because most were not Salvaged out of the Turn of the Century Homes they used to occupy... when the Old Homes were razed around here very little was Salvaged and Saved from them.   Most Great Finds of them are not Local pieces.

Tiny Treasures for Decorating abounded...

So it wasn't just the Statement Pieces that caught my Eye... plenty of great Smalls were available as well.

Loved this entire Vignette and this is a better Image of that Killer Fireplace Mantle tucked into the Scene.

This Taxidermy with several Birds was a Fav as well...

And not everything was geared to Halloween... though the Palette could have gone nicely with an Autumn Vibe.

And tucking Fabric Pumpkins into anything around the house can make any room look Festive for Fall.

One of the Pink Gumball Machines was going to be a Prize in their Facebook Contest this Month!


And if you were seeking Architectural Salvage... including Old Doors, Corbels, Mantles, Columns and Windows... you could load up a U-Haul with a Treasure Trove of them at great prices!


I liked the Old Hotel Key Holder... this would have been great to organize Keys or other Smalls that will be Upcycled into Jewelry in the Studio!

It had just the right amount of Rusty Crusty Awesomeness too!   Definitely something I wouldda liked to have brought Home to put in the Art Studio Cottage!


But I was totally Content with the Treasures I was able to bring Home with me.

Halloween Shopping is one of my Favorite Treasure Hunts actually.   Though I don't buy so much Christmas Decor anymore because I have enough and don't Display it year round... since Halloween Style Decor is something I do Display year-round because it lends itself to my particular Aesthetic of Decorating, I tend to Invest more in Collecting it for Styling our Home.

I really Enjoy picking out Special pieces each year for our Collection at Home and expanding it. 

And with the Skully Envy I was having... Jonesin' for each and every one... certainly I could have done much more serious damage to the dreaded budget if I'd had no Restraint at all in me!  *LOL*

The Man has had Fun looking over my shoulder as I've Created this Post and Identifying each Species of Skully I restrained myself from toting Home!  *Smiles*   The Great White Hunter that he is you'd think I'd already have a Hoard of Skullies... and we used to have much more at our other Property... but made the mistake of hanging and Displaying almost all of them outside in the Desert Landscaping we had there... and well... they apparently Resurrected and walked off!  *LOL*

It's something I got over... figured Bad Karma would certainly follow whoever swiped our Skullies!  We've had better Luck at this property since most of the Locals consider it Haunted and fear coming inside the Gates and Walls so we haven't had as much Theft.   And we don't keep the better Specimens on Display outside anymore either... another Lesson learned!

I always think it's a Shame though that nowadays many who would Decorate the exterior of their Homes, and especially for the Holidays, have to be mindful of Thievery or Vandalism of their Displays.   Sadly I know too many who simply had to quit doing exterior decorating because of what kept turning up missing or got intentionally destroyed.   It's quite an Investment to build up an Impressive Display so you want to protect it as best you can.

So we personally haven't Decorated the exterior of our Homes for the Holidays for a very long time and don't have as much in the way of Garden Art for the same reasons... don't need the Temptations to be out there for the Criminal Element of Society.   Besides... I simply don't have the Time to be putting Gypsy Curses on Bad Folks!  *Winks*
Blessings and Happy Autumn Hauntings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I can see why you got the bobcat! Look at that cheeky smile! I would have taken all the skullies and all the taxidermy and some of those apothecary jars (assuming I had endless budget and endless space)

  2. I had to look at all the pictures twice to make sure I didn't miss anything! I wish we had events like that up here. I'm loving your glass bottle and that pillow is magnificent! I would have been in seventh heaven and bet I wouldn't have had a problem spending every last cent I had. :)


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