Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vintage Bliss Warehouse Market ~ Part I

The Young Prince was Celebrating his Fourteenth Birthday on Saturday with extended Family, so us Gals decided to seize the opportunity to head East for a Girl's Day Out.  Over to the side of Town The Son lives in, which I almost never get the chance to get over to, and have Dinner with his Family while also visiting our Adorable Friend Tricia's VINTAGE BLISS Warehouse Market. 

I've been wanting to Experience this Venue for some time, but since I rarely get over to the Far East Side I hadn't had the chance until this long awaited visit.  So I was really Excited to check it out since Tricia is a Master Stylist and Artist Extraordinaire and I just LOVE her Fun and totally Glamping Gypsy Style!

I can't see Pink or Sparkle without also thinking of Tricia... and she does the Pastel Palette with a mix of Bold Jewel and Sepia Tones so that it even Appeals to Yours Truly, so I've been a VINTAGE BLISS Style Fan for quite some time!   It's Cheerful and Whimsical and oh so Pretty... and Presented in a Unique way that is Truly Tricia, she's one of a kind!   I mean how Cute and Fun is a Vintage Manne wearing a huge Pink Fro Cleopatra Jones Style, it just makes you Smile!?!  *Smiles*

And Princess T was all Smiles whilst Imagining herself Glamping in the Bliss Lounge Caravan... she's a Glam Gal all the way so she was in Seventh Heaven here I tell ya!   And of coarse she set about Styling and Organizing the Smalls for Miss Trish... I tell ya, she makes a Great Volunteer Shop Gal this Kid!  *Winks*

In fact, we ALL were having such Fun that we lingered for hours soaking in all the Loveliness, Inspiration, Socializing and seeking out Found Treasures to bring Home with us!!!

 Source: VINTAGE BLISS Facebook
We even got our Friend Tricia to take a Group Shot of us, me with Sack of Goodies already in hand!  Because as well as Pathological Picture Taking for Blog Fodder so we could take you all along with us my Friends on this Fun Shopping Adventure at the Warehouse Market... I made beelines to each room to pounce on what I wouldn't be able to leave without!  *LOL*

Yes, I was a blur of activity... but I did stop long enough to be caught in mid-action... I definitely had my Junquing Mojo in High Gear for this Event, I was like a Kid in a Candy Store on a Sugar Blaze!   I knew I wouldn't come away empty handed!   Retail Therapy helps keep me Centered in the midst of Mi Vida Loca playing out. *Smiles*

First thing I spied and pounced on pronto was this Awesome Vintage Silk Parasol in a lucious Hue of Faded Orange.   It also has the most Amazing Handle of Clear Rich Amber Bakelite.  It will be suspended from the Art Studio Ceiling.

I could Shop to my Heart's Content since Princess T was playing house in the Bliss Lounge for the first half of the time we spent there... how Fun is it when a Shop has a Glamorous Gypsy Caravan right in the middle of one of the rooms?!?  It just doesn't get any better than that my Friends!!!

Yes, she was Feelin' Mighty Glamorous in here I tell ya!  *Winks*  I didn't hear a peep out of her the entire time we were Shopping and Socializing because she was preoccupied with what was bringing her Bliss!  *Smiles*

We all were Feelin' Mighty Glam and Blissful tho', how couldn't ya!?!

Tricia had Created a real Bliss Haven at the Market, every room took your breath away and was Styled impeccably and filled to the rafters with Found Treasures and Creations!!!

From OOAK Fun Gypsy Bags...

To Fabulous Bohemian Bling.

In fact, lots and lots of Fabulous Bohemian Bling... so you know I spent a lot of time Lusting over each Gorgeous piece, as did Princess T, since we're definitely Bling Gals!  *Winks*

And when I spied this Awesome Gypsy Style Hat with Vintage Millinery it became my second purchase of the day!!!

And was promptly Modeled by Princess T who always looks Adorable in Hats of any kind... she's mos def a Mad Hatter this Little Gal!!!

I'm a HUGE Fan of suspending Paper and Fabric Lanterns from the Ceiling and layered Styling... and so is Tricia so I was having a Love Affair with the Styling of every room of the Warehouse!

And I'm still Envious of any Retail Space that can have it's Gypsy Caravan in the midst of it all... I'd probably just Move In and call it Home!  *Winks*   And we'll be back for a few more Posts because there is no way I can Showcase it all in one mere Post my Friends... so be sure to come back to see more Blissful Fabulousness!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. You gals seem to had a lovely time! And princess T is such a cutie!
    x Luna /


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