Thursday, August 14, 2014

This Year A Real Celebration

This Saturday is my Birthday... and this year I Plan a Real Celebration... to make up for last year's lack of one!   After what we Endured last year during The Young Prince and my Birthdays, we were over-compensating this year on Purpose!  *Winks*
 As any of you who have been following my Blog for at least a Year know, last year The Young Prince and I couldn't properly Celebrate our Birthdays.  You see, both just happened to fall during the time The Man had his life threatening Catastrophic Accident and was hanging in the balance between Life and Death.  It is impossible to Feel Celebratory in those circumstances. 

It was a very dark time and just to keep a sense of Normalcy, mostly for the G-Kid Force's sake, I had forced myself to even acknowledge we were having our Birthdays!  It was in fact the worst Birthday for me in Memory... and for someone in their Senior Years, that speaks volumes!

  And it was heart-wrenching that Prince R had that awful Memory tied to his Thirteenth Birthday, the Milestone of transitioning from Child to Teenager... talk about Unlucky Thirteen connotations!!!  It was dreadful and traumatic for us all... but to see Children suffer from Life's Issues is the worst!!!

This Blog Journaling and Journey has actually been like a Public Diary of a normally very Private Person.  So it has opened me up to being more transparent about Feelings and the Revealing of them as well as Sharing whatever I might be going through. 
 I don't know that it has necessarily made me a different person, but it certainly has made me less inclined to be as Stoic as I'd been prior to Blogging... and the participation of Sharing that transpires within this Wonderful Community I've now become a part of.

I didn't start out with as much in the way of Personal Posts until my level of Trust was solid enough to be that potentially vulnerable.  But I did find that the Personal Posts were in fact the most therapeutic, not only for me, but for others who might be Connecting to the Topics Shared.  It becomes a Gift of sorts to not only Give but also Receive whatever the Land Of Blog offers up in our Online Blog Journals and Journey.

Last year, due to the turn of events, Gifts were the furthest thing from my Mind.  So had it not been for the Generosity and Thoughtfulness of Friends Surprising me with Birthday Gifts and bouying my Spirits, I probably wouldn't have thought to be Good to Self since I was so intently focused on the unexpected Crisis I was dealing with. 
 This year I decided to make up for that lapse in Celebrating the Gift that is continued Life for each Birthday we are Blessed to Enjoy this side of Time and Eternity.  I was Seriously on the Thrill of the Hunt for the Pefect Birthday Gift to Self!  I was considering many Opulent Options... some more than others.  But the Thrill of Hunting is always the best Rush... to see what I could find that made my pulse race and I'd be Jonesin' for so much that all else paled by comparison.  I kept coming back to this!!!  *Swoonfest of Epic Proportions!!!*

I had been Saving for what seems like Forever in order to Receive a very Special Birthday Gift to Self and to have a Real Celebration of another Year of Life Granted by the Grace and Mercy of God.  Old Age is a Privilege not afforded to many and unlike many folks I know, I Enjoy the attainment of Old Age and this Season of Life.  You grow to really know yourself by the time you attain Elder Status... and to rack up Wisdom you couldn't have possibly had in Youth or even Middle Age. 

I've found that as a Senior I am the most comfortable in my own skin as I've ever been and the Prioritization of what Truly matters is now so Effortless because the Clarity of it is heightened tremendously.  So much gets stripped away as we Age in the way of what could be considered Baggage, even if we never viewed it as such before.

I need so much less to find utter Contentment now and the Simple things become Magnified as things to take the Time to Enjoy rather than to overlook or take for granted.   I'd rather spend Time with People that matter now rather than doing anything else or being anywhere else.  Jobs, Careers and the trappings of alleged Success are no longer paramount and I'm not as driven by the almighty dollar and the acquisition of it as I was when it had the most allure.

Professionally I had attained everything I had driven myself to attain.  And honestly, the view from the top of the mountain wasn't 'all that' and certainly bore a Cost I was no longer willing to pay on a Personal level.   You Discover those things when you reach Elder Status... Wisdom your Elders actually Shared and you might not have necessarily heeded when you THOUGHT you knew it all!  *Winks*  

The Mantra of 'People first... then Money... then Things' takes on a whole new meaning when the Clarity of that Widsom becomes all the more apparent.   I am Thankful that I was Raised to Believe and Honor that God and Family comes before ANYTHING else and NOTHING is more Important.  

But I cannot always say that I adhered to that list of Priorities as stringently at times as I could have... or should have... as Life and how it played out got in the way.   So I'm glad I came Full Circle and back to Center about it...  I've seen some who totally lost the way and may never find their way back.

Maturity isn't necessarily associated with growing Older, I've seen Immature Adults and Young People Mature beyond their Years... but mostly and generally if you Live long enough, you do manage to gain some Wisdom, if even accidentally by Life's Lessons!  *Winks*  One Important Lesson I've learned by Living long enough is that every Day Counts and is a Gift not to be Wasted.
Nothing I could ever Buy is as Precious as my Time, and which cannot be Bought or Wasted without my Permission... at least not anymore.   How often have you Allowed your Time to be Bought... or Wasted my Friends?  

Take Stock and a realistic Assessment right now, because your Time is Priceless and the most Precious Commodity you actually have since Tomorrow is Promised to no-one.  So how you chose to spend your Time, and with Whom, should be carefully considered before you give YOUR Time to it. 

You can never get back your Time... once it's been used up, it's forever gone... and we each only have so much allotted... different for each of us and nobody knows how much they've been allotted this side of Time and Eternity.
So I try to take some Time every day to do something that means something to me... and spend it with those that mean something to me... Investing in that rather than what doesn't matter or which I don't have any Passion for.   And it's nice to be able to Celebrate my Birthday properly this year and FEEL like Celebrating because we're not presently in as dark a time of our lives as we were last year.
And yes, I went over the top with my Gift to Self this year, because if I don't deserve it, who does?  *Winks*   I Sold off a bunch of stuff that doesn't mean that much to me anymore in order to fund and acquire what I Adore and want to have surrounding me.  Anything worth having is worth waiting for and Saving up for, you Appreciate it all the more.  And if I really, really want something, I'll find a way to come up with the $$$ to get it... I'm resourceful and tenacious like that, you have no idea!  *LOL*

I am an avid Vintage MAGNOLIA PEARL Collector so adding to my Collection of Vintage MP is always an ongoing process, though it's not as easy to Source as it used to be.  The Line has Evolved considerably over the years and I have not.  {LOL} 

  So I'm still very much an Old Gypsy Bohemian Gal with a preference for Lush Velvet and Old Lace for my Wardrobe... Happily stuck in the Sixties and Content to remain there regardless of Trends and Style Evolutions!  *Smiles*  I'm most Comfortable in My Style and way of Being, so I stay there with utter Contentment, frozen in Time. *Winks*  But I'm totally Okay with that!

I find that if I stick with the Styles I Love I'm less inclined to spend as much on constant Wardrobe rotation and thus can Justify Investing in Good Anchor Pieces which will remain in Wardrobe until they virtually wear out!   So I really get my money's worth out of my Wardrobe!  *Smiles* 
I'm so not a Trendy person anyway, I really don't care what Styles are On-Trend and I should allegedly be wearing... or suggestions from random folks of what I should be liking.  I like what I like and it tends to remain Constant, especially when it comes to what I Wear.  
  I never tire of my Good Anchor Pieces and so I'm always on the lookout for some to add to my Collection... and when I saw this Vintage MP Coat pictured in Today's Post, well... I knew it was THE SOUGHT AFTER Birthday Gift to Self for this Year!  *Swooning*  Because I'm really Good to me like that, I Save Up and give myself Great Gifts!  *Ha ha ha!!!*
Images don't really do it Justice, it is more Magnificent in Real Life... Exquisite Details, Fabulous Details EVERYWHERE... and you know I'm ALL about the Details!!!  Abundantly layered with Rich Hand-Dyed Velvets, Ribbons, Crochet and Old Lace... a virtual Feast for the Eyes and loaded with Sensory Pleasure!  

 The Feel of Vintage Fabrics is Luxurious and the Beauty and Quality of them cannot be matched.   Even when I'm not wearing a piece of Wearable Art I find it to Inspire and add to the Atmosphere of where it is Displayed... so this will not languish in some Closet when I don't have it on.


I had waffled on whether or not to get it actually, it Felt like such a Guilty Indulgence.  But when I discussed it with The Man he reminded me of how often I Sacrifice for he and the G-Kids, whatever it takes I'll do it.   Whatever it costs to do it I never give it a second thought when it comes to them... so why give it a second thought when it comes to ME? 
  He had a valid point...  putting myself first doesn't come so easily to me as being Sacrificial for others and I don't even know why... maybe it's the Nurturer in me... maybe it's the Rush that Giving always provides to the Giver? 

 The Laws of Reciprocity are a Marvelous thing actually... Givers just gain in so many ways that I'm glad to be among the Givers in Life rather than the Takers.  But you do have to retain Balance and not always put yourself last... or not on your List at all.

And so with much Excitement I decided that YES... I would Give it to myself... with no apologies and not regrets.   And it made The Man Happy just to see me so Happy with it that he didn't even ask what it cost because he didn't really care.  Anyway, he knows Stewardship just happens to be one of my stronger Virtues so if I hadn't Saved up enough I wouldn't have remotely considered it.  I'm a Good Saver Upper for a Rainy Day kinda Gal.  *LOL*
And did you Enjoy that I Teased you and kept you in Suspense with Close-Ups before the Big Reveal of my Special Gift to Self?   Building of Anticipation is always kinda Thrilling dontcha think?  *Smiles*  And this year indeed it is a HAPPY Birthday and not a sad one for the Young Prince and I... which is the best Gift of all.  Though I about put myself in a diabetic coma with his Cake and Gelato binges Celebrating his Birthday!   *LOL*  It's Okay, I am stabilized now.
And he and his Aunt were busting my chops about what I SHOULD be eating instead, which had me LMAO... Soup or Stew for a Birthday Bash, surely you all jest... I'm not THAT Old yet!!!  And hey, we all gotta die of something, right... might as well be Fresh Fruit Cake and Gelato I say?!?!?!?!  *LOL*
Source: My Friend Pamela Facebook
Well... and maybe this... Fab Greek Food that my Friend Pamela and I recently Enjoyed on a Girl's Day Out and were such obvious Bloggers taking pixs of our meal!  What?  Everybody doesn't do that once the Blog Bug gets ya?!?   Us Bloggers, we are a Breed apart!!!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!!!*  BTW: Hers is the Greek Salad in the Foreground and mine is the Appetizer Platter in the Background... Delish!!! 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Fantastic choice!! Happy Happy Birthday to you and the prince too! Will look forward to a picture of you wearing that beautiful creation!

  2. Dawn -

    That coat is totally YOU!!! :)


  3. Wonderful post Dawn, so many wise words.....and what a magnificent choice of pressie, your MP jacket is awesome. Big Big Happy Birthday to you and the young prince...Have a lovely weekend.

  4. that robe is really beautiful! I am sorry last year was so awful, it is great that you can be so philosophical about it! Bring on the celebrations this year, you have achieved so much!

  5. Happy Birthday, Dawn. Sounds like you treated yourself ROYALLY! :)


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