Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ The Trilogy ~ Part III

Today would have been the last day you could have gone to SWEET SALVAGE for 'The Trilogy' Event, I Hope you were able to make it?

But if you didn't, here are some more Images of the Event to Enjoy and to Inspire.

I really liked the Paint Color on this Old deconstructed Chair and the exposure of the Old Burlap lining.


Yes, I suppose one could say it has rendered it non-functional for sitting... but the Visual Appeal is nonetheless Perfect in my eyes for Display.  I often utilize my Chairs for things other than merely sitting and perhaps you do too?

I'm also still a Fan of Silver and Silverplate Treasures.  I've Purged my own Collections of them considerably and kept only my absolute Favorites... knowing it will never totally lose it's Appeal with me... it's Classic Oppulence and quite Timeless.

Weathered Garden Art and Natural Displays are also other Staple Favorites that never go out of Favor with me for Styling inside and out.

And big squishy Down filled pillows... one can never have too many of those.

Or of Cloches... to Create Special little Vignettes under Glass... which always makes everything look more Important and Interesting don't you think?

My Mom always had a profound fondness for Crystal so I recall growing up around Magnificent Collections of it.   How it reflected and refracted Light was always Mezmerizing to me.

I've Personally always been a Fan of intricately Beaded Treasures... what a Labor of Love the time intensive process of beading is!   The Paternal side of my Family were experts at Tribal Beadwork.  I've always considered it a very under-appreciated Art Form worth Preservation since it is fast becoming a Lost Art.

What Art Forms and Treasures do you consider worthy of Preservation my Friends?   I'm sure each of you has done your part to Preserve some of the Past if you are Passionate about and have a Love of Old and of the superb Craftsmanship of bygone Eras.

I absolutely Adored these twin Carved Wooden Columns devoid of Paint but with the Patina of Time etched upon them.

And who doesn't Appreciate huge Rusty Garden Urns?  I always think of Mansions when I see these.

And what Man Cave shouldn't have a Collection of Vintage Sports related Treasures?

The Glove Forms grouped together were Whimsical and Fun...

And I must say the abundance of Gorgeous Plump Pillows was spectacular this Month!  Swapping out just the Pillows Seasonally in a room can give it a brand new Look at a Modest Investment.

Vintage Linens always takes me to my Happy Place... and even though I have been Purging my own massive Vintage and Antique Linen Collections... I still sometimes can't resist the acquisition of some that are breathtaking to me.   Though I resisted the Temptations this Month, there were so many Lovely Possibilities.

Here in the Arizona Desert it is a bit of a flip-flop on what we think about doing and when... once the fierce heat of Spring and Summer subsides, I start thinking upon Gardening in the Fall and Winter Months when it will be more temperate and kinder to my plants and transplantings.

I often Wish that Modern Seed Companies would utilize the Vintage Graphics of the Old Seed Packets... they were so much prettier and an Art Form all their own.

In fact, I also happen to be a Fan of Interesting Packaging and I think it's a Shame that I often have to go to Import Stores to find Interesting and Beautiful Packaging.  Because we just seem to have strayed away from it here in America as being unimportant in the Merchandising and Display of Products.

The same with Dress Forms... why can't the Modern Ones be as Pretty as the Vintage Ones?  I think the Modern Ones are Ugly and merely Functional but not at all Display worthy.

Perhaps that is why Vintage and Antiques are making a comeback in the Homes of many... because so many mass produced Modern items are just not very well made or having the Attention to Detail anymore that would make them Special.
Have you seen any Found Treasures that you would have Loved to Feather your Nests with my Friends?   I'm almost certain you have... I know I did.

And if you haven't had enough, don't worry... I think I've got at least one more Post to Share before I'm out of Images... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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