Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sweet Salvage Trilogy Finale'

I find it more than a little Ironic that here I am covering a Trilogy Post when I find myself almost always typically doing at least three things at once!   Because I'm not just Inspired, I'm Insane like that!  *Winks*

Yes, right in the middle of a grueling and lengthy Permanent Kinship Placement... where we're applying for Adoption of the G-Kid Force thru Family Court and meeting with the Attorney ad Litem in our Home... I also decided I'm going to do a major Room Makeover!

And since clearly that isn't nearly enough I'm also continuing with the Autumn Decor Project!   Because I find that when I'm dealing with something I don't really want to have to do and have no Control over... like the Family Court Thang... I need to Calm myself with Projects that get my Mind off that Stressor and which I do have complete Control over.

Control Freaks like me are like that you see... we don't like dealing with the stuff of Life that we cannot Control and ensure our Desired Outcome of!   We don't like having to be on someone else's Time Schedule and subject to their demands and whims.

And so since dealing with Agencies in The System makes me totally Crazy... I tend to do Insane things to distract myself during The Process... like a complete Room Makeover resplendant with Painting said Room ta boot!
And being it's the Guest Bedroom it's a very small room and I'm a very big Woman... with a lot of stuff that had to be removed... and everything else that would stay re-arranged without creating total Chaos in the other parts of the house while I did my Thing in there!  *LOL*

The 'other parts' specifically being the Main Kitchen where we prepare meals and which also includes a path to the most used Bathroom in the house!   Yeah, you get the picture... and it ain't pretty!  *Winks*

Now... it's not as if anyone in the house is gonna say anything to me mind you... because I'm not only on a Mission... which is Scary enough... but I'm also very keyed up about this Court Thing since the next Hearing before the Judge is Tomorrow Morning and the Attorney ad Litem makes a Surprise Visit this Afternoon to the house for an eleventh hour consult!  *Swell!*

Well, at least she's showing up this time... the last Court Date before the Review Board of a panel of five I was all on my lonesome since my Court/CPS Appointed Attorney AND the CPS Caseworker were both no-shows and I hadn't had any required Consultations beforehand to know what to expect!  Yeah, that was a Joy... but at least the Panel was nice and compassionate about things being so screwed up.

And it's not as if things went smoothly for this Hearing either... the Courts forgot to even properly notify me at all!!!  So the only reason I knew I even had a Hearing... the location {different Court and part of the City than last time} or the time was thru my own diligence at inquiring about it!   Nothing ever came in the mail to Confirm or Advise me where to go or when to show up... guess I'm supposed to be Psychic about this stuff, I dunno?!?!!!

And the Attorney showing up at my house impromptu at 5pm the day before we're scheduled and me being totally unprepared to receive her... well, that's Priceless isn't it?   So, I NEEDED to Control something... and since we're not Inviting Guests... because they just keep showing up uninvited... doing away with the Guest Room seemed appropriate somehow as an act of pure defiance against The System!    Yeah, Weird, since none of them from these Agencies spend the Night, but you know... ya gotta do what you can to Rebel and Rage against The System!  *LOL*

So... me being deep into Rebellion, Rage and all... and not at all expecting her to insist on a Consult at our Home on the Fly... I'm Praying she doesn't ask to use the Bathroom since the Path to the Adult Bathroom is now an obstacle course with the Makeover in full swing... and the condition of the Kiddos Bathroom can be sketchy if I haven't had time to run damage control behind whatever they've done in there getting ready for School!?  *LOL*

I also Pray she doesn't want the Grand Tour of our Home and Property... you never know... she's the one Convincing the Judge we're Good Placement so I'd want to be on Point for any scheduled visits... but how does one prepare for the unscheduled ones?   This ain't Better Homes and Gardens around here most days... and passing a Stranger's Inspection... who knows what their expectations and hangups are?
So... she wants to meet both Kiddos... but Prince R is in Band Practice after School 'til 8:30 pm... sorry about that, he's got a Life.   And Princess T REALLY didn't want to have to make an Appearance since she resents the intrusion of all these Strangers making decisions about her and where she gets to live.   But she reluctantly obliged and was suitably Charming... the Kid cleans up well and made it clear this is her Home, she Loves us and she's perfectly Happy the way things are.

The G-Kid Force realize that due to Grandpa's Catastrophic Injuries after the Accident he is no longer eligible to Adopt them... and added yet another layer of complexity to our Case and the Permanent Placement dynamics.  So it has been really stressful on them and on Grandpa to worry about if Gramma will be deemed 'enough' for a Single Parent Adoption consideration given our specific situation and not have anyone taken out of our Home involuntarily?

I want to Believe their lives wouldn't be disrupted in such a way that would surely put them at great risk in the Care of who knows who... and since a little bit of each of them goes a long way it is a legitimate concern to leave that decision up to complete Strangers and a System I don't Trust and know is flawed and currently under Investigation. 

But in our favor is the fact I've already been doing this for over fourteen years... and The Man had already been deemed 100% Disabled since before these G-Kids were ever born... and it hasn't affected his ability to Co-Parent and for us to totally Provide for them since nobody else ever has.  Legal technicalities being sorted out properly by The System this time around aside, things will continue as they always have. 

We all Hate having to go thru the whole Process and jumping thru various hoops so our Hope is that this will finally be finalized once and for all?!?  And so turning the Guest Room into a Happy Place for Princess T to play and me to display some Treasures has Soothed my Spirit, Calmed my nerves and Fed my Soul.   Sure it's a lot of extra Work, but the end result will be some great Positive Energy as the space is Transformed and renewed.

And because three things is never enough to be doing all at once... *winks*... why, yes, I'm also capturing some Images thru the Eye of my Lens of the Process of this Makeover!  Which I shall Share the ongoing Transformation of in Future Posts... maybe even beginning with the next one!?

After all... I have Princess T scrutinizing every aspect, running quality control; and approving every detail of the Makeover since she'll be utilizing the Space almost exclusively.  My input is merely Styling it and doing all the Work like the unpaid Help!  *LOL*

But... I'm having Fun with it and I like how it's turning out... plus a lot of my crap ... um, I mean Priceless Hoarded Treasures will still be in there along with her Dollhouse and it's paraphernalia once that's all moved in and set up at the end of the Project.  *Smiles*

I've Purged a great deal out of the room that will go bye-bye as well... so look for it to show up in the Showrooms just in time for the Holidays!   That way you all can drag it Home to Makeover something at your place!?  *Winks*

And there's just something about starting with a blank canvas of a room that I just thoroughly Enjoy the Process of... it always turns out so much better that way than working around stuff.   And it assists me in the Process of Editing and Letting Go of what won't go with the new Vision of the Space and therefore doesn't 'belong' and is no longer necessary or Beloved enough to hang onto. 

And it's probably a Good Thing that I got duly Inspired before I went totally Insane with this Makeover Thang... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hmmmmmm. Hardly ANYthing of Importance going on around there, is there?!? I look forward to seeing the transformation and hearing that the Hearing culminated in a Good Outcome for Everyone.


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