Friday, August 1, 2014

Channeling Fred Sanford...

"Let's go Junquing...", said the G-Kid Force... it had been a while since we had been on a 'Pick' and I confess that I was going thru some serious Withdrawal since I hadn't had a Junquing Expedition or a regular Infusion in oh too long!  So you didn't have to threaten me with a Good Time, I was ready and at the door before either of them got both shoes on and tied!  *LOL*   And this would be the last week day before School begins on Monday that they could go on a 'Pick' with me during the week, so it would be a nice ending to Summer Break Togetherness.

But when I got to the SUV I realized I had seriously been Channeling Fred Sanford... I hadn't unpacked from the last 'Pick', which had been quite a while ago actually, so the vehicle looked like we might have been Living in it!  *LOL*   Sure, it was all Organized into Vintage Metal Milk Crates and neatly stacked til you couldn't see out the back window... and I've got the Illusion, or perhaps the Delusion, that if anything at least Appears Organized then it's really not so bad.  But this little voice in my head says, "Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that Dawn...", clearly we had to unload before we could even hit the road, or there wouldn't be room for whatever we 'Scored' this day!  *Le Sigh*

Now... this also meant hawking it past The Man sitting in his Recliner by the front door and finding a place inside the house to pile it up 'til I either got it into Inventory for the Showrooms or used in the Studio Cottage Makeover.   I Wondered if he would notice?  Ya think?!  *LOL*  Since it would take several trips past the back of his Recliner to get it all inside it wasn't as if he'd be so engrossed in his NCIS Marathons that he wouldn't realize A LOT was getting hauled past him!   *Smiles*

And looking at the neatly Organized Crates of Loot I'd previously 'Scored' I realized that we'd definitely hit the Motherlode that 'Pick' hadn't we?  And probably at least a third of it wouldn't be going anywhere because it was Perfect for the Studio's Bedroom Makeover... Dammit!   I almost Hate when that happens... most 'Picks' I really try to just 'Score' Found Treasures to Re-Sell and not be Keepers!  *Ha ha ha!*   No... I REALLY do, Honest!   It just doesn't always turn out that way since you never know what you're gonna Source, it's always a Surprise!

And so that also means another Challenge will then ensue due to my Five-To-One Rule of Purging Five things that HAVE to go out the door for every One thing that comes in as a Keeper!   Damn... that meant a LOT of what's in here is going to be relentlessly Edited and Purged now!!!  Oh well... at least what is staying and replacing it is Primo stuff.

And Seriously folks, this is the only way I've found to really keep myself Accountable and more Discerning about what doesn't head off to the Showroom and I Hold Onto instead!  It works, it really does, so you should try it sometime if you too often Channel Fred Sanford... either around the house or what you've still got stacked in your Vehicle or Storage Building(s)?!?  You can decide what Rule you Enforce, it doesn't have to be Five-To-One ratio, that's just the tipping point for me to keep Accountable... and if I begin to start slipping, I just up the ante to maybe Six-To-One.  If you stay firm with yourself and your resolve... and you simply cannot resist the Thrill Of The Hunt... it's the only way to avoid a true Hoard... or whatever you are liking to call it at your house!?!  *Winks*

I must say that when I was deep into Chronic Disorganization it looked more Hoard-like to me and downright Shameful... but now that I'm slowly but surely beginning to get more Organized and Curated about it all, it makes a difference in how I View it... and certainly how others do!  *LOL*  Because I'm not so Convinced that I'll ever get to Minimalistic levels around here... there's just too much that my Creative and Artsy Self couldn't Live without having Stashes and Caches of, you know!

I actually Believe I NEED every 'Tim Holtz' Product known to Man for example... among other Crafty and Creative Product Favs like '7 gypsies'!  And now that I'm Organizing it all and can more easily find it during Creative Cycles I go thru, I'm Happy that I have so many Options... I mean, what if they Retire some of the Line that I like best and I couldn't get it any more... I'd still be Golden with the Doomsday Prepper Stash of it all I have on hand!  *Winks*  And other Groupies of the Product Lines I like best would know where they could go to get some so that they didn't hafta go Cold Turkey right away!  *LOL*

And lets not even get started on my Stashes and Caches of Fibers, Fabrics, Trims and Embellishments... it's not as if very much of that is on it's way out the door.  At least not for now anyway... tho' I do Plan to start making Creative Gypsy Pacs and Gypsy Junque Jars filled with the Overflow for the Showrooms.  Because unless I Live to be a Hundred and Twenty something, I doubt I could use it all in my own Creations... even if I began Creating like I was on Crack and Fiending for more prolific turnout of my Art... I'd still have so much left over it would be ridiculous and not even make a dent in what I've accumulated over the years!

Believe it or not tho' I did make a big Philathropic Donation of a bunch of it last year during the Great Edit and Purge of 2013 to the Salvation Army Summer Camp Art Supply Drive for the Community Kiddos in the Program.  The Church are our next door Neighbors and it was a Paying it Forward kinda thing that made me Feel all warm and fuzzy since they've always done so much for the G-Kid Force.  They Promote the Arts in their Programs so that each Child can tap into their Creative Endowed Gifts.  I am a firm Believer that everyone is Endowed with Creativity, no exceptions!   Kids tend to just be less inhibited about expressing their Creativity since they are Fresher from the Father and not so inclined to be swayed by Critics or Conformity.

And so therein also lies some of my other Justification for having so much Products Stashed up in the Studio Cottage... I'm not the only one who Creates in there.  And it's Fun to have enough to go around to Invite Family and Friends to Participate as well.   No having to wait your turn to use most Supplies and Tools, I've got numerous Artsy Stuff for everyone to delve into, you'd think I was having Art Camp around here!  *LOL*

And right now there are piles of Decor and Supplies awaiting that Makeover of the other Rooms of the Studio Cottage.  When the Weather Cools off and I can open up all the doors and empty the contents of the incomplete rooms that are in the Process of being Made-Over and start with Blank Canvases so that I can have a Fresh Empty Space to begin Creating the Vision upon, layering as I go, I can go Full Force on that Phase of the Project.  By early Autumn Phase Two should be completed for the Studio Cottage.

I have decided not to Purge all of the Contents of the other Rooms of the Studio Cottage like I did the Great Room tho'.  Budget Constraints being considered there was a lot of the Furnishings I could just do Makeovers on rather than Replacements.  All of the Furnishings are Vintage or Antique, but in order to make my Vision Cohesive, I've got some Ideas for most of them.  I am really 'Into' the Chalkboard Paint Thing, especially for Creative Spaces, because you can Write on anything Painted with it using your Chalks and Change it up regularly.  Not to mention, it's a Cheap um, I mean Frugal Makeover and hides a multitude of Sins of Old Furnishings that have seen better days but still have Good Bones!  *Winks* 

I have a Vintage Dresser that has a lot of Drawer Space and fits against one wall of the Bedroom in the Studio perfectly, so I Resisted the Urge to do a Goodwill Run with it.  Instead I'll switch out the Hardware with Vintage Industrial Hardware, spray it with Black Chalkboard Paint, and Upholster the Top and Sides with Fabu Antique Persian Carpet Scraps I have.

There are other Furnishings that will receive similar Style Makeovers in that Room and I'll be Creating Gypsy Drapery for all the Windows using Old Burlap, Old Tea-Stained Lace, Old Tea-Stained Crochet and Antique Embroidery, and of coarse Orphaned pieces of Bohemian Bling and Old Ephemera.  Yes, Old Ephemera on Drapes... I found an Artist that was stitching Old Ephemera like Cloth for use in Mixed Media Journals.

  I decided it would look Great as part of the Embellishments I wanted for my Gypsy Curtains in the Studio so I bought some of her Stitched Tea-Stained Ephemera Creations which she was Selling for a mere Ten Cents apiece, Booyah!  I'll just pin the Pages on my Curtains with Antique Bohemian Brooches... no Sewing necessary!  Yeah, I'm a Lazy Ole' Creative Gypsy Gal like that!  *Winks*  Plus, anything not Permanent means you can Change it up often or whenever you get tired of how it looks... which I tend to do often.

In fact, The Man doesn't 'Get It' why I'm constantly Arranging then Re-Arranging and Rotating things so often... especially since I have so much other Work I NEED to do but Avoid... but for me the Arranging and Styling Process isn't like Work or Drudgery, it's my Bliss and an Extension of my Creativity so it's Fun for me to do often.  It's totally different than Housekeeping and other Domestic Chores for me, which is the devil and I don't Care if I ever did them really!  So long as things are Pretty, Orderly and Tidy, they can be layered with Dust and I'm Okay with that!   *LOL*

I know this is slightly off Topic, but aren't the Architectural Salvage Columns that were used to hold up the Roof on the bearing walls of the Studio Cottage Awesome!?!   I Imagine that they came from some Old Antebellum Mansion that got Razed locally and I like to also Imagine what THAT place must have looked like?!?  Guess we'll never know and maybe that's Good since I'd Grieve about it having been Lost to 'Progress'.  But at least the Columns remain and were Salvaged and Re-Purposed by a Turn of the Century Visionary that used Reclaimed pieces to build all of his Properties, God Bless him!   The Main House has some of these too, but they're hidden behind walls, we only uncovered and Discovered some of them during Restoration Projects over the years.

So anyway, where was I?  I know, my ADHD is Showing... LOL... yeah, the G-Force talked me into taking them Junquing Today.   And so, after we downloaded the Fred Sanford Channeled Vehicle and schlepped it all inside, past The Man, who barely noticed actually and didn't even comment *Gasp*... Guess he figured it wouldn't matter anyway, we're encourageable and clearly Hopeless Causes!!!   *Smiles*  We headed out to see what other Found Treasures awaited us?!?

And Yes, we hit the Motherlode AGAIN!  *Happy Dance!*   And no, I'm not Photographing it just yet because it's all still in the back of the Vehicle, Fred Sanford Style.  *Smiles*  Because wouldn'tcha known a HUGE Monsoon Storm was hitting just about when we got Home so I wasn't risking it all... and us... getting Soaked.  Plus we've still got all that damned Construction going on in front of the House and down the whole Street and surrounding Neighborhood, so I can't Park right outside my Front Gate to download right now.  And we had an Antique Tuba Case we 'Scored' first absolutely filled with Loot... and several heavily laden Totes.   Other than the Awesome Old Tuba Case... which was Tuba-less but still makes a Great Display piece or Vintage Suitcase for Hauling stuff, most of our Bounty was Smalls... which is Perfect since they move Fast in the Showrooms and don't take up so much Space there or at Home!   *Winks*

I will Show Off a Vintage Globe I 'Scored' during my last forray and only JUST hauled into the Studio Today after it languished for weeks in the back of the SUV Fred Sanford Style.   I got it from my Friend Shelly and just Loved the unusual Hue of Deep Aqua and diminutive size of it.  I also liked that it fits on top of my wall of built-in Cabinets in the Great Room of the Studio.  I often stash Fabric piles up there but not much else fits well enough for Display so I'm always on the Lookout for Interesting Antique Smalls that will.   Since every single piece of Space MUST be filled in my World apparently!!!??!??!   *LOL*   Negative Space in Decorating and Styling... WHAT'S THAT?!?!  *Smiles*  No, I don't do Negative Space well, tried it once... just didn't Work for me!   I know, I break most, or sometimes even all of the Stylist's and Decor Rules!!!   Call me a Rebel like that!  *Winks*

I always get Hysterical when anyone tells me you can't... or shouldn't... do things like this or that... or wear this or that... who says?   And how did THEY become the Rule Maker and Authority on it I always Wonder?   Have you even SEEN some of these Alleged Fashion and Style Critics... Lord have Mercy, what a Hot Mess some of them are... and clearly they can't tell or don't think so.  So I'm certainly not taking their Critiques Seriously, or my Cues or Advice from their personal perspective if I'm not in Agreement!  *LOL*   But I AM Amused... especially when they're dishing out criticism of others so harshly!  *Smiles*  I've always lived by the Mantra of To Each His Own... and if you're Happy and Content with how you are and what you're doing... Own It and Rock It Darlin' with the utmost of Confidence, regardless of what I or anyone else says or thinks about it!   I'm no Fashion Icon or Authority on any of it... and most other folks aren't really either Truth be told!

I say DO YOU and be True to Yourself and you'll be just Fine and find Contentment and Bliss in the Process of Discovering Yourself and what makes you Tick.   I know that I'm just Born to be a Hunter-Gatherer... and Apparently so was The Force because we had such Fun Today Junquing Together for Hours and Hours!   Even if we'd only Found a few Trinkets we would have Reveled in the Thrill Of The Hunt for them and considered it all Gain.  

We were dirty and tired in a Good Way... and Sharing Stories, Tips and Advice with other Junquers... some Old Friends we always run into on our Forrays, and some New Friends we just met Today... but ALL clearly Kindred Spirits doing what we Love to do most.  There is definitely a Camaraderie in it and it does NOT have to be cut-throat unless you make it so.  All of us Help each other out and find Joy in what we're doing.   We avoid the cut-throat 'Pickers and Stalkers' anyway... they exist, but they're just among us and not one of us.  They're easy to Identify and unless you're one too and dig that Style of 'Pickin' and 'Being', best to avoid that Type like the Plague I say!  *LOL*  They Creep me out anyway so I have a Zero Tolerance Policy for them in my World.

So... we beat the Storm Home, which was a good thing because it's a fierce one raging outside Tonight and I'm Happy to be indoors safely Coccooned now.  I like the Monsoons though... and the Desert after a good Rain, we need it so that the drought will be over and everything properly Nourished and Hydrated.   I think the Desert looks forward to the Monsoon Seasons and all of Nature Rejoices when it comes.

And we can always unload our Fred Sanford Style Vehicle after the Storms subside... whether that be Tomorrow... or weeks from now like the last time I let it languish and kinda forgot about it.   *Ha ha ha*   It's like Discovery all over again when you Forgot a Haul and then go thru it again when you finally get around to it!  *Smiles*

In fact, I just brought in my Boat Anchor of an Antique Turn of the Century Typewriter off the Porch Tonight just in case sideways Rain got it wet since the Wind is raging!  *LOL*   I got it on the Last Previous 'Pick' too.   It's been sitting out there on a Vintage French Bistro Chair for weeks... just Chillin'... Old Morris the remaining Bohemian Cat Boy is now Happy his Chair is Vacant again so he can lie on it, he's been glaring at that Old Typewriter daily waiting for me to move it!  Oh the Indignity of it all, having Ancient Office Equipment usurp your Throne for weeks!!!  *Smiles*
But sometimes that's how it Rolls around here at Bohemian Valhalla... especially when Channeling Fred Sanford.   And I Confess it happens fairly often in fact!   But I usually get around to it eventually, in good time... whenever I have the time... which is very unpredictable actually so I just don't sweat it.  It'll happen when it happens... que serah-serah and all that!  *Winks*

Do I have any other Fred Sanford Channelers out there in the Land of Blog that Feel me on this one?  It's Okay, your Secret is Safe with us... we won't tell a Soul!   So you can come Clean... I hear that Confession is good for the Soul anyway.  *Smiles*

And if you're a Natural Born Hunter-Gatherer too then I Suspect that going Junquing is also good for your Soul and Feeds your Spirit?   And you 'Get' that part of it too... how if you haven't done it in a while you're getting the Itch to go on the Thrill Of The Hunt and get your 'Fix'.

Even if really you don't NEED another damn thing and you really already have it ALL!?!   Or maybe even two or three or more of it ALL?!?!  *Winks*   But that's never stopped us before now has it?   And as for me I always know I can turn a Profit on my Found Treasures because I am as equally an Avid Bargain Hunter as I am a Hunter-Gatherer... I feel a bit physically ill in fact if I have to pay Retail on anything anymore!   I'm just so USED TO getting a Deal... or Negotiating one!!!  *Smiles*

And the Art Of The Deal is part of it too isn't it my Friends?  Well, at least it is for any of you other Gypsy Hagglers and Hard Core Negotiators that Enjoy Wheeling and Dealing as much as you do Finding your Treasures... or Selling them.    Know that you could NEVER Offend me by trying to Negotiate your best Deal on anything I'm Offering Up... that's part of the FUN!!!   And if we're all making Money off the Deal then High Fives to ALL I say... may we ALL Prosper!

And yet, I think we all know that even if we didn't find Prosperity in any of it, we'd still be doing it with just as much Passion and Joy wouldn't we?   Prospering is just a Bonus.   I Feel Rich just in the Doing of what I Truly Love to do... and Be who I most Enjoy Being.

There is a certain Satisfaction and Contentment when you're Living Your Dream... whatever it may be... and in whatever Form you've managed to Accomplish it, even if not Fully yet.  Because I'm also Imagining that you Dream Big too, don't you?  I know I do... and if the Dream wasn't Big Enough then I'm not done Dreaming it yet!  *Winks*   Here's to Living The Dream!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. LOL!!! You're so FUNNY!!!

    I've done a pretty good de-stashing of treasures that are heading over to Art Unraveled tomorrow {Saturday!} and stuff is CHEAP!!! IHope you can make it...see ya! ♥

    -pamela ;)

  2. I love all of the features this week - so much inspiration! Thank you for graciously hosting this party,
    Hanging Wine Bottle Rack

  3. I'm wondering Dawn: Have you ever been featured in "Where Woman Create" or Cloth/Paper/Scissors STUDIOS magazines? Your style would be a great variation from the norm ! I will suggest you if you would be willing!.

  4. I struggle to hold to a 1-to-1 ratio so I'm impressed with 1-to-5 and think I need to up my ante! Love seeing all your treasures.

  5. very interesting & seems unique treasury! :)


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