Monday, July 14, 2014

We're Back At The Salvage Yard

As Promised we're back at THE SALVAGE YARD to take you along with us on our recent Junquing Adventure.   I always say any Great Experience is worth a Thousand Images of it!  *Winks*  So of coarse I've got loads of Eye Candy yet to Share of the Event and will do a Series of Posts until you're as Junque Drunk as we all were!  *Smiles*  I stood on my tippy toes to get the shots of this Fab Decrepid Style Old Sofa and Vignette, which was up near the Ceiling!

As you all know I have this 'Thing' for Decrepid Style and Derelict Decorating... if I didn't have a Family that would be totally embarrassed and absolutely mortified to have the whole house Styled this way I'd go for it!  *LOL*   I really would... I've always been mezmerized by Old Ruins and Abandoned Properties where everything is in a state of Time Worn Decay... I personally find it to be Strangely Beautiful.

There's a New Reality Show on called 'Abandoned' where some Salvage Guys go into Abandoned Properties and 'Rescue' the Treasures within, usually before the Structures will be razed and forever Lost in the name of 'Progress'... in so many cases it saddens me even if the places are in Ruins. 

But I do have an Adrenalin Rush just walking into any Abandoned site and seeing what has been left behind!?  And even more of a Rush if it can be Rescued!  I suppose that is why a Salvage Yard Style Event is so very Appealing to me... I can Imagine most of the Treasures being Sourced from such places as that, can't you?!

The thought of finding Hidden or Buried Treasure is just so Appealing and Exciting isn't it?  Whether it's from an Abandoned site, a Salvage Yard or even a Treasure Jar... you never really know what it all holds 'til you dig thru it and have the Thrill of Discovery!!!????

Maybe that is why I've never been much of a Shopper at your regular Retail Stores or Malls, so predictable and expected in what they typically hold... and thus so boring.  Mass produced items are a Yawnfest to me and I don't enjoy knock-offs as much as the Real Deal, even if the Original isn't Pristine anymore, I'd much rather have it than a reproduction of it.  

The same goes for faux finishes... even if done well... they simply cannot compare with True Patina and Aging that Time has imparted in it's Unique way.  Time Worn Treasures are simply the best, such Character and Charm with no two pieces Aging exactly the same or in a predictable and contrived manner.   Just like these two identical Antique Corbels clearly Salvaged from the same Structure, but each Aged by Time in it's own Unique way making each one distinctive now.

Now that's not to say I haven't occassionally Settled for a Re-Pop of something until I can replace it with the Real Deal!  *Winks*  But the moment I get an Authentic Version... the Re-Pop has to go!!!  You just can't get all that Sentimental over a mass produced item that just about anyone and everyone else could have the identical thing of and thus can be so easily replaced and isn't at all uncommon.

For example, just look at the Time Worn Loveliness of this Aged Garden Table in a Wonderful Robin's Egg Blue Hue... you're not gonna find something this Unique and Uncommon at an Ikea I tell ya!  *Smiles*  I can Imagine it's Story... that at one time perhaps it had a typical Glass Top... that maybe broke... and it was Beloved or Used often enough that the Previous Owner replaced the top with Old Boards they cut to fit the round shape of and then Painted in their Fav Hue... or just whatever old Paint they happened to have lying around? *Smiles*  

That's my Fabricated Imagined Story of it anyway... and that's part of the Beauty of something with an Unknown History, you can make up one if you like!  *Smiles*  You can't really do that with a brand new mass produced piece... it has no History and probably never will last long enough to have one!  So much new stuff was meant to be disposable so that you have to continuously be a Consumer to keep replacing it!!!   The Vintage and Antiques were made to stand the Test of Time when we weren't a Disposable Society.

But even Common items can become Uncommonly Beautiful when Time Worn and massed in a Collective Display... like these faucet spigot heads in bright colors.

Which can then become something Interesting and less Common, like Faucet Flowers!

I think this particular Event will Appeal to many who Enjoy Creative Pursuits and Do-It-Yourself Projects... because you will be able to Source your Supplies at far less than typical Retail Prices.

And also for those of us who need to Source for our own Booths, Showrooms or Traveling Shows and may not have the Time or Resources to scour the entire Countryside or taking Trips Abroad looking for our Inventory.   Though I would Love to Travel Internationally or from Sea to Shining Sea here in the U.S. I know that I cannot... so its nice to have Local Venues to select Inventory from and to purchase my Vintage Art Supplies as well.

I've got some Old folding Rulers and Plan to make Stars for this Christmas with mine too... I think this Christmas I'll be going with a Vintage Industrial Theme.   Sepia and Military Olive Green will be a nice Christmas Color Palette actually. 

Yes, I'm already thinking upon the Holiday Season Decorating early... because it will be here before you know it and I like to have some Time to Create a Theme for my Holiday Decorating.  Trying to pull together and pull off a Theme or Style in a hurry just never quite works out as well because it has no Time to Evolve and be properly Sourced for.

And that's just it... True Collections just usually take Time to Evolve.  Sure, you CAN buy an Instant Collection if you're Fortunate enough to find a lot of whatever it is you're wanting a Collection of... but you all know how Rarely THAT happens!?!    And that's what is really Nice about this Event... they had a wealth of Instant Collections available if you really need to pull together and pull off a Styling en mass of something you have a Vision of  or need a lot of, but haven't had the Time to Source over the years or travel all over the Countryside to Attempt to find randomly and by Chance.

Now, if you're anything like me you've probably spend Years accumulating your stash of like-styled Treasures... but lets just say you aren't that way Inclined, but you want a Display of say, Old Buttons... Game Pieces... Notions... or whatever.  Well, you can find it here too, already accumulated for you in one fell swoop instead of being found here and there and everywhere or no place in particular, over a span of a lot of Time and quite by Chance.

You can even buy an entire Eclectic Treasure Box filled with an assortment of small Treasures!!!  In fact, wouldn't such a thing make a Great Gift for that Special Person that Enjoys such things and you know Collects bits and bobs or has a Creative Bent and Utilizes these types of Found Treasures as their Art Supplies!?!

I liked this Vignette of the proverbial Retro Kitchen.

And this Vignette made me think of those Old Loft Style Warehouse Office Spaces that I always found so Appealing.

What would YOU like to find a large stash of to build an Instant Collection or add to one you have already been Working on?   Or might use regularly in your Artistic Pursuits and so need as much of as you can squirrel away?

I really liked these sturdy old detachable Industrial Leather Handles... probably should have bought some for Creating my Gypsy Carpetbags with!   Well... maybe next time.  And Trust and Believe there WILL be a next time my Friends!  But be sure to come back soon for the rest of the Series of Posts about the Event... and even more Salvage Yard Eye Candy!!!

Because any Great Experience is worth a Thousand Images of it!  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I found a ring holder at an estate sale. It was one of those dish deal with a woman's hand reaching up so as to put a ring or watch over until the next had been picked over, left to be thrown out, because it two of the fingers of that delicate lady hand had been broken off. It came home with me for a quarter...why would I pass it up? I completely understand your love of the derelict...c.o.m.p.l.e.t.e.l.y!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit... and so cool that you Rescued a Special Piece like the Delicate Lady Hand Display! I Believe that the Imperfections of such pieces tells it's Story and gives it History and Character. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. HI dawn thanks for visiting me for the where bloggers create event. I love this post! Oh my goodness such an amazing array of eye candy for me. I want to go on a field trip with you!

    1. Field Trips for the Gals is always such FUN! Thanks for stopping by and I Hope you were able to visit my Creative Haven for the Blog Party too? The Vouyeur in me SO enjoys having access to so many Amazing Creative Personal Spaces... in a Lifetime you'd never get to get Tours of so many as you can here in the Land of Blog every single year! I Look forward to each Blog Party being Hosted and it's great to finally get to Participate now that I've Reclaimed my Studio Space after a lengthy displacement while The Son and others lived there for a few years. Dawn... The Bohemian


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