Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Salvage Yard... Wow Did I Forget To Buy That?

As I continue to download Images I took at THE SALVAGE YARD it's as if I'm seeing some of it for the very first time and I'm saying to myself, "Wow, did I forget to buy that?"  *LOL*   Do you ever do that when you get caught up in an Event where there is just an overload of Goodies, Adrenalin as you're on the Thrill of the Hunt, Inspiration, Socializing with Friends and Capturing the Moment that you don't really Process it all as much as you THOUGHT you did?  *Winks*

I do that all the time... sure there are those Items that stopped you in your tracks and so you remember those... or the ones you did Process enough to snag for your Haul... but there always seems to be those things that if you didn't take the Photograph, you would miss entirely because you didn't really SEE it until AFTERWARDS when you looked back upon your Images!

Most of the time it's Okay and I have little or no regrets that I missed the opportunity because I can get over it... but every so often, there will be that piece that was hiding in plain sight and I surely would have procured had I noticed it PROPERLY or paid enough attention!  *LOL*

 But with Visual and Sensory Overload it's perfectly understandable.   Some Events and Shops you really need to linger in a very long time... or maybe even come back again to... in order to really Experience it sufficiently!

This is certainly one of those Events.  Because there are virtually layers upon layers of Great Finds waiting to be Discovered by you as you Shop!

And of coarse there are those particular things you saw and resisted the Temptation of buying... for me it's usually something like a Creepy Old Doll Head, because I've got so many now that I have to be more discerning about the ones I'll now add to the Collection.    So yes, I saw, I Photographed, I liked... but I left behind and it was Okay... I could do that without experiencing any remorse.  *Smiles*

But they were UP... and sometimes you can get so caught up in the Moments of a popular Event that you forget to look UP, UNDER, BEHIND, IN etc... where some of the Treasures may be not quite so visible as those at Eye Level and Center Stage or Spotlighted and the Star of the Show.

And for me anyway... if I try to take in an entire Panoramic View of anything, I don't really SEE anything in particular or individually when it's viewed as The Whole.  Which is why I always try to get up close and personal to distinguish each item and give it some proper attention and not just Scanned.

Even in Groupings of similar items it's best to take your time checking it all out because few are really identical if they're not mass produced items... and even if they were, if the Patina of some Age and Use is apparent they will each have their merits and/or drawbacks to the Selection Process.

And though a large Treasure is easy to spot... Small Treasures aren't always.

Or there could be bins and boxed lots of items that you really need to wade and sort thru to see most or all of it properly.  I Love digging like that, it's like Hunting for Buried Treasures!

These Crowns weren't Old but they sure were Cute... both as a Decorator Item or as a Display for other smaller Treasures.    Some exceedingly Popular Items, like Authentic Crowns, can be pricey to procure the Real Deal or even to find an Antique one... so in those cases it is nice that there are options of more budget friendly replicas.   Crowns and Tiaras are just a few things that I don't mind having a replica of whatsoever... until I can find and/or afford the Real Deal some day.

And when it comes to Old Luggage I have to Confess it's very, very, very difficult for me to leave Good Old Luggage behind.   This duo was really Calling to me like a Siren's Song and I certainly heard and noticed them Calling to me... and Resistance had to be STRONG for me to walk away and just leave with Images of them!  *Pout*  I fondled the top Train Case quite a bit first... as if I was actually considering buying it... Teasing myself almost... since I knew it wasn't on the 'List' of Must-Haves for this particular Trip.  *Still Pouting*

And I'm always on the lookout for Great Old Bottles because I am DETERMINED to one day take one of those Soldering Classes so that I can Create some Altered Art Bottles... I swear I am going to one day!!!   Though The Man might shudder even considering me with a Torch... and around all the combustible Fabrics and Treasures a Pyro like myself might accidentally light into a raging inferno and bonfire!  *Ha ha ha*

And Old Photos are almost always such a bargain that Adopting Found Relatives can be a lot of Fun if you Connect to a particular Image.   Ephemera is in fact one of my Weaknesses and Favorite things because of the low Price Point of most and yet the huge Impact it can make in a Vignette or piece of Altered Artwork.

And Old Clocks in a grouping... for some reason I'm always drawn to them... what is it about Time that is so intriguing to me?  I'm not even sure... but I kinda like the idea of an Old Non-Working Clock that has Frozen Time and made it Stand Still in a fashion.  *Smiles*

I really did like this Ornate Oval Old Frame... and it was Priced very well... but with my current Hoard of Beautiful Old Frames it wasn't really Necessary in any way right now so I left it for someone else.

But one very Simple thing that I didn't pass up were these Altered Clipboards that had been made-over into Chalkboards and had the Clip Portion Painted in a Rainbow of Hues.   I'm sure I will eventually do that with some of my Stash of them at Home, it's on that list of Projects that keeps getting longer and longer... but not right away so I decided to buy a couple of these to use in the Art Studio.  I write a lot of Notes to myself to prompt my Memory so these kinds of things come in handy.

Not to mention they make great Display for individual pieces of Inspiration, Bling, Photos or Ephemera you want to Display, Photograph for Sale, have as handy Visual Inspiration and swap out often.   So I got this Green One... and the Red one way in the back.

In fact, if you were kitting out your Studio Space or Retail Space there were loads of items that would be great for Storage, Display, Altering or even Re-Sale.   Textured Old Baking Tins are always a mainstay for me to use as Storage, they're Sturdy, Pretty and extremely Useful for Organization.  Well... I do Hope you'll come back again... I think I have one more Post left to use up all my Images taken at the Event!  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! That was sensory overload! I was getting heart palpitations just looking at the photos of all that wonderful "junque"! I get like that sometimes at Estate sales and have to remind myself to look where no one else is looking up high, and down low, that's where I have found so many treasures!


    1. Ah yes Linda, I too get Palpitations just beholding many of the Swoon Worth Imagery here in the Land of Blog... and Wishing I could Attend EVERY Fab Event Showcased! I've got so many on my Bucket List to go to now that I shall have to live to be a hundred and ten to make the rounds! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Altered Clipboards-great idea!

    1. I agree... I can always 'Pick' them at a bargain price and I've got Chalkboard Spray Paint as well as other Spray Pray Paint Hues for the clip sections... easy peasy transformation actually. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Thanks ... I loved the trip through The Salvage Yard with you. I see so many interesting things that I would have a hard time passing up. Liked the clipboard idea with the colorful clips. Will do some of mine this way.
    Thanks for your visit to Timeless Treasures and your kind comment about my cast iron potting table.
    Audrye Z.

    1. Thanks for dropping by too Audrey... and yes, the clipboard transformations are a handy idea anycould could really find many uses for! Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Oh I hate that feeling of having left something behind you should have got! I actually made two trips back to the city over 2hrs away to pick up some secondhand shop clothes I wanted. The first because I saw it through the window but the shop was closed, the second because I didn't have enough money for it at the time but I really wanted it and had to go back!

    1. I've had to revisit Shops and even Events more than once too if something wouldn't move off my Heart and Mind! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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