Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Salvage Yard ~ The Haul

Opening Day at THE SALVAGE YARD Monthly Event was well worth the trek across the Valley, in fact, it exceeded my expectations of what Awesome Treasures I'd 'Score' while there and what a good time I'd have Covering the Event, Shopping and Visiting with Friends!!!   Thus... two Posts in one day about it!  *Winks*

Did I go Buck Wild buying Mixed Media Smalls?   Why Absolutely!!!   Mixed Media Smalls was in fact my Mission Statement for this trip... and I hit the Motherlode of Religious Smalls, which are always my absolute Favorites!!!

In fact this is my Haul of them dumped out upon a Silver Serving Tray once I got Home!   Booyah!!!  What an Adrenalin Rush it is to find such a vast array of your Favorite Things to Create with and at Bargain 'Picker' Prices!
I felt like a Pirate Hauling a Trove of Treasures Home to my Lair!!!   All I needed was a Parrot on my shoulder!!!  *Smiles*  

I could spend Hours sorting thru a Bounty like this and Imagining what I'll Create out of them.  I have a 'Thing' for Craft Packs and Junque Jars filled with Assorted Treasures, so much Fun to wade thru!!!  I was positively insatiable and giddy with the Excitement of the Thrill of the Hunt for it all!!! 

Deciding upon which bags I'd choose since the Price was so Right... ranging from a Budget Friendly $5 - $8 - $10 per Bag of Loot!!!

And yes, I did remember to get Princess T a Treasure Bag filled with Dancing Ballerinas!!!

There was so much to choose from and every Treasure Bag held a Wonderful Assortment so you couldn't go wrong and there was plenty to go around for everyone who was Jonesin' for the same Fabulous Junque!!!  *Smiles*

I had as much Fun Covering the Event as being Immersed in Shopping... it was a very Zen Girl's Day Out Experience for me and the Weather was perfect that Morning!

Of coarse Meeting up with and Visiting with my Friends is always as much Fun for me as 'Scoring' Great Stuff.  This is my Friend Leslie who is one of the Proprietors and Organizers of this Event... I'm so Happy for them all that it has been so well received from the very beginning and fast becoming one of the Favorite Places to make Monthly Pilgrimages to in the Valley!  Sorry I didn't get a chance to Photograph the whole Crew... maybe next time when I can stay longer!

Were there some Goody Packs I would have liked to have added to my Stash?  Certainly... but I was trying to show an ounce of Restraint here!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!!!*

What I really liked was that if you're a Project Oriented Type and Love Creating, Unique Original Vintage Supplies with Character and the Wonderful Patina imparted by Time abounded.

And I ain't gonna lie... when I arrived at Doorknob Heaven it was very difficult to just fondle and Visually Enjoy them without wanting one... but I had Promised myself that these weren't on the Wish List of Gotta Haves this day!

Even tho' there were a few that were Calling to me like a Siren's Song with their Chippy Patina of Favorite Vintage Hues... like the Pale Turquoise Paint Chipped one...

And even for someone like me that already owns a Hoard of Old Doorknobs... seeing this much of an Abundance of them together in one spot and available... had me positively drooling over the Creative Possibilities or Restorations that could be done with any or all of them!

But what was even more difficult... was making a decision about what WAS on the Wish List Gotta Haves... like Doorplates... because there were so many of them that I really, really liked!!!

But I would need to limit myself to just two... JUST TWO!!!   Can you only Imagine the Agony of CHOOSING JUST TWO when you're the Queen of Excess?!??!???!   *Arghhhhhhh!!!!!*

So I Rummaged thru large stashes of them until I was down to my absolute Favorite Possibilities... and it just so happened that two of them were a 'Bundle' at one low Price of the two for the Price of one... so that was a No Brainer!!!   That made the second one FREE, right?!?  *LOL*

So that duo were the Chosen Ones... well, Chosen Two.   *Winks*   And I managed to Pick my Self-Imposed limit of only three Old Skeleton Keys out of...

Wonderful Mounds of them loaded up in Awesome Antique Commercial Baking Loaf Trays... which make Great Art Studio Storage or Retail Displays by the way!!!   But I already had a stash of them at Home... so there was no sense of Urgency about having more right now.  *Winks*

It was much, much harder to chose only two of these Commercial Number Discs... because I have this 'Thing' for trying to seek out certain Numbers, don't ask me why... I don't even know!???   *LOL*  And I knew if I got started looking for certain Numbers that I'm Attracted to more than others, I could be there all Night wading thru them all and being indecisive with my OCD proclivity!   Yes, I know, I'm Clearly not a Well Woman!!!  *Smiles*  

 So I did something I almost never do... I RANDOMLY chose my two Numbers!!!  *Gasp!!!*   Yep, it's True... so even tho' I have no particular Affinity towards Numbers 15 and 18, those discs were in good shape, with a nice Patina, one being light and the other darker... and near the top of the pile, so in two minutes I was done Pickin' my Discs and could move on!   *Whew*

Move on past Doorknob and Doorplate Heaven... where I had languished much too long already...

Much, much, much too long Photographing them too... and it's Obvious Why... just look at 'em... a seemingly endless buffet of them... and for an Old Doorknob Addict like myself... that's like standing before a buffet of Fabulous Food and not wanting to linger!  *Smiles*  But I thought to myself, how many Images of Old Doorknobs do my Blog Visitors really want and need to see already... or how much of my Obsession with them can they TAKE before Screaming, ENOUGH OF THE DOORKNOBS ALREADY DAWN??!!!!?  *LOL*

And because you've all been so very Patient with my Obsessive malingering around the Stuff my Dreams are made of... and Excessive Coverage of those things... I'm giving you something as a Reward that I almost never do... some Panoramic Shots of the Event!

I hardly ever do Panoramics for a variety of reasons... I'm more drawn to the Close-Up of any Image so I can Scrutinize Details and really Eyeball individual Treasures.  And because I suck at Panoramic Photography, in part because I have a Favorite Camera and it's a very Cheap one that doesn't have any more Ability to Capture a Good Panoramic View than I do in the taking of one!  *Smiles*

So I'm always a bit embarrassed that my Panoramics don't compare to or measure up with those a really good Photographer and a really good Camera can Capture and Showcase properly... to do the Scene Justice.   My Close-Ups just turn out better and give the Illusion that I actually know what I'm doing and am a fairly decent Photographer.  So I like to stroke the Ego with a decent Close-Up rather than a crappy Panoramic Image.  *Winks*

But I was having so much Fun Covering the Event that I took a Slew of Images... both Close-Ups and Panoramics for you all to come along Virtually with me!    And there will be more Posts to come... so you can see even more... and I'll begin the Series of them on Sunday after the Blog Party I'll be Participating in on Saturday Hosted by my Friend Karen Valentine.   And that will give you all time to get down there during the next three days the Event will run through since it will end Sunday!

But before we go for Today I have to Show Off my Prize 'Score' and one other Bohemian Bling Treasure from this 'Pick'...   Yep, I 'Scored' this Adorable Vintage Mannequin Child!!!  

I was actually getting ready to leave the Event when she rolled in on the truck the Guys were unloading with even more Fresh Inventory!!!   Be still my beating Heart... you KNOW I had to go back for her, didn't you?!?

And NO, she wasn't on the original Mission Statement... but she's one of those Found Treasures that rarely, if ever, shows up so you don't put them on your Mission Statement usually because you never anticipate actually seeing one For Sale!!!

I was holding my breath, almost afraid to ask my Friend how much she was since she wasn't even Priced yet... expecting that she probably wouldn't be within my modest budget and I'd be Crushed to have to leave her behind... but Hoping she might be??!??!  You know... when your Heart is almost standing still waiting for the answer... and in your head you're thinking of the number that could be do-able.   After all, she was Magnificent... look at that Expression... and she still had her original Glass Stand and mounting pole... tho' one arm and a hand was missing... she was Perfect in my Eyes!  And from a coveted Era in Mannequins.

Only Forty-Five Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't load her up fast enough my Friends!  *Happy Dance!*   And for now she'll hang out in the Guest Room 'til her Room in the Art Studio Bedroom has it's Make-Over, where she will Reside and Display Stuff and Model Princess T sized Creations.


I keep pinching myself... this is the kind of 'Pick' my Dreams are made of you see!!!

And I had to Play with her a bit once I got her Home, because she's like a Life-Sized Doll Child!!!  And besides, Princess T is getting old enough now she doesn't always let me Play with Dressing her up like a Human Barbie Doll anymore!  *Winks*

But now I can have endless Fun... and she'll be joining another Vintage Mannequin Child I've had for a very long time and they'll look so Sweet Together in the Studio.

And for Today's Post I'm Showing Off the last of my Haul from the Event... and it was the last thing I bought actually... because it was almost a 'Sign'.   It's an Upcycled Bracelet Created by my Friend Lilia Corona of CORONA COUTURE... and I took it as a 'Sign' because just look what I'd worn to the Event...
One of my Necklace Creations by Lilia that matched it PERFECTLY!!!  You can't tell by this Angle but the center Stone is actually the identical hue!   And I got a ton of Compliments the rest of the day from peeps admiring the 'Set'.   So it was Meant To Be, right?  *Winks*

Be sure to come back for the Series of Posts on this Wonderful Event, it will run thru Sunday so you still have Time to get out there for yourselves if you can!?!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Such a fun post Dawn, though it's possible l look a little deranged here laughing all by myself:-) the mannequin IS fab and who wouldn't buy her for that money and being so
    (h)armless of course:-) You're so funny with your doorknob love, but hey l nearly had a full on tanty when l saw the blue ballerinas l SO want and couldn't have....yes definitely worth the trek through the Valley for all those awesome treasures....hope your weekend is great.

  2. OH my goodness you scored!!! I know that same feeling, Dawn. Junkin' heaven and euphoria galore! I love your posts because I feel your excitement and passion! Blessings to you sweet lady and I have to venture out and check these wonderful Arizona places out one day.

  3. oh wow what fun treasures it (:)

  4. Would have loved to see your "happy dance" on the way to the checkout counter! Your panoramic shots are great! You caused me to go straight out side and retrieve and old door knob and plate and hinges in pile of wood to be dumped! Thanks! Fun Times!


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