Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Drama-Free Zone


I'm a Drama-Free Mama... but I recognize that not everyone is wired to be that way.  In fact, some folks seem to thrive on perpetual Drama... whether Exposed to it or Creating their own!   I Live with three such people!   Yes, The Man and the G-Kid Force are Drama Kings and Queen... and so I have to Create Drama-Free Zones around here and find ways to lure them into Enjoying a more Zenlike existance!

I am constantly on the lookout for things that would remind them of what they Love about each other rather than focusing upon what irritates them about each other... and to keep them from intentionally finding ways to be irritable and Drama prone throughout their day.   To quit sweating the small stuff or magnifying trifles... saving precious Energy for REAL Crisis instead of imagined or perceived ones that put them in a tizzy with each other over things that truly don't matter.

Now, if a person is NOT the Drama-Free seeking Variety that can be difficult any way you cut it... because Dramatic Types are just the way they are and being Drama-Free is clearly not their Natural Tendancy and State of Being.   They can often be Intensely Emotional about everything and nothing all at the same time!  *LOL*   I think one of the best ways to Create Drama-Free Zones if you Live amongst the Drama-Prone too, is to have a Private Personal Retreat that is deemed Drama-Free with no exceptions.   I would highly recommend this Book "A Woman's Shed" for some Inspiration in Carving out that Drama-Free Retreat or just a Personal Sanctuary to do whatever you Enjoy Doing.

That is precisely why I've always Carved out my Niche somewhere within Bohemian Valhalla or elsewhere on our Property and deemed it the Drama-Free Zone.   I find that no matter how Dramatically Inclined a Guest in these Spaces are, it tends to have a Soothing Effect upon them too and greatly diminishes the capacity for Drama or the escalation of it.   There is a certain Serenity about such places and the Essence of Peaceful Existance permeates it.   It can tame the most savage of Beastly Moods and lift Depressions and Stinkin' Thinking.

Now... if I Lived Alone and my World was perfect, and I didn't have to Share most of my Space... I'd Ideally have my entire Home as a Drama-Free Zone... because I personally could Manage that since I'm a Drama-Free Mama Type and that's just how I've always been wired.   But since one cannot Control the internal wiring, reactions, attitudes, moods and behaviors of others, its not always possible to keep them all within the boundaries of our own preferences of Living Drama-Free.   And co-existing in a semblance of Harmony is a Daily Dance that some find effortless... and others just struggle with in the Being of their Dramatic Selves.

So... I extend limited boundaries that they don't ever have to BE in if they feel Dramatically Inclined... but which they're always Welcome to Retreat to or join me in if they can curb their Natural Impulses to be Dramatic or stir that up in others.  *Winks*

Another good read is this Book "The Stuff Of Life" which helps us deal with the possessions that we all gradually accumulate by revealing a multitude of Creative ways to Style and Display it all.  Because those of us with Magpie Tendancies especially, don't always want to Purge it all... or deal with the Drama of others who could be polar opposites of our particular Quirks.  *LOL*  If we can make it all look Appealing and Feel Comfortable and Inviting even for those not of our ilk, then less Drama will ensue about The Stuff Of Life which is Our Stuff!  *Winks* 

This Post in fact was Inspired by some Drama that went down today between The Man and Princess T... who were having difficulties Coping with each other's Drama or recognizing their own Drama Role being played... and thus it escalated to ridiculous levels and Drama-Free Mama here had to mitigate and mediate to bring Calm and Sanity back into play!!!   *Le Sigh*

Now if I told you what the Catalyst was for all the Drama you'd Laugh... Okay... so I will, just so you can have a Good Laugh too!   *Winks*   It was over Littlest Pet Shop Stuff... and such little things as all that led to some big Drama... much ado about Nothing.   *LOL*   It didn't get resolved really... since neither would acquiesce... so I just separated them until she finally fell asleep in one of my set-up Drama-Free Zones in this Old House... and Grandpa could Calm down and not have another Stroke over a mere Trifle.  See... these Drama-Free Zones comes in mighty handy as a Cooling Off Space as well for those in the throes of Intense Emotional Outbursts and Heavy Drama going down!  *Smiles*

So here's Hoping you too will find Solitude, Rest, Inspiration, Creative Energies, Peace and Tranquility in Designated Drama-Free Zones in your Personal and Shared Spaces too...

For some Zen Shopping I Hope to make it out to my Friend's New Event this Month at THE SALVAGE YARD!!!  Hope to also run into many of my Local Peeps there too!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You are amazing! You need to wear a Blue Ribbon around your neck! Will check out "A Woman's Shed" sound neat! Marlynne Snare Folk Artist

  2. A woman's shed sounds great! Thanks for sharing! I hope the drama will go down, and that you'll have a little bit of your drama-free zone.

    x Luna


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