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Sweet Salvage ~ Third Showing ~ Gift Shopping

I'm calling this Post Third Showing because we made a Third Trip back to SWEET SALVAGE for some Gift Shopping, since The Son's Girlfriend has a Birthday coming up and now we knew just what to get for her after she'd been Captivated by Minnie's New Line of Clothing and had a particular piece she had fallen in Love with!

This time it was just Princess T and I making the Pilgrimage back so we decided to make it another full blown Girl's Day Out... why not, if we don't deserve it, who does?!  *Winks*  Princess T thought this Archaelogical Vignette looked a lot like Our House!  *LOL*   To be sure with Gator Heads under Cloches and all kinds of Weird and Wonderful Treasures done up Cabinet Of Curiosity Style, she was absolutely right!  *Winks*

Even tho' we had a Mission Statement, we still took our time browsing and soaking in all the Inspiration... Loved this Chair and the mottled Aging to the Old Leather, giving it almost a Reptilian Effect.

But don't worry about me getting too Sidetracked by Lovelies that caught my own Eye... Princess T kept me Focused upon the Mission at hand... getting Solina her Birthday Gift Ensemble!!!   She'd been paying close Attention during yesterday's visit you see, doing the Recon for me of what the Favored Ensemble had been!   Yes, we're sneaky like that when we want to Surprise someone with a Special Gift that they really wanted and didn't get for themselves.

Luckily it was still there being Modeled by one of the Fab Vintage Dress Forms... this Adorable Navy Blue Embellished Dress.  Mission Accomplished!!!

And of coarse Princess T's other Mission Statement anytime she's visiting SWEET SALVAGE is to look for Mister Ron and seek him out!

The Sweet Staff always so Generously indulge the Grands... Miss Kim, Miss Cyndie and Miss Heather all took turns indulging Prince R yesterday and Princess T today.  Even Mister Fluffy Pants got a new Blinged out Collar!    And notice the Vintage Necklace Princess T is sporting which brought grins from ear to ear!   Thank You my Friends, the Kiddos were on Cloud Nine with their New Treasures!

Princess T had brought Mister Fluffy Pants just in case Miss Myko had brought Mister Pickles... alas, not today... but you'd swear both pups were from the same litter since they're dead ringers for each other!  *Winks* 

This was the Fav Dress of Princess T and I... which we were going to buy for Solina as an alternate if we couldn't find the one she'd Loved most.  I was relying upon Princess T's sharp observation skills to find The Favored One if it was still there.   It took some searching since Minnie was bringing in New Inventory daily for the Show since everything in the Line was Selling Out fast!

And since it was Selling Out so fast... I decided to pick up another Tote while there were still some left... I use Totes all the time for my Grocery Shopping... a Fashionable way to Go Green and Shop in Style even at the Grocery Store!  *Winks*  These Totes in Minnie's Line were all so Cute, who could pick just one Fav anyway!?  Not I!!!

I Loved all the Sturdy Earthy Vintagy Prairie Fabrics she used and this Velvet Flower really set this Tote apart as a Fav and a Must Have!   And the Upcycled Cowboy Belt straps make for a Strong Sturdy Tote that can carry anything!
The New Tote is now also serving double duty in the Studio for holding Fabric Remnants and Trims waiting to be made into some of my own Creations.   Hey, I like for my Storage to be as Pretty as what they hold!

Princess T said she couldn't wait to get big enough to wear some of Miss Minnie's Fashions as well... so you've got another Generation of Customers coming up behind us all Minnie!  Job Security Girlfriend!!!  *Winks*  Fashionista that Princess T is she isn't gonna want any mass produced off the rack at K-Mart Wardrobe, it would offend her Young Bohemian Sensibilities!   Yes, the Little Apple didn't fall far from the Trees it came from my Friends!!!  *LOL*

I must say this particular Show had the most Inventory I couldn't Resist!  *Smiles*

And since I'm always seeking out Tiny Tiaras, when I spied this pair, snapped 'em up like Greased Lightening!!!

You see, I have a pair of Skullies in the Art Studio that The Man donated to me that I will be Gypsifying and Tiny Tiaras are the start of their Makeovers!  Excuse the dust, I never gave them their Spa Treatment yet so they're still Fresh from The Man's Workshop after Years of Storage there!  *LOL*   When their complete Makeovers are finished I'll have them Cleaned and Gussied Up for their Blog Reveal Debut.

Don't the Tiny Vintage Tiaras look Stunning on them tho'?  Each fit a particular Skully Perfectly!  So a Great Double Score!!!

Princess T was Agonizing over which Willy Wonka Candy to depart with since Miss Heather had told her any Choice was hers... decisions... decisions... decisions!  *Smiles*   She went for the Bouquet of Colorful Mini Suckers... good Choice!   Lickin' on one of those shut her up for the entire ride Home... Thanks Miss Heather... you Saved a Gramma's Sanity!  *LOL*  Hey, she's Adorable, but a little bit of Princess T can go a long way!  *Whew*

But we do have Fun hanging out together when she's not in Ultimate-Diva-Mode!  *Smiles*  We like to Pretend we could buy anything and everything we want... so we Play a Game where each of us picks a Fav Pretend Purchase.  In the Bling Section I chose the Spoon Necklace and she chose the Frozen Charlotte wearing a Monopoly Game Piece Hat.   Too Cute huh?  Maybe we'll have to get those for Real next time!?!  *Winks*

But for Real I was seeking out that Fav piece of Ephemera from the 1800's that didn't have a Price and I forgot to ask about on Opening Day!   This one was just as Lovely but it had a tear and wasn't The One I was looking for...

Princess T kept reminding me that we had stalled out being Mezmerized by Fashion and Bling so much that we were Forgetting the Thrill Of The Other Hunts we were Supposed to be on!!!  *Smiles*

And I knew we had to tear ourselves away from the Bling Section in order to actually find it!  *Smiles*   So hard tho'... luring me away from Beautiful Shiny Objects!  It Helped that I spied that duo of Vintage Suitcases with the Stripes being Sold as a Set hanging up near the rafters... and at a Great Price once I got a tall Guy over to check it out for me, over at 'The Titanic' Vignette... yep, I was definitely going down with the Ship this visit, wasn't I!?  *LOL* 

She was Counting Down tho'... which meant she was getting Irritated that Gramma was stuck too long in the Land of Gypsy Bling and Old Suitcases again!  *Winks*  She knows my Weaknesses only too well and how long they can cast a Spell on me and Hold me Captive!!!  *Smiles* 

She also reminded me that I'd said it was in the Ladies' Room... good thing she Remembered where I'd seen it on Day No. 1,  because three days later, I wasn't so certain where... or if perhaps it could have been moved or Sold by now?  But that was a good place to start... and Thankfully, yep, still there... and we got it Priced and now it's MINE ALL MINE!   *Happy Dancing!!!*   I'd Love for my Penmanship to be this Artsy!

One thing I couldn't Believe hadn't Sold immediately was this Gorgeous Pillow Creation!!!  The Magnificent Centerpiece Buckle I would have Worn on a Belt I tell ya!!! 

And even though this wouldn't go with anything in my House... and would be much too fussy and fragile for The Man and the G-Kid Force to have setting on ANY chair we own for fear it would be destroyed and abused by hard daily use... I Wish I could have Pillows this Fanciful on my Furnishings!!!  In a Perfect World I would have!  *LOL*

But even my Antique Pillows get used all the time so I have to be discerning about which can actually hold up to The Force and The Man?  *Le Sigh*   And this certainly would NOT!   And if I had a Waist I might have considered buying it anyway and just using the Embellishments as a Belt!  *Smiles*   Or maybe... take the Stuffing out and Convert it into a Boho Bag!!!!!  Yes, it held Possibilities for me even tho' it wouldn't quite Work as a Pillow at Casa Bohemian Valhalla. 

And I couldn't Believe this pair of Amazing matching Feedsack French Country Upholstered Dining Chairs was still there either on the last day... if I didn't already have an Epic Old Chair Hoard going on... they would have been a sho-in to go Home with moi!  *LOL*

But to be sure the Yellow SOLD signs were EVERYWHERE you looked and the New Inventory being brought in daily made it so that if you Attended every day of the four day Event you'd find different Eye Candy to Consider Feathering your Nests with!!!   Along with Freshly Styled Vignettes to Inspire you and Delight the Eyes!

And I'll be bringing you back even tho' now the Event is officially over for this Month... we've still got enough Images for several more Posts to make you Swoon over!   So, see you next Post my Friends...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh Wow! Your Daughter-in-law will look gorgeous in that blue dress!


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