Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My First ATC's! ~ The Paper Collage's Class

Well, I very likely have a brand new Addiction  Creative Pursuit *winks* since recently taking an ATC Class and Creating my first Artist Trading Cards at my Friend Pamela's Shop THE PAPER COLLAGE!   This is my very first ATC I Created at the Class... the Child reminded me of myself at about that Age, the resemblance was striking actually even tho' I don't remember Mom dressing me like this?!  *LOL*   After being quite Pleased with how my first ATC turned out I was now stoked to Create the other three we'd be making during the Class... since now I knew I could do this!  *Smiles*

Don't you just Love it when you Learn new things and they turn out Okay so you get that Creative Momentum going?!?   So ATC No. 2 came to Life... and I gave it some 3-D Imagery this time... and I liked it too!  I was now on a Roll my Friends!!!

I was particularly diggin' the Creepy Lil Kid Graphics since they were just My Style so Bat Baby now came to Life on ATC No. 3.   She kinda has that Mischievous look like she just jacked that Pumpkin from some Farmer's Field?!?  *Smiles*  So much Fun to Channel my Inner Child Creating these little Works of Art... with Glitter, Glue, Sparkles and Cut-Outs! 

I went a little more Creepy Kid Bohemian for ATC No. 4... all in all I liked how my Quartet of first time ATC's turned out... I'll definitely become Obsessed with Creating more of this Fun Art Form and the Trading of them with other Artists!!!

Along with the four I Created, I already had a few Lovely ATC's that had been given to me as Gifts, even tho' at the time I didn't know what they were called, their Purpose or what other folks did with them?   I just knew that I was totally diggin' them and wanted to learn how to Create some of my own!   And what Gypsy Soul doesn't like to TRADE for Heaven's Sakes!  Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was totally Jazzed when my Friend Pamela was Hosting an ATC Making Class and Mentored me on what ATC's were all about... I was getting Excited now and Anticipating a Swap as soon as I get into the Studio and Create some more!   It's something that the G-Kid Force will Enjoy Learning how to Create and Swap as well so it can become a Family Activity we'll all thoroughly Enjoy doing Together!!!

And there was plenty of ATC Inspiration to draw upon displayed all around the Shop from ATC Swaps Pamela has Hosted and Participated in.   I can't wait 'til I can build such an Impressive Collection of the Imaginative Art of other Artists that Enjoy Mixed Media as much as I do!

I Enjoy having the Creative Energy in a Studio or Shop of Displaying a Variety of Art by a Variety of Artists... it Inspires others to Create or at the very least to WANT TO and to Experiment with Art Styles!   And it's a great way to meet or get to know the Work of other Artist's whose Style you might gravitate to and be Kindred Spirits of Sharing a similar Aesthetic.

Just like Hallmark Cards there are ones you'll be drawn to strongly and like best of all.   Though with the diminutive size of ATC's they're all Adorable don't you think?  Though I Confess I did have Fav Styles, there weren't any that I didn't like.   And my understanding is that often an ATC Swap will have a Theme for the type or Style of Card being Created for it so you'll kinda know what to expect.

I liked that Idea best of all because you could chose which Swaps to Participate in based on what your Preferences or particular Style of Art is.   Or... Experiment with something completely different and see how it goes?


I don't know yet when I'll have the time to Participate in an ATC Swap, but I fully Intend to when I have the time to Create the required amount of Cards necessary to get in on a Swap.

But even if I only Create some of my own to Decorate my Studio with for now that will still be Fun.  I know how I want it to look in order to go with my Studio Decor... and to see how Addams Family Style or Boho I can go with my ATC's?!?  *Winks*

I did think this Francophile Theme was Adorable though... so I'd probably want to Participate in at least one Parisian ATC Swap!  *Smiles*

And though I don't know what the particular Theme was for some of the Cards, I was Intrigued by the Style and really Loved it because it's very "Me" and my ATC's would probably go along those lines so I'd certainly Connect with those particular Artists who Share a similar Aesthetic and Styling Sensibility.

Yes, the Adorable Faerie Children were certainly Favorite ATC's of Pamela's vast Collection of ATC on Display at the Shop!   I will definitely be Creating some Faerie Children ATC's for sure, whether to keep or Trade with other Faerie Lovers!

And when you're brand new at Creating a particular Art Form it's nice to have all kinds of Inspiration to draw upon until you get adept enough at it that you take off on your own tangent Full On and Do You to your Heart's Content with complete Confidence that it'll turn out just the way you want it to.

And I found myself inadvertently taking back to back Classes because my Friend Pamela insisted I make some Altered Art Tags I've been needing for Product Identification in the Studio Cottage Makeover.   I needed Tags that said, well, TAGS, Clever huh?  *Bwahahahaha!*

Now let me tell you the Back End Story of why this Class was necessary for Yours Truly to make these particular four Tags that spell out TAGS.

Pamela had a set in her Shop for Labeling Display Purposes above where she Sells her Tags... I really liked it... really, really liked it in fact... so much so that I was trying to convince her to just Sell the Tags to me.   I can be a Lazy Artist that way a lot of the time... especially when I don't always have the time allotted to Create everything I think I need right now!  *LOL*

But luckily I have Friends that won't allow me to always be the Lazy Artist and just BUY what I could Create for myself!  *Smiles*   Sometimes you need someone pushing you to JUST DO IT, right?  And so I did... and mine turned out Okay so I was Pleased and had Fun in the doing of it.

Yes, I did... and I Confess it was more Fun than just Buying them so I'm glad she didn't let me take the Easy way out this time!  *LOL*   I could do this too... and I had Fun Experimenting with various Techniques... even those that didn't work out still managed to turn out Okay and be a Happy Accident rather than an On Purpose Occurrance.  {In case you were Wondering... the 'T' and the 'S' were the ones that turned out as Planned... the 'A' and the 'G' were Happy Accident versions that went awry!}

I used Pamela's Fab Tags for Inspiration for mine... since she wouldn't let me Buy them and I wanted mine to look equally Cool!  *Petulant Pout!*

Though I'm still Loving her Tags that say TAGS enough that if she ever does get tired of them... well, you know... I could probably use them too!  *Winks*

Just sayin' Pamela!  *Wink Wink Hint Hint*  I'm known for being as Tenacious as I'm known for being Artistically Lazy at times!  *Smiles*

Because in my Quest for Organization in the Studio and at Home I'm labeling EVERYTHING this time around I tell ya!   Just so that I can find it and so that when I send the G-Kid Force on a Mission to get something for me, they can easily locate it too and bring it back.  Rather than coming back empty handed or standing in the room like Deer caught in the headlights!  *LOL*

Yes, this Chronically Disorganized person is really striving to get better at knowing where everything is at and easily Identifying what she has!  *Smiles*  Tags come in mighty handy for that... they're kind of like Mixed Media Post-Its... only much Prettier so not as much an eyesore as Post-Its stuck all over the place as reminders of what you'll forget otherwise!  *Le Sigh*

And though it's no Fun to Forget so easily or be Chronically Disorganized, it is Great to have Friends and/or Family who are Skilled Organizers to Mentor you and Help you along.  My Friend Pamela is a Skilled Organizer and she has the Cutest Labels on everything so she's a Great Mentor for this Project I've got going on to get more Organized and Label EVERYTHING but Prettily!  Is Prettily even a Word I Wonder?  *Smiles*

Everywhere you look in Pamela's Shop there are Wonderful Tags, Signs and Ephemera to Delight the Eyes and also to Identify things more easily...

Or be Examples of Great Techniques that I want to keep Learning how to do!!!

Because I don't want my Tags and Labels to be store-bought plain... I want them to have Character, Patina and some of these Awesome Techniques and Finishes I'm totally Loving!!!

I have all of the necessary Supplies I'll need to Create these Techniques, so it's just the Learning of how they're done that I've got to build upon now!

And then pass along by Teaching the G-Kid Force... which they'll have a blast Learning these things too and Helping Gramma out with her Tagging and Labeling Project.

And I Hope some of ours will look as Awesome as these do... each a little mini Work of Art and Unique.

And FYI... there ARE Tags for Sale... both plain for your own Creative Process... or those that have been Created for you if you're Inclined like me to just wanna Buy it than have yet another Project sometimes!  *LOL*

Yes, it's True {Blushing Shamefully}... that this day I did NOT Create all of the Tags that I wanted to come away with in a single day... I Purchased some too and made her Sell them to me!  *LOL*

So this was my Fav Trio of Purchased Tags that Pamela had Created and had for Sale in the Shop and I put them with my Stash of Supplies I was buying... with the Promise that YES, I WAS also Intending to Create some of my own... eventually... when time permits!  *Smiles*

In fact, you'll go Crazy in a Buying Frenzy of Art Supplies there at the Shop because she has such a Fantastic Selection of Products for your own Creative Endeavors!  Scrapbook Supplies...

Mixed Media Supplies and Craft Packs and Card Making Packs...

Anything and everything to Create your own ATC's, Scrapbook Pages, Mixed Media Projects of all sorts or Fabric Art!

Party Supplies for those Creative Parties you want to Host...

And a Host of Classes you can take... so check out the Link HERE often so that you'll know which Classes are coming up!   Princess T and I will be heading out in the Morning for another Class... this one on Creating Domino Jewelry.

And everywhere you look in the Shop you'll see Inspiration abounding for Future Projects you'll want to do yourselves!   Like how about what to do with a trashed out Old Suitcase that has seen better days or is just too ugly to display or use?   Well... how about Decopauge it with your Fav Graphics!  

And get out that Fancy Duct Tape you bought at the Dollar Store and line the interior with it!  Brilliant huh?  I thought so anyway... I'm SOOOO doing this!   I'm certain I even have some of this Leopard Print Duct Tape from the Dollar Store!!!  *Ha ha ha!!!*

Because I really DO LOVE CREATING... I just don't always find the time for it outside of a Class devoted to it you know?   And though I have loads of Ideas, I could still Learn some new Awesome Techniques that I've been Captivated by and want to Experiment with!

In a Classroom Setting devoted to it all I KNOW I'm not going to get Interrupted by Life... and the Fam... and other Stuff I should probably be getting done and so I get Guilted Out enough that I end up devoting more time to all that than to the Creative Process I Enjoy so much and which does Feed the Soul!

In a Perfect Designed By Dawn World I would just get Lost in the Creative Process most of the time and sequester myself in my Studio for days or perhaps even weeks or months at a time and only come out or come up for air occassionally... when I absolutely have to!  *Smiles*

But Life often gets in the way of Art... very often in fact... and so I'm not the most prolific Artist I could be or even want to be or Dream of Being... and I am so worn out and weary most of the time with what I MUST DO that it's just easier to buy what I need than to Create it or try to squeeze the Time in I'd need to be able to Create it even if it's a Burning Desire to do so!

So the Resolve to start taking some of these Classes FOR ME is just what the Doctor Ordered... and I'm squeezing them in whenever I can now... it is definitely a Gift to Self to do so, even if sometimes I have to have a Grand or two in tow because they and Grandpa aren't always copacetic with each other in my absence.

And since both are Creative and Artistic little Souls as well they're often Okay with being dragged along to Gramma's Classes or Events when they have to come along in order for me to be able to go.

And I'm Hopeful that come Morning Princess T hasn't changed her Mind about Attending Gramma's Domino Jewelry making Class... even if we stick her with some Glitter, Sparkle, Stamps, Glue and Tags instead if Domino Jewelry Creating doesn't trip her trigger?!?  *Smiles*

Because after all... Gramma DOES still need a bunch of Tags for the Studio Project!  *Winks*  And even if Princess T can't be pursuaded to make any... perhaps she'll be more persuasive about Buying some for me instead... see... it's a Plan either way it plays out my Friends!!!  *Winks Again*

I really Loved and Connected to this Tag's Saying...

In fact one of the reasons I Love Visiting the Shop is that it's absolutely chock full of things I can Connect to and which Feed the Artistic Spirit, Nourishing the Soul and Delighting the Eyes!   It's such Enchantment and Sensory Pleasure to be surrounded by Creations and all kinds of Art isn't it? 

And to have a wealth of those Supplies you need for your Studio or your Projects.

And Samples... Glorious Samples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *Swooning*

I can really Lose myself in Sample Land... in fact, I Wish that Sample Groupings were often for Sale because Visually I've always found them to be Delightfully Intriguing and Inspirational... whether it's a Sampling of a Line of Fabrics... or a Sampling of Interesting Techniques!

I get totally Jazzed if I'm on a 'Pick' and Discover Samples for Sale... or even Discarded, I've had some Awesome Curbside finds of Sales Samples that have been tossed out because most businesses don't even bother to try to Sell them, probably Assuming they have no Marketable Value to anyone?  Or maybe they're not allowed to Sell Samples, I dunno?

Too Bad tho'... us Sample Freaks would certainly be Loyal Customers for any Sample Discards!  Whether for Sale or to take them off their hands so that they weren't just discarded like Trash when they're done with them!  *Gasp!*   I could start a Sample Rescue Mission, whaddya say?  *Winks*

I just know that for some reasons I like Samples of Stuff and it prompts my Memory of what can be and what is available in the way of Products, Techniques, etc... at a Glance... which is Handy when you're getting Older and Forget or cannot Recall as much as you would like to be able to anymore.

And don't even get me started on those things I can NEVER, EVER Resist... like Hand-Dyed Samples of Seam Binding!!!  *Swooning*   Sure, I know how to Dye my own and do... which is a lot of Fun too... but I just can't Resist Seam Binding and probably have more than any Sane Person should in my Personal Stashes of it!  *LOL*

And clearly you can see by how Epic this Post has gotten that I was definitely in my Element taking my Classes and hanging out at the Shop... we had such Fun... and spent most of the day Creating and Visiting with Customers and other Artists who came for the Classes.

That's the Beauty of taking Classes too... you get to meet Like Minded Souls and Interesting People who Enjoy Similar Pleasures.

I always like to hear what Types of Artistic Pursuits folks are Interested in and the Sharing of their Passions.

Note to Self: DO NOT pass up even the plainest or ugliest Cigar Boxes anymore... especially when you can Convert them into a Vision like this!   {And I just passed up an inexpensive Box Lot of plain Cigar Boxes too during a recent 'Pick', dammit!!!}

Ah well, you can Trust and Believe that next time I won't!  *Smiles*  And there's always a next time... so worry not about what you missed out on in the past...

Yes, if you have Imagination the Possibilities are clearly Endless to make even the Ordinary more Extraordinary!   With a little bit of this and a little bit of that added to it!   And a Hunter Gatherer Gene that will Assist you in procuring a healthy Stash of all the Supplies you'll need!

One can never have too many Art Supplies IMO... NEVER!  Or be surrounded by too much Inspiration... layers and layers of it!!!

Now those that aren't Artistically Inclined might dispute that Theory... but we'll just have to Agree to Disagree about that!  *Winks*

And I don't know why, but Kitsch in abundance has always provided Visual Delight and Inspiration for Yours Truly... I'm Mad about Kitschy Display in fact!  It makes me think of Carnivals... and who doesn't Love those?!??!?!

Pamela has some Wonderful Kitschy Shelf Displays at the Shop... TOO CUTE!  Perhaps her and I were Carnies in another Life, I dunno?  *Winks*

Well, I do Hope you've had as much Fun at the Shop Virtually as we had being there in the Flesh my Friends?   And perhaps one day you'll be able to stop by or take a Class with us?  And Pamela does Sell Online as well... so Contact her about it if you want some Online Treasures shipped to you!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Probably comes as no surprise that Bat Baby is my favourite! LOL

    Isn't it wonderful to learn a new addictive craft? I took a beginner's stained glass course a couple of months ago to keep myself from going off the deep end from boredom, and I LOVE it! I'm on window number 11 for our sunroom now. Kind of an expensive hobby though; that's the only bad thing. ;)

  2. Such a good plan to cram in some creative classes! As you say: just what the doctor ordered!

  3. Oh my Dawn.....don't know how you found the time to do this......and you do make me smile with all your photos. (O: It seems like I'm trying to get rid of stuff and you just seem to accumulate more.....do you want some of mine? LOL LOL LOL



  4. Dawn, I am coming to appreciate mixed media and paper art more and more. After reading your posts and seeing your creations, I believe I may need to explore this creative path. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Nancy

  5. Dawn your ATC's are fabulous ... when you want to swap why don't you join us at http//:blissfullatcswap.blogspot.com and I still have your prize here from the mad hatters tea party .. i tried emailing but I not sure it's going through email me please i like to get it off to you as soon as possible... bliss.wda@gmail.com hugs wendy at BlissAngels

    1. Yippee, I'm a Winner... I'll get you my pertinents and Thank You for the Invite to your ATC Swaps... that would be such Fun! Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. My friend Dawn -

    I always enjoy your photos and blog posts! You always capture the beauty in things that might go unnoticed...

    Glad you stopped by yesterday! It was another FUN day creating Domino Art Pendents! What else can we play with and create next time? LOL!

    See you soon! :)



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