Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Junquing Bonanza And Great Ideas

I Love it when you're not even seriously looking for a Bargain and you stumble upon a Junquing Bonanza anyway, don't you?

Yes I'm always in the Market for small Gator Heads to put into Vignettes if they're the right price... this little Guy certainly was so he joined the Gator Head Collection ever expanding at Bohemian Valhalla!   The Man jokes that I'm probably 'Scoring' more Gators here in the Arizona Desert than the dudes on 'Swamp People' are in the Louisiana Bayou!?  *Winks*  My Acquisitions are much Safer!  *LOL*

And when I spied this Original 1960's Carpet Bag I Assumed it would be pricey... so Imagine how Elated my Boho Spirit was to find that it was only FOUR DOLLARS!!!  Was that a mistake I Wondered?  Nope, only four bucks... I couldn't get it in my cart quick enough!  *LOL*

It's large and in pristine condition for it's Age... the Authentic Persian Rug it's Created from is a Lovely Design and in some of my Fav Hues for Carpet Bags... SCORE!!!

I am always on the lookout to Source Vintage Religious and Spiritual Collectibles and Art for my Showrooms.  So I was totally Jazzed to find two of these Lovely Vintage Hand Painted Wedding Anniversary Catholic Presentation Pieces of Ephemera with Amazing Hand-Written Calligraphy for Showroom One-Thirty-Three.  I 'Scored' them for a mere Quarter apiece, Booyah!!!

I Love Vintage Ephemera of every type and this Style of Calligraphy is off the hook Amazing!  Anyone who is an Avid Collector of Vintage Religious Ephemera will Love them... this piece was even still Framed.

Now, these Mannequin Heads weren't for Sale but I talked to the Vendor who had them in their Display for Vintage Hats and they 'Scored' them for FREE at a Yard Sale!!!  They are the inexpensive styrofoam type of Hat Mannequin, but I thought this was a Great Idea to Hand Paint these types when you need an inexpensive yet Lovely Display.  So I'm definitely gonna do this since I always have a shortage of Vintage Mannequin Heads to Display my Vintage Hats since I Sell the Heads quickly.

Simple Art Job but quite Lovely... and Personally, I'd put a price on mine and just keep rotating them as they Sold since you could knock these out quickly to replace your Displays.  I Learned quickly not to put too many NFS Display pieces in the Showrooms because Customers would always want to buy them and I hated saying No... but its not so easy to replace them... so I'm always looking for Solutions to that Problem.   And I like to have a large Inventory of Vintage Hats because they Sell and Display so well... and what's more Fun than Vintage Hats, right?!  *Smiles*  I think I'd also Style mine with Vintage Bohemian Bling Accents just for Fun and to Gypsify them sufficiently.  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Look at you, you find the most amazing treasures!! I've loved your visits and hope that mean ole construction is finished near your home.

  2. Can't wait to see your mannequin heads when you do them!!

  3. Great scores! I love the idea with the heads. I am working on some right now myself, not like these but same purpose.

  4. Looks like another "Happy Dance Day"! And Oh wow that Carpet Bag Purse is outstanding and especially at that price!

  5. I love those gator heads of yours, they have a lot of cheeky personality somehow! The carpet bag is great too, I think I have been fascinated by them ever since I first read Anne of Green Gables!


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