Monday, July 28, 2014

Freedom Calls!

School will resume very soon... in fact this will be the last week that the G-Kid Force will be Home for Summer Break.   I think it's TIME... for us all!!!   *Smiles*   Yes, boredom has begun to set in to their Summer routine and even though they Enjoy their Friends and the Freedom Summer Break brings for them, they've begun to get fussier and anxious to return to their Campus Activities!   It's just a larger Social Pool at School!

The Young Prince is particularly Excited because he will be a Freshman in High School this year, so his Pool will be Expanding to a bigger one than Jr. High afforded him.   He's already deep into Band Camp Activities they're Hosting on his High School Campus before School resumes and meeting New Friends who share similar Passions, Style and Interests.  He's been diligently practicing twirling a large six foot Flag so his budding Man Muscles are getting quite the Workout!   *LOL*

Princess T is becoming ever more Obsessed about the Fashion Accessories she wants to pick out to give her boring School Uniform Ensembles that Flair of Individuality and Style that she LIVES for!  *Winks*   I for one am Grateful that the Young Prince no longer has to wear School Uniforms so that it cut my pre-school Clothing Allowance Budget and outlay in half this year.  *Whew*  He was Jazzed to Inherit all of Gramma's Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier T-Shirt Collection for his own Wardrobe, he looks better in them anyway since they were Men's Shirts after all!  *Smiles*  Hard to Believe he's already wearing my size Adult Men's T-Shirts though and grown inches taller than me this Summer!

And as for me... Freedom Calls!!!   It's not as if I'll be gallivanting all over the place each day after I get them off to School and have the Welcome Respite of a Morning and portion of the Afternoon without a G-Kid Entourage and the Caregiving duties of Raising them.  But I will have the Divine Freedom to do what those in my Senior Season of Life tend to Enjoy best... often just putzing around my Garden, Home and Studio without constant Interruption.   Doing my everyday Shopping without an Entourage of Minors in tow.   Taking Artistic Classes with my Friends or just meeting them for Breakfast or Lunch unencumbered.  The Simple Pleasures many Empty Nesters Enjoy and could take for Granted at this Season of Life as their Normal Routine.

Now, it's not as if I'm Forgetting The Man... because these more Leisurely Childless Days when School resumes will also mean more Quality Time Together just Enjoying each other's Company and getting out as a Couple doing what we like to do, as his Health permits.   It can be a bit much for him to have an Entourage of the G-Kid Force in tow during Outings and so typically I'll take them along to just give him a Break from them... and he'll opt to stay Home and relish having our Home all to himself!  *Smiles*

But it will also mean more Girl Time with my Friends doing what we like to do too.  Even my Younger Friends tend to Enjoy their Time Alone without their Kiddos in tow all the time.  When you find yourselves talking in Kid-Speak even when the Kiddos aren't around you know you've not had quite enough Adult Time for Socialization!  *LOL*   And my Senior Friends can now Invite me to Activities they all do because I won't be towing a Young-Un or two along to our get-togethers!  *Smiles*   It's True, Groups of Seniors do not usually want Children in their midst when they're having Adult get-togethers... most just Enjoy their Grandchildren for short Joyful Times Together.   It's not a Given that theirs will always be at their side if they're not Raising them too and have to come along to Invitations extended by their Peers.

I've never Personalized that Fact, it just is what it is and Custodial G-Parents just tend to find themselves in a sort of Social Limbo at times where their Lives seem to have more in Common with Young Parents than their own Peers.   Thus you find more commonality to befriend and hang-out more frequently with those who are of the Generation of your own Children than your other Retired Friends or those at your Season of Life who are now Worlds apart in what transpires in Daily Life.  I have found that to be a Blessing in Disguise actually since my Younger Friends are more Interested in what I have Passions for and don't find my Aesthetic quite so Strange!   Well, maybe a little bit, but they can Roll with it and Appreciate it better lets say!  *LOL*
And their Children and our Grandchildren we're Raising can become fast Friends as well and know that Kids are mostly and generally Welcome when we get together and not just tolerated.  And for the G-Force I feel it's Important not to have to always hang out with Old People, but also Friends of mine who are closer in age to what their Parents Season of Life is, I feel that Exposure is beneficial.   Though to be sure the G-Kid Force Adore the other Seniors that Gramma and Grandpa know since they are Old Souls for their tender ages, and my Senior Friends totally ROCK and tend to also be other Artsy Free-Spirited Boho Souls.  *Smiles*   But probably also because they're being Raised by... Old People... and so they 'Get that Generation' better than the Average Kid whose Exposure to us Seniors is more limited?!   *LOL*
Though it can be tough for The Force when your Kinship Guardian Grandparents don't always have it in them to do what you like to do too!   Grandpa mostly and generally can no longer do any of it at all... and Gramma tries to keep up and Enthused about G-Kid Passions and Interests... but lets face it... her days of playing on Playgrounds at the Park... enjoying Meals at McDonalds... Taxi-ing a bunch of Teenagers to their Host of Social Engagements... and hanging out with their very Young Friends en-mass are mostly and generally behind her!  *Bwahahaha!!!*  And so School provides that Space where they can be Kids and do what Kids Love to do with OTHER KIDS and not an Aging Guardian who really isn't all that 'Into It' anymore!  *Winks*

Yeah, Gramma would rather be on a Cruise somewhere... or putzing around the Garden, Studio and Home uninterrupted... Lollygagging at her Favorite Haunts... or just taking a Nap!  *Smiles*   Which now, at least for five Mornings and early Afternoons after this Week... I can do some of that... well, except for the Cruise part!  *Winks*   But I can Dream of that... and build the Anticipation of actually DOING it perhaps a Decade or more from now... when I've got all the Kiddos Raised... and Freedom won't just be Calling occassionally, but Hopefully be more of my Daily Reality. 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi fan, i so enjoyed your post hère, it's all about life and how it measures up!
    I get it. I so get it it's so tiring just to think of all the duties a G-parent has to do to keep up with the young, I have a daughter in college, late child in life and I often tire of keeping up with the young things she wanted to do. I am still not terribly old yet old enough to know that youth is not my friend any more. Yet being with my daughter as often as I am with her in college still at home makes life that much more youthful and a joy to live, aches and pains and all :)

    The needle work pieces are great, I use to have a big collection and down sizing into our smaller home, daughter and I took and purged all but the most beautiful of pieces. We decided to let each room take on a sense of calm, tone on tone feel and fill the space with what e know to be beautiful and not over due it, to then sell off all that is not needed, no more junk drawers, and only pieces we needed of use, yet the craft/art space could use a bit more organization, soon! It was easy to scale down with my daughter she is one to not harbor things, and moves into life with not moving the old I to it upon the new that is gathered, she rids the old makes room for the new and never looks back :)
    My advice on a good purge is to keep all the main pieces that fit and don't compete with the things in the room, then just a few accessories, lighting, books and your set, move onto the next room and repeat methode, before to long you have made space for good energy to move about and a sense of calm with come over you like nothing else no matter what you style is.
    I can loan you my daughter her organizing skills are of great beauty :)

    See you soon beautiful, I adore your spirit, your writings, and the way you embrace your life.
    My daughter told me one birthday when I was saying that I was getting old, her comment was No! Your still new!
    Dawn dear, you are still NEW !!



    1. Oh Dore' I just Love your Daughter's comment... that we are still NEW! I am moving towards Simplicity more and more... and as the process continues I do find myself able to let go of so much more than I thought I could or would! Now... if I can just restrain myself from adding stuff from my forrays we'll be Golden! *winks* Thank You for your tips on the Purge. When things are more in Order and less Work I Believe I will have more Time to do the things that Feed the Soul, rather than Maintaining so much!

      Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Darn that spell check....the intro was suppose to greet you saying * Hi Dawn*
    Not hi!

  3. I remember looking forward to those days after school started!

    1. Was my Enthusiasm THAT transparent? *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian


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