Saturday, July 5, 2014

Back To Abnormal

Well, now that the 4th of July is over and I did my Patriotic Duty of taking The Man and the G-Kid Force to see some Fireworks last night, even though I would have much rather stayed Home this year, because that trio can chronically complain and fuss with each other like nobody's business even when out to have a good time... it's now back to Abnormal around here.  *LOL*

That means I'm now plowing thru my Suitcase Storage to discover what I've had Hoarded in there and cull the contents so that it's all more Curated, Inventoried and Organized.   Have I mentioned before that I suffer from Chronic Disorganization?  I'm sure I have... and for someone who thrives on things being Orderly and less Chaotic,  you'd think I'd get Well and not exacerbate a condition that obviously upsets me so much!   But apparently it's not that easy... and its also not that I cannot Organize and Curate well... I just can't seem to KEEP it that way for long... it's clearly a Maintenance Issue!

Yeah, I TOTALLY suck at Maintenance and I'm positive I've Confessed that before.  Deferred Maintenance in many areas of my Life are a distinct pattern I've been trying to break the Cycle of for Years.  Sometimes I do well for an extended period of time... whether it's keeping the Home Organized and Decluttered... or keeping Weight off... but then I find myself backsliding and running damage control again... and again... and again... you get the picture... and no, it's not a pretty one.  Sometimes this Old House looks ransacked if things have spiraled out of Control too long... thus why you rarely, if ever, see Panoramic Images and I do a lot of Close-Ups instead!  *LMAO*

Now... God in His Infinite Mercy took pity upon me and Blessed me with a Grandchild who is the Ultimate Organizer and antithesis of all that I am NOT hard wired to be.    Though we have a lot in common in regards to what we Love and Love to do Recreationally... we are Polar Opposites in our Housekeeping and Organizational Skills and Effectiveness thereof.   So usually, when Gramma is struggling to bring Order to Chaos around here... her Organizational and Cleaning Radar goes off and she materializes like Scotch Mist and sneaks up on me to ask if I need any Help?!  Well, YEAH... that's a Given Darlin'... Clearly I need lotsa Help... in more ways than one!   But we won't even go THERE!!! *Winks*
And the Repressed OCD  and ADHD in me comes out and gets Distracted Wondering once again if that rug is actually clean enuf for that Child to be crawling around on??!?!   Since I can't recall the last time I might have vaccuumed it and there's Mystery bits and pieces all over it!??!  *Smiles and an Oh Well Shrug*   You see, I can Get Over the things that Distract AND Bother me if they involve even more WORK!   Because I'm already knee deep in this Suitcase Cleansing Project!!!  *Bwahahahaha!*
Okay, so she and her Pretend Friend come in... and she's got Cleaning Supplies stacked up in the Mudroom behind her, just in case she can Convince me we should do a Deep Cleansing of the entire Room I'm Focused upon for the Moment... SHE CAN'T... I'm just not that "Into It" right now.   Okay, so I'm NEVER that "Into It" unless it's Under Protest and I cannot put it off any longer, Truth be told!   How many Old Hippies do you actually know who ARE that "Into" Housekeeping unless they've been Converted and gone over to The Other Side?!  I'm definitely an Old Hippie Hold-Out in my ways no Conversions here!  *LOL*

So she plops down upon the Guest Bed since it's Obvious to us both that I'm probably NOT gonna get all that far into the Process Today... or maybe EVER?!?  And she sees I've got my Camera, so... it's much more likely I'll get Distracted doing something I prefer to do and actually Love doing and never tire of... like Photographing Pretty Things... and People... and the only thing SHE Loves more than Organizing and Cleaning... is being Photographed!!!   You already Guessed that one, huh?!? *Smiles*  It's Okay tho', I never met a Parent or G-Parent that said they took too many pixs of the Kiddos... only those that lament they didn't take enough.   So... a Freebie Tip from me to those of you who don't take enuf... TAKE MORE of the Kiddos pixs, especially spontaneously unstaged ones, so you won't have that Regret!  You can Thank me later...

Now... just because she's laying there being Photographed and all doesn't mean she's lost track of the Real Mission we're SUPPOSED to be in there on!!!  So she'll offer her own Suggestions, Advice and Delegate what I SHOULD BE doing to get the Room more in Order, Edited and Purged so that it gives at least the Illusion of having been Cleaned and Curated.    So at least one of us hasn't already lost track of and Aborted the Mission that led us into said Room!!!  *Winks*

And I KNOW that is in part what my particular Struggle is in this Process I'm Determined to get done... but takes me an Eternity to do... when those without Chronic Disorganization as their Affliction could probably get it done in a matter of days... or perhaps even hours... and KEEP it Maintained.  In Theory and Desire it is something I WANT... but in Practice I can't stick with it all long enuf to make sufficient headway.  Then there is the Reality that by the time I SLOWLY get it Together... other parts will already be a Hot Mess again... so I just lose Interest and don't see sufficient Results to keep me Motivated in that direction.

As I'm Contemplating all this Data so Introspectively, Princess T interrupts my Daydream... or Nightmare... depending upon how I'm actually Feeling about it all on any given day... and asks me when I'm gonna Clear Out ALL THIS that is in the way of actually being able to open the Guest Room Closet Door?   Ummmmm... but THAT would mean that I would one day actually feel the need to open said Closet Door and be confronted with whatever I'd Hoarded in there, right?  *Shudder*  I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet... besides, we have no Guests right now... and since this is allegedly the most Haunted Room hardly anybody takes up the offer to Sleep in here... so lets just forget about it for now can we? 

She reluctantly agrees... but only because her BFF has shown up at the door and they want to play with her Dollhouse. *Whew!*

You know... the House that IS Organized, Curated, Clean, Edited and Purged every single day because that's how she rolls!  *LOL*   The House where everyone is quietly seated around the table at the same time being served... instead of each one rushing in and out of the house on their insanely hectic, busy Schedules and eating at random times as the Mood and Hunger dictates.  Because it's Impossible to get them herded together for long enough to enjoy a meal at a specific time without Protest and Drama so I just don't bother!

Yes, her little House is how our big House should probably look if Gramma possessed similar Organizational and Suzy Homemaking Skills as the Wee Princess does... if perhaps I'd been hard wired in a similar way... but I'm NOT.

Now... maybe I COULD Maintain a Dollhouse... and I've often thought about Abandoning our Dream Home and Acreage... going back to Nomadic Living and just having a Gypsy Airstream or something easy to Maintain again.   But where on earth would I put all the stuff we've now accumulated and don't really wanna get rid of to that Downsizing Scale?  I'm not certain I'm up to THAT daunting task either at this Season of Life and given our particular extenuating circumstances.  *LOL*

So... I'll keep muddling on with the struggle... and having limited Success most days... and on those days I don't feel at all Motivated... I can always leave the House, right?  *Winks*

And rest in the knowledge that at least we have ONE House around here that is worthy of a Panoramic Shot and not too scary to attempt one!  *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where you'll probably just have to Settle for Close-Ups for quite some time 'coz that's just the way it is around here... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your too hard on yourself! You do great with all you have to deal with!

  2. Aw, those little cats in the dollhouse are so cute! How lucky to have a kid that can organise!


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