Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Not So Lazy Days Of Summer


One would think that as things heat up to furnace levels that the Lazy Days of Summer would set in and I'd just kick back and Gel.   But the fact of the matter is that it becomes the Not So Lazy Days of Summer for me.  Because I devote more Time to Housekeeping, Editing, Purging and getting things in Order around here during the Summer Months because it is too damn Hot to go galivanting around outside now. 

Things are completely opposite in Desert Environments... our Fall and Winter are so Glorious that you never want to stay Inside or Work if you can help it.   So I spend much more time galivanting around during our more temperate Months.  Even Spring is still pretty Spectacular in the Desert and Hosts a bounty of Events, so it's hard to knuckle down and do any drudgery during those three Seasons.  But Summer... puts the brakes on... FAST!  Nothing can drain Energy, Stamina or Enthusiasm quite like high triple digit temps Outside... so Desert peeps spend more time Inside.

Now... around here Inside can be pretty Entertaining too... but being very Outdoorsy like we all are... we have to keep busy and Attempt to get everything done that we put off all Fall, Winter and Spring for the most part.  So that we don't go Stir Crazy being cooped up Inside or never get around to the drudgery of Cleaning and Clearing up the Interior Spaces.   Yes, I began the Great Edit and Purge long before Summer, but until Summer it never quite gears up into hyperdrive.  I can make too many Excuses during the other Glorious Seasons to ditch it all and go Play and do almost anything else! *Winks*

And my Trusty Sidekick keeps me very Accountable and Focused upon The Mission Statement.  I swear she seems to be doing her Apprenticeship here to be a Professional Organizer or Stylist because she absolutely Thrives on Cleaning, Organizing, Styling and doing the mundane tasks that I only get around to when I absolutely have to and don't have other more Enjoyable Options or the weather is too Hot to do much else!   *LOL*

At the break of day each Morning she's eager to begin and wants to roll me out of bed prematurely to get going on the next day's Projects!   Today's Projects were the G-Kid Force's Closet Spaces... and now I'm almost too Tired to Work my Shift Tonight at the Antique Mall... she was that Relentless!  *Whew!*   We had a massive Goodwill Run with what we'd Purged in the way of their Wardrobe... but at least now I know exactly what they have outgrown and need more of as replacements.

So, while I'm dropping Donations off at the Goodwill I decide my other Mission Statement for the day, while I'm already there, will be to get the Young Prince some more Jeans and the Princess some more Jean Shorts since that is what they were now short of.   So, I buy this pair of Jean Shorts for Princess T and I feel something like paper in one of the front pockets... which turns out to be a Twenty Dollar Bill folded up and forgotten in there!!!  *Can I get a Whoop Whoop!!!  Insert Happy Dance!!!*

So... needless to say, that Pleasant Surprise paid for all the Jeans and Jean Shorts that I bought for the G-Kid Force whilst Goodwill Hunting, with Change left over for Lunch!   *Still Happy Dancing at my Good Fortune!*   This is not the first time I've found forgotten Cash in the pockets of Donated Clothing or in Purses or Boxed Items, but it is the single largest amount I've found to date!

And since the Budget will be lean in June due to Medical Bills, Father's Day, The Son and a Grandchild's Birthday all falling this Month... extra Surprise Cash is a nice unexpected Bonus Blessing!

So... what have YOU been up to my Friends now that Summer has rolled in?   I know that for many of you in other Environments it's the chance to finally Escape into the Great Outdoors again after a long Cold Spell and virtual Hibernation.

And I'm also Enjoying spending Resting Spells, inbetween all our Editing and Purging Labor, online visiting your Blogs to see your Lazy Days of Summer, Seasonal Adventures, Vacations and all of the Gardens looking so Glorious!

I can live vicariously thru you all for a while 'til the weather here begins to Cool off again... whilst also basking in the results of the Projects we're undertaking this Summer to get Bohemian Valhalla Cleared Out, Cleaned Up, Edited, Purged, Simplified and Made-Over.

And if you find yourselves in the Far West Valley and wanna stop by and lend a Hand... I've got plenty of Wine stocked up for us all!  'Cause Lord knows I'm not gonna try to get thru all of this Sober, right?! *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Praise the Lord for a/c it sounds like to me! Was going to say maybe we all need a Princess T in our lives, but maybe not. don't want to work that hard!

  2. Princess T arrayed in all her Mardi Gras beads -- and giant specs! -- is a delight. There's a very sensible and sober 11-year-old in my circle of female friends who would rejoice in teaming up with her to sort out her closets, your closets, my closets -- yes! these are budding career cleaners and organizers circling our hordes like baby buzzards around meat.
    Note that they especially relish picking out bits of bling!

    Seasonal tasks here in the Midwest include the spring ritual of hauling all the heavy coverlets, aka 'the cat laundry', to the laundromat that offers big load washers and dryers. One gleans enough fur and fluff to stuff a largish pillow.

  3. I, too, have found $$ in a pair of goodwill jeans. I struggled with the decision to keep the cash or turn it in as a donation, but finders keepers! I check all the pockets while I search now...he he.
    I'm in phoenix, too. I still work so have to endure the drive to and from. Then don't want to go out in the heat for the rest of the day. Mornings are the best. Have fun purging and enjoy the time spent with Princess T.
    I enjoy you posts.
    Patti.....arizona native

    1. Yes... struggled, momentarily anyway, with the same thing. *Winks* Decided I needed the $$$ as much as anyone to fund the G-Kids new gently used wardrobe... and I had already bought the shorts it was in. It's always a Rush to have a surprise financial windfall you weren't expecting tho'! Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I found a diamond ring in a pocket inside an old purse at the Salvation Army! Great treasure finds. What is that little piece of carpet under the black cat in photo? Is it for sale?

    1. You Win hands down for Bragging Right for best Pocket Find! Diamond Ring... TOTAL SCORE! *Winks* The carpet remnant is not for Sale, it covers the top of a Creation Station Old Desk in my Art Studio so that I don't have to refinish it. *Smiles* Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit. Dawn... The Bohemian


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