Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Day That Technology Stood Still...

It was the Best of Times and it was the Worst of Times... and if ever we had Wondered who in the Family was the most Addicted to Technology... well, NOW we know!   And it wasn't pretty lemme tell ya!  *LOL*

You see, the City is replacing the ancient water and sewer lines in our Old Neighborhood, so they've got our Street and surrounding Neighborhood Streets entirely dug up and under intensive Construction.  It's a Hot Mess and very poor timing now that temps are in the stratosphere and Summer has rolled in with a vengeance.   And rather than wait for the Utility Companies to mark off their lines first before they began digging... well, they got hasty and impatient in the Summer Heat and all.  You can clearly see where this is going, can't you?  *Le Sigh*

Yes, since the triple digit temps must have fried their brains they destroyed the Phone lines, Gas lines, Cable TV and Internet lines all in one fell swoop!!!   They also had a huge trench in front of my driveway and 'No Parking' Signs all up and down our Street so that there was absolutely no place for Residents to Park!  Just for added inconvenience I suppose... since leaving the Community without land line Phones, Gas, TV and Internet clearly wasn't enough distress when it's a hundred and ten degrees outside and everyone is sequestered inside for most of the day!

Since they did such a bang-up job of the whole destruction process it meant that all of this stayed down for well over twenty-four hours, it was the day that Technology Stood Still at our house and that of all our Neighbors!!!   Thankfully the Electric lines aren't underground too in the Old Neighborhoods so we still had Air Conditioning and Lights... Whew!!!

Now, one would think that the most affected by the loss of Technology, even temporarily, would be the G-Kid Force since they cut their teeth on all these gadgets.   But like me, they weren't the least bit phased by it at all.   We Read Books and Magazines, we Created some Art, listened to Music, Organized and Cleaned, Talked and prepped Inventory for the Showrooms.  Then we went to the Showrooms to Re-Style the Spaces for the Big Father's Day Weekend coming up.

But The Man nearly lost his Mind and went thru some Serious Tech Withdrawal... SERIOUS!  He was missing all of his Favorite TV Shows and sitting there staring at the blank TV Screen...  Angrily.  He was desperate... and called The Son... at Work... to ask how to use the Old VCR?  Because he'd forgotten how, we'd all forgotten how, I can't even remember the last time I watched a VCR Movie, though we still had a few left?! Only to be told that it hadn't worked in Years Dad, probably before Princess T was even born,  remember... after the Young Prince put a Sandwich in it when he was about four!!!??  *LOL* 

Well, what about the DVD Player he asks The Son... does THAT still work?   Well, yeah Dad, but you guys never bought any DVD Movies, they were all mine and I took them when I moved out, remember?   By now The Man is looking like a Crack Fiend... only he's Jonesin' for an Entertainment 'Fix' because TV has become his drug of choice.   But now everything is Irritating him and he's Fixating on stuff... SERIOUSLY Fixating and winding himself up... the fact he can't go Online {he rarely does anyway}... and what if I have a Medical Emergency, and I can't use the Phone he wails!?!  Uh, Honey, we have two Cell Phones, remember?  *Winks*

And the Gas lines for the Stove... how are we gonna cook today if the Gas doesn't work he growls?!   Ummmm... I'd say... the Microwave... or I'll just order Take-Out... using my Cell Phone...  *Double Winks*   Chill... I says... and go back to Reading my Book... I'm rather liking the Solitude actually and the Kiddos are equally engrossed Reading and Creating, which to me was a Good Thing.  I recalled how many years as an Adult I didn't even own a TV and how seldom I really ever watch it myself.

He stomps off to Bed... and it's only Six O'Clock PM and still light outside... and the G-Kid Force are asking why Grandpa is going to Bed so EARLY and why is he so ANGRY and UPSET, almost in tears?   Well, because he doesn't know what to do with himself without the TV and I think it caught him quite by Surprise how Addicted to it he really is I says.   It's True, you don't always know what your Addictions are, or at least how BAD they are until you go Cold Turkey, do you?  *Smiles*

Now to be completely Fair, after his Traumatic Brain Injury, the TV has often been his best form of Entertainment and Comfort... his easiest Connection to the outside World since being in the outside World is still often quite difficult and anxiety ridden for him yet.   So, though his ensuing Tantrum and Withdrawal wasn't pretty and was rather difficult for everyone else to deal with, we weren't totally without Compassion.   Now we know... Grandpa NEEDS his TV 'Fix'... desperately.

So... I made a few calls to speed things along... because I didn't know how many days of this I could take... him in the throes of Withdrawal and all!?   *Winks*    And I did miss my Blog and Facebook Contact some by the second day, though I no longer Blog daily, I do like to visit the rest of you.  And two Mornings in a row without Cartoons for the Kiddos was making them a tad bit Cranky before they went off to their respective Summer Programs I've arranged to keep them busy and having sufficient Socialization while out of School.   And when it all came back online later this Morning The Man was Ecstatic and Rejoicing Jubilantly.  And so was I... *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I can just imagine the trauma he was going thru! Although funny I'm sure it was hard on everybody! Glad things are running again! I especially liked the part about the sandwich in the VCR!

  2. The sandwich in the VCR comment is a classic: in our family it was a pop tart.

    Oh, what do I spy with my little eye on the mantle, between the marmalade jar and the Haeger (?) vase filled with feathers? Is that a whirling dervish a'whirlin'? If that's in your booth would you please turn it over and tell me who manufactured it, please.

    1. It's in my Home Beth and the Maker's Mark underneath is Blue and seems to be in a foreign language so I can't make out who or what it is? But thanks to you I know what it is now called... Whirling Dervish, LOVE IT! ... Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. Does it read Yildiz Porselen Fabrikasi? If so, your little Sufi dancer is one of a set comprising two dancers, a drummer, a flutist and a singer. Made in Istanbul, probably in the early 20th century. * Wonder how he arrived in Arizona?!

  3. I love your collections as always! If I have no electricity I am happy to read, although if it's a dark day, I am kind of stuffed, reading by candlelight is painful on the eyes. It does suck if you are sick, though! I am sick at the moment and my eyes hurt too much to read, not to mention I wouldn't be able to concentrate. Also the day is ridiculously dark!

    I grew up in a rural area where we had no town water, only tank water, so if the electricity went out we had to get water from the tank and wash our hands in water in the basin and flush the toilet with a bucket. Now if the electricity goes off I am still pleasantly surprised by having water, even after 7 years!


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