Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' ~ Part III

Today's Post as we continue Enjoying this Month's SWEET SALVAGE Event 'Summer Lovin' will focus on Collections.   Whether you have a Mini Collection or a Massive Collection, a grouping of similar objects or a Theme always looks impressive and interesting.

One of the Cutest Vignettes at this Month's Show was called 'The Dog Days Of Summer' and Showcased a Sweet Collection of Man's Best Friend.   The Miniature Collection of Dogs were Adorable and ranged from China to Cast Iron specimens.

The Lady in line behind me at the Checkout was cradling a tiny Cast Iron Bulldog that she'd 'Scored' from this Section of the Show.  She told me that she likes to tuck Miniature Collectibles amongst her potted plants for Interest and a Sweet Surprise peeking out.  That made me think of Fairie Gardens and how Enchanting and Imaginative they always are.

The nicest thing about Miniature Collectibles is that they don't take up a lot of space and yet they make a big Impact and are typically easy on the budget unless it's a very Rare Specimen.

I'd have to say that most Kids begin their Collecting with Miniatures of something and perhaps why Miniatures Appeal to most of us well into Adulthood because it holds a Nostalgic Place in our Hearts and Memories.

One of the large Display Cabinets at the Show has the most Amazing Collection of Vintage Porcelain Knobs, each with a different Medical Equipment Word written across the knob to identify where everything had been stored.    One thing I like to Collect are Vintage and Antique Knobs and Pulls because adding these to any Furniture Makeover makes for an Impressive Eyecatching Detail to make the piece Unique but without spending a Fortune.  Nothing makes an Ordinary piece of Furniture now appear Extraordinary quite like Unique Hardware.

And how about Upcycling an Ordinary piece like a Vintage Tackle Box into a Unique Jewelrybox to compliment a Vintage Industrial Vibe of Decor.

Yes, here I am again revisiting the Bling!  *Winks*  Can't Help myself, it draws me like a Moth to a Flame I tell ya!!!
I have a Collection of Vintage Travel Alarm Clocks so I Appreciated this Vignette's Collection of them.   I liked the one on the bottom Right that had an abundance of Foxing on the Dial.  For me Condition is Everything but in the Opposite Direction that most people look for Condition... I don't want Pristine and Perfect, I prefer Imperfections and the ravages of Time to be evident in the Condition of a piece.  And since many of my Collections are for Display purposes, they don't have to necessarily be in working order either.

I also Collect Italian Tole and so my Tole Radar honed in on this Sweet Candelabra of Tole Fruit Branches and a Bird.

Have you ever noticed that if there is something specific that you Collect and have an Affinity for, it can be buried in a Vignette and you'll still Zero In on it?   *LOL*   The Tole Bird Candelabra was hidden amongst a Garden Vignette peeking out from behind some Lavender it was hiding behind and I still Zeroed In on it!  *Smiles*   Wish it had of been within Budget because it would have certainly come Home with me.  Oddly, I had once seen the Identical Matching Tole Wall Sconces to this Set in an Antique Store, but they were already Sold!   My Memory Banks never forget a piece like these!

And is there anyone NOT Collecting Lovely Vintage Silverplate of some kind and Fabulous Weathered Garden Art?   I think not... so they always make for a Lovely Gift that will be Appreciated by almost anyone.

Another inexpensive Collectible is Ephemera... which is a Favorite of mine and you can amass an Impressive Collection of it easily and it's so versatile for Decorating with or Creating Mixed Media Art from.

And Clock Faces are another Salvage Item I like to Collect to Decorate with and Create Altered Art from.

And yes, I also have a Collection of Vintage Picnic Baskets, they make for great tiered Storage, just like Vintage Suitcases do.    And they can hold tiny Vignettes of your most Beloved Objects.  And who can not think of Summer when they hear the word Picnic?!?

And I know I've mentioned it many times before but it's worth repeating, anything and especially Collections, looks more Important under Glass!   So if you haven't begun amassing Cloches and Interesting Pedestals yet, there were plenty to choose from at the Event.

I Loved the unframed Painting of Still Life Poppies... it would go Beautifully in my unframed Art Collection!   Well, be sure to come back again... not finished yet... still more Fabulous Treasures and Inspiring Vignettes to Share!!!   And remember, the Event runs through Tomorrow Afternoon so you still have time to see it all for yourselves and 'Score' your own Found Treasures!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. I agree about cloches, though sometimes with kids around ....! :D

  2. Did you get the Poppy Picture?


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