Friday, June 20, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' ~ Part II

As we continue with the SWEET SALVAGE 'Summer Lovin' Event... we're gonna get Beachy in this Post.   A Summer Vibe to me always makes me long for a Vacation by the Ocean, preferably with a Beach Cottage accommodation.  *Winks*

When I was a Child we lived for a few years near the Beach in Cape Cod and to say we wanted to spend all of our time on the Beach would be an understatement... we were practically fish!  *Smiles*  It made a lasting Impression upon me and if we were ever living close enough to get to a Beach, whether here in the U.S. or abroad, that was always my first choice of destinations!  This Vignette reminded me of Cabana Beach Parties...

And this one reminded me more of a European Beach Cottage Style...

And it was VERY difficult for me to walk away without one of these Starfish Altered Art Bottles for my Altered Art Bottle Collection... well, maybe next time.  Or if I 'Fold' and go back again over the weekend, since Princess T is prompting me for a Girl's Day Out together and was rather miffed I didn't take her with me on Opening Day.   But the Crowds would have been too much for Children, so I prefer to wait for her to join me on one of the less Zealous and more Zen Event days so she doesn't have a Freak Out.  *Smiles*

And another Coveted Item I kept circling like a Shark was this Magnificent Enormous Silverplate Punch Bowl.   But it was so large I wasn't certain where I could put it and it would have been a shame to only use it Seasonally... so I Passed, albiet reluctantly and after I fondled and photographed it profusely.  You can always tell when I'm having a Forbidden Love Affair with a piece that won't come Home with me!!!  *Winks*

And Naturally I got waylayed in the Bling Section of the Event... I could spend the majority of my time there, but then I couldn't Cover the Event very effectively for you here in the Land of Blog now could I?  *LOL*   If you're completely infatuated with Bohemian Bling too, then you probably can't get enough of it either... but there is so much more to see and experience, so I TRY to be well rounded for these Posts.  *Smiles*

But you know how it is when it's 'Your Thing'... your Focus and Attention seems to be Monopolized by that which you are the most Attracted to!   I can always tell what I was most drawn in by later, when I download my Images, and take a census of what Monopolized the content of the Images captured thru the eye of my lens?!?   And what I completely neglected to or forgot to take pixs of?!?

Loved these Upcycled Baseball Cuff Bracelets my Friend Lilia Corona Created... and of coarse her Doorplate Jewelry Creations, of which I own several.

And my Mom would Love this Union Jack Inspired Pillow.

The Sweet little Beach Cottage Style Cabinet it was sitting atop of was being closely Guarded by a Lady who must have been the new Owner?   Those Yellow 'Sold' stickers were popping up everywhere and getting Treasures ready to move on to their New Homes.  It is Exciting when you 'Score' a Desired Major Statement piece to take Home isn't it?  I'm at Saturation Point for large Major Statement pieces, but I remember the Rush of each one I brought Home!

And of coarse this Pimped out Deer was my Favorite piece of Taxidermy.  Just My Style!  *LOL*

I'm always Happy to see Taxidermy offered at Events because it is getting very hard to come by or at reasonable prices.   But this day I didn't come Home with any new Taxidermy to Pimp Out.

No... I stuck to my Mission Statement of the Bling Baby and just one other piece... {she says as she's patting Self on the back... Winks}.

See... I CAN have an ounce of Restraint in me!  *Smiles*

Which isn't easy at this Event since even the Restrooms are Styled to the hilt with Fabulous Treasures!   I was in total Lust with this Turquoise Zinc Topped Table in there!  *Swooning*   This was actually the first piece I could take the time to see when I made my mad rush to the Ladies Room when the doors opened!  *LOL*

Yes, this is definitely one Event where you don't wanna forget to check out the Restrooms... BOTH of them!  Yep it's Okay to make sure you see the inside of the Men's Room too so long as nobody's occupying it {Winks}... because they both WILL be laden with more Fabulous Treasures for Sale and Beautifully Styled!!!

I Loved this little Vignette and the Awesome Cabinet it was nestled in that was in the Ladies' Room.

And how Awesome is this Scene for the Lazy Days of Summer, huh?  I Love Hammocks and Wish we still owned one... nothing more comfy and relaxing on a Hot Summer's Day than to climb up in one filled with squishy pillows and nestled in the Shade, with an Icy Glass of Lemonade and a good Book!

Why... there's the Lemonade now!   Perfect!!!!!!!!   *Winks*

And jars of German Glass Glitter... makes for a Heavenly Summer filled with Sparkle and Enchantment too!!!

And if you're not particularly a Beach Person... how about a Summer Cabin by your Favorite Lake?  Yeah, that'll do too...  *Winks*   Well... be sure to come back for Part III to behold even more from your Bohemian Pathological Picture Taking Blog Friend... *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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