Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' ~ Part I

Well it was time once again to make my Monthly Pilgrimage down to SWEET SALVAGE for this Month's Themed Event!   Wish I could have made the Awesome Preview Party the Night before, but we were expecting Company and they were running late, so it was a good thing I didn't buy a ticket that I would have ended up not being able to use.  *Whew!*

But I'd Enjoyed the Sneak Peek Blog and Facebook Previews of the Event and was standing in line next to a Sweet Gal who did get to attend and give me the lowdown.   She had her eye on a Special piece of Beach Cottage Style Driftwood Art and I was Delighted to see that she managed to 'Score' it.   You always meet the nicest people while waiting for the Event to begin and I like to hear their Stories of how they've been Styling with their Sweet Treasures.

I can't help but feel especially Patriotic during the Summer Months as the 4th of July nears and so it was Delightful to see so much of the Red, White and Blue represented in many of the Lovely Vignettes.   Along with many piece of this Awesome Bright Turquoise which exhudes a Summer Vibe of spending time in a Beach Cottage by the Ocean!  If I had a Beach Cottage by the Ocean I'd definitely have Turquoise on the Palette to Style it with.

In fact, I met a few Lucky Souls at the Event who did own Beach Cottages and were Shopping to Source Decor to Style them with.   I like to Imagine what the end results would look like judging by the Awesome Beachy and Nautical Inspired Treasures I saw that they 'Scored'?!?

But even tho' we don't own a Beach Cottage... as Summer has rolled in I have hauled out some of my own Summer Treasures to Style with and thoroughly Enjoy the Inspiration presented by the various Sweet Stylists on their Visions of the Lazy Days of Summer!!!

There were some Patriotic Antique Treasures...

And an Awesome Vignette Inspired by an Old Fashioned Ice-Cream Parlour.  There had been a HUGE faux Commercial Ice-Cream Cone Display but that was Sold before I could snap a pix of it!

You see, tho' I had procured a great place in line near the front, and gotten a choice parking spot by arriving early... I had also drank a lot of Water to stay hydrated since it heats up early... and that meant that the foremost thought on my mind when the doors opened... was to hit the Ladies' Room pronto and make a beeline for it, before ever snapping even one pix!   *LOL*

And the next Priority Order of Business was to head to the Check-Out Immediately to pick up my Gorgeous Bling Baby Created by my Talented Friend Cyndie, since I could hardly wait to see it in Person... and it was even Lovelier than the Images and Exceeded my Expectations!

I was so Excited I couldn't even line up and Center the Frame properly to show you the Side View!  *LOL*

So she had to have her Proper Photo Op once we got Home and I'm Calmed Down a bit!  *Winks*

As you can see she fits right in here at Bohemian Valhalla... with her little Vintage Mink Stole and Silk Bow which is a Vintage Hat Repurposed... and her Vintage Bling... Old China and Pressed Glass.

I couldn't wait to Adorn her with some of my Favorite Bohemian Bling Bracelets, which is what she is Purposed for... Displaying your most Cherished Bling Bracelets, Necklaces, Brooches, Earrings and Rings... of which I have, ahem, a few.  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   So I told Cyndie I will probably need a Bling Baby Partner to lighten this one's load!  *Winks*

And just look at the Sweet Dragonfly Brooch Bling atop her Adorable Curly little Locks!!!  And the Belly Button Bling in the shape of a Rose to match the Vintage China Ring Holding Base!!!  Such Thoughtful Attention to Details is one of the reasons why I J'Adore Cyndie's Fabulous Creations.

Okay... so clearly my A.D.H.D. is showing! *Winks*   I'll Attempt to stay on Task and show you more of the Ice-Cream Parlour Vignette.  Loved the Treats and Ice-Cream Party Supplies Stored  and Displayed in various glass containers... gives a real Festive Feel.   Couldn't you just Imagine a Summer Ice-Cream Social with a spread like this?
I was really drawn to these Patriotic Style Medals in my Friend Myko's Space and I don't even know why?!?  Have you ever been drawn to something strongly that you don't even Collect?   There was just something very Appealing about them in a grouping like this... but I resisted... because I had sworn to only pick out ONE other Treasure besides my Bling Baby!   Such restraint, I know!!!

It's not my five to one rule that had me restraining myself... because I could easily Purge five more items for every one brought into Bohemian Valhalla since I'm in Serious Edit and Purge Mode anyway.  *Winks*   It's that darned pesky Budget... since I'm Ponying Up for the G-Kid Force to Attend all their Summer Programs and Field Trips... and The Man's Medical Bills keep rolling in like a Tidal Wave... so it's really cramping my Style this Summer!!!  *Le Sigh*

But don't feel too Sorry for me... the Great Edit and Purge is helping to Fund some Summer Fun and also some Guilty Indulgences.   My restrained one other Purchase at the Event was this AMAZING Antique Frame with Glass still intact!   See how Beautifully it Frames the Suitcases I set it up against for this impromptu Photo Op?   I may even leave it there for a while since it looks so good Showcasing them!  *LOL*
Here's a Close-Up of some of the Details on it... I have this 'Thing' for empty Old Frames, especially the Ornate ones showing the Patina of Age and Lovely Imperfections on small missing spots of Barbola and Gesso.

This is the Vignette it was in when I spied it... see, it's the Center one... and even tho' all of the Frames were Fabulous... and every one was under Forty Bucks... which makes it hard to pass up any Antique Frame at such a Bargain...

 The Angelic Hosts were Singing when I spied 'The One' that would come Home with me to Bohemian Valhalla!    Yes, I hear Angel Chorus whenever I see a Fab Antique Ornate Frame at a Bargain and well within Budget!!!  *Smiles*

And I do Hope you'll come back for the next Post... which will Showcase some of the other Styles of Vignettes besides the Patriotic Theme for Summer... including a Cute Dog Days Of Summer Vignette that I just Loved!!!  {PS: See how Spirit showed up by that Fab Antique Red Cabinet... look closely by the bottom door hardware at the large Spirit Orb!!!  It must have been quite Beloved by a previous Owner who has Crossed Over.}

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I find very modern almost futuristic, bravo for design! And thank you for sharing.

  2. All these shows! I would have to miss some I'm afraid, the temptation would be too great! Your Bling Doll Head jewelry holder is outstanding! I can see why you were so excited!

  3. Ah, I love the icecream parlour vignette! All those candies and things! Delicious!


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