Monday, June 16, 2014

Over-Sharing And Envious Lurking... Guilty Of Both Counts!

Okay, so there's a Where Bloggers Create Blog Party coming up in mid July Hosted by my Talented Blog Friend Karen Valentine of MY DESERT COTTAGE Blog.  And this will be the first year I'll FINALLY get to Participate, since I recently Reclaimed my Studio Space and finished enough of the Makeover to Share.   So I'm really Excited about that because I always wanted to Participate and not just be an Envious Lurker of everyone else's Fabulous Creative Spaces.  *Winks*

Yes it's True, I can be an Envious Lurker when beholding all of the Fabulous things in Life that I have on my Wish and Bucket Lists that haven't yet Manifested in my Life and I'm impatiently waiting upon... because I don't wanna Live vicariously thru someone else's Stories all of the time... I want my own Story too!  *Winks* 

And I know I'll have a Story eventually because I'm Tenacious about what I really, really want in Life... which is probably why I am also Guilty of Over-Sharing once the long wait is over and I finally get Mine too, of whatever it was!!!  *LOL*

So therein lies the dilemma really... while waiting upon something you can't really Share yet what you don't even have or Participate to the full degree... and then when I FINALLY have the Victory and get Mine, I totally Over-Share!    Which can seem to come across as gloating, when in fact it's just a culmination of many years of waiting and then bursting at the seams with Excitement to FINALLY get what you Dreamed of, desperately wanted, desired and can't wait to Share!!!

And in my Gleeful Enthusiastic State of Being, I get very carried away... and I knew the Post I'd be Creating for the Blog Party would be no exception.   So I've been Working on it a lot... Writing and Re-Writing it... Photographing the hell out of my Studio Space and then Agonizing about which Images to Share and TRY not to Over-Share to an Insane degree!  *Winks*

Because it's not like I don't realize I'm a dismal failure at appropriately Editing... and even the G-Kid Force, The Son and The Man Attempting to keep me Accountable doesn't Help that much.  The conversation might go something like this:
"What are you doin' Gramma?" 
"Photographing my Studio for a Blog Party about Where Bloggers Create and I'm really Excited about it."
"Yeah, we could tell, but do you really NEED to Photograph EVERY drawer of your Art Supplies?" 

Well of coarse I don't... but I know I will... and in my demented thought process I think I can Justify and Rationalize that excessively Photographing will mean I have more and perhaps better Images to choose from to Share in the Post.   And in Theory that would be correct... but in Application, when you can't Edit down anything you Overdo to a Sane level... that's NOT gonna happen!  *Le Sigh*

The Family know it, they've seen me in Action before.   And then seen me struggle with trying to pare down the Choices to a limited few.  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   It's not that I don't know what a proper amount of Sharing should look like, I've seen it many times... in YOUR Blogs.  *Winks*

And the Family will try to soothe my disappointment that I've gone Wheels Off the Rails again by suggesting that perhaps I could Share the OTHER bazillion Images I like, but that don't fit into a mere Post, by making... well... a bazillion other Posts to use them in?!?  *LOL*  Well... Okay then, if you all Insist... *Winks*
Over-doing it and Over-Sharing again... but refraining for a Moment anyway in Envious Lurking since this Dream FINALLY came True... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You have a lovely collection! That deer looks so fancy with her crown and necklace! I want to steal the shawl you have on the table in the last picture!

  2. Good for you! I did the tour one year, and it was fun! But too lazy this year I guess. Your studio will be more unique than anyone else's I bet!

  3. I can hear the excitement in your voice, Dawn. Share your beautiful space to your heart's content. :)

  4. Hi Dawn! Thanks for visiting my blog and so nice to meet you! There's nothing I like better than a little unbridled enthusiasm, so share away! :D

    I love your Art Studio and can definitely see the influence of my beloved Addams clan. ;D The alligator with the tiara in your banner SO belongs in the Addams mansion! Morticia would adore it!

  5. Sounds like great fun! And of course you should photograph the contents of every drawer: How else can we peep at what's in them (unless the Shy Biker and I someday succeed in our nefarious plan to slither under the door jamb and 'liberate' a few baubles you'll never miss).

    Is there a phonograph on the premises? Shall there be mood music? What's the theme song for the Bohemian Valhalla of the Arizona Desert? I'm thinking Rudy Valentino,, Gloria Swanson!


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