Sunday, June 1, 2014

Now That I'm Off The Crazy Train...

All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay...   Okay, now that I'm off the Crazy Train about needing a whole lotta Change and a Move... we can get back to Normal and Sanity... well, as Normal and Sane as it gets anyway here at Bohemian Valhalla!  *Winks*

I mean we were Serious about it... for a Minute anyway... but after a fun filled couple of days Imagining what it would be like to live in Desired Neighborhoods where the grass looked greener on the other side of the fence and all...

 I find myself just standing in various rooms of the Main House or Art Studio Cottage... or the great outdoor expanse of our Property and APPRECIATING it all more than ever now!!!  And Wondering what in the Hell was I even Thinking to want to give it all up or even Consider such a thing, had I completely lost my Mind?!??!??   That Crazy Train ride was definitely wheels off and I'm Glad I came to my Senses, pumped the brakes and jumped off just in time!  *Whew!  Close Call before I went Off The Rails on the Crazy Train... Smiles!*

I think The Man was more disappointed... only because he could load up a duffle bag and walk out the door of any place and be just fine about whatever he left behind.  I've always been the one more Attached to this Property and what we have done with it over the Years and Lovingly Feathered it with.  And I'd be the one who would have to do all the actual Work, Numbers Crunching and Negotiations of an actual move... so I was being much more Logical than Day-Dreamy about it all!  *Smiles*

I think after his Catastrophic Accident and so many previous Years of serious Infirmity and increased Disability, beginning at about the time we bought this Home over 15 years ago, he just has too many painful Memories associated with himself and that block of time.  So a Fresh Start was just very alluring and appealing to him on so many levels that I can't have the same point of reference with.

I told him that if the time ever is right to move, things will line up and fall into place so that it would be a better thing all around... and not a potentially regretful one with doubts and increased debt loads.  I've always made money on my Real Estate transactions and I'm guarded about what I Invest in... if I can't make my money on the Buy then I usually don't buy, period!!!

  I've always had and been used to built in Equity from Day #1 because I got a Sweet Deal and took my risks and chances in a different way.  By having Vision and foresight of what something could be or was worth as an Future Investment... and then making it so.  So it always looked better in the end... and didn't have to at the front end.  I gotta get bang for my buck on the Buy tho' so that it's more of a Sure Thing, I'm just not a born Gambler on a shaky or questionable Buy.

 Nor was there ever Buyer remorse when something wasn't "All That" after acquisition of it because I always do my Due Diligence first... 'specially if it's Expensive!  *LOL*   Because not everything that looks good superficially has substance, especially in Real Estate.  Since I'm the one who does all the Work around here Maintaining everything I assured him that I was still up to the job and not to worry.  I'm still very much in Love with this Old House... and especially my Art Studio Cottage where renovations and a Make-Over are still underway and going well.  And when you really Care about anything, it's worth all the Effort and Sacrifices to do whatever it takes.

Besides, I have way too much Important Junk that I still have to take my time wading through around here... and I don't want to do it in Panic Mode... I want to be methodical about it.  But I must say that spending time thinking about a Move has lit a fire in me to put the Process of Editing and Purging into Hyperdrive and be way more Serious about Curating and Refining what we Keep.  And cut the crap about what to be Selling and Donating without any procrastination or ridiculous Attachments that don't make sense and aren't even Sentimental in Nature!!!

Because I do know myself well enough to realize that I could have the tendancy for it ALL to be considered Important Junk to me and to be Junque Drunk when wading thru my Lovelies.  But the Pay-Off of doing it properly the first time is to go stand in the Main Room of my Art Studio Cottage and see the Results of a Serious Edit and Purge, where form, function and Keeping only what I absolutely LOVE meant that 75% {yep, Seventy-Five Percent!!!} went out the door one way or the other!  And what was left and properly Curated was 100% True to Me and the Vision I had for the Space!

I NEED to be that discerning about going methodically thru the rest of our possessions and Culling the Hoard properly and with businesslike decision making detached of Emotion.   I know I can do it, I just haven't done it, or at least not at full throttle... and it needs to be done... so we're making that our Goal, the G-Kid Force and I, to spend the Summer tackling that Project and getting Bohemian Valhalla in complete order and cleared out of anything not LOVED or absolutely Necessary and Functional or Purposed!
So... Princess T and I began the charge, since we're the Front Line in this war against excess and clutter... and we began with some of Gramma's excessive Collections... of which there are many.  *Winks*  And for which the Letting Go Of isn't that painful because I've had the Thrill of the Hunt for many Years procuring them and then many more Years Enjoying them... and now it's Time to Collect the Return on my initial Investments from the Deals I made in the Past. 

Clearly I had a 'Thing' for Vintage and Antique Salt N Pepper Shakers... mostly Opalescent and Milk Glass.   Ironically The Princess and I were busy Pricing them when The Man pipes up from the other room that I could probably start with getting rid of the excessive Collections... like the Salt N Pepper Shakers!   *Bwahahahaha... we beat you to it Honey... Proof that two Great Minds think alike tho', huh?  LOL*

Princess T is a great Editing and Purging Partner because she LOVES to Clean and Organize things... anything actually.  So as I wade thru possessions and fiercely decide what must be Sold or Donated... she sets about Cleaning them up, Organizing into Sell and Donate containers, and getting tags ready for the items that will be Showroom destined.

And then as he sees all the Treasure laden boxes heading out the door and the bare shelves, emptied cupboard spaces, cleared out closets and empty drawers... now I hear him saying something I'd never thought I'd hear in this lifetime!!!   "Why are you getting rid of so MUCH, aren't you going way overboard?!??!"   Huh?!??!  What... ME go OVERBOARD??!   *Winks*   And um... this coming from The Man who constantly tells me I NEED to get rid of stuff and not have so much and especially so many Collections... Surreal, I feel like I've fallen down the Rabbit Hole for sure!!!!!!  Now he's switched on me and seems more Attached to this crap  um... I mean, these Priceless Heirlooms and Found Treasures, than I ever was?!???!  *She shakes her head in dismay laughing!*

Don't worry Honey... I Assure him that if I'm still Madly in Love with it or we actually Need it or have Purpose for it, then it will remain and be a Keeper!  *Winks*   And that after there's so much Less and things are Simplified and properly Curated... and we're Enjoying the Benefit of the additional Freedom of discarding excess baggage, have additional Room and Profits from the Sales... or the Good Feeling of having Donated to Worthy Causes... he won't even Remember what we got rid of... and neither will the Kiddos and I... I Promise!

And besides... isn't it obvious that the majority of this was initially 'Scored' with the Intent of making money off of it down the road and only Enjoying it for a Season... and that the Thrill of the Hunt was always way more Exciting to me than purely amassing any of it for personal use? 

He's always dismayed that I don't get Attached to Wardrobe and can Clean my Closets and Drawers out in a Heartbeat and flip almost anything... regardless of being a Fashionista Diva I've rarely, if ever, had Sentiment about Clothing.   So that's always the easiest Edit and Purge for me and helps me to build momentum for the more difficult Edits and Purges to come.

After all... I'm lookin' to lose as much weight as my Friend Pamela is able to knock off via Photoshop Plastic Surgery... she cracks me up and the Images do Inspire me even tho' they are slightly more distorted than Real Life weight loss or Cosmetic Surgery!  *LOL*   And when I do reach Goal, Trust and Believe I WILL be buying New Wardrobe to Celebrate the Victory and look Fierce!  *Winks*

I don't have trouble with Editing and Purging Seasonal Items either... no matter how Beloved they ever were... because I like to Decorate for the Holidays differently and have various Themes, so repeating them rarely happens and thus Seasonal Collections are a great way to fund Future Seasonal Decorating Themes!   Buy low... Sell higher when certain Vintage Seasonals are even more Desirable... Works for me!  *Smiles*

Always had an Affinity for the Anna Lee Seasonal Collectibles... I remember beginning my Collection of them in the Seventies... looking for Gently Loved cast-offs at a Bargain since buying them from Dillards at Retail Prices was not within Budget.  Over the Years I amassed an Impressive Collection... enough to have an Anna Lee Christmas if I wanted to!  *LOL*

And they've held their Appeal because they're so stinkin' Cute and have that Folk Art Quality to them that is Endearing.   So I do quite well with them in the Showrooms and replenish Stock as I discover Stored Collections I forgot about or didn't get to 'til now.

I'd almost Sold Out of all my Anna Lee Collectibles so I was glad when I came across some more to add to Inventory in Showroom #114 for those Customers that have been buying them from me regularly.

And you'll be seeing many, many, many more Collections in the Showrooms that are exiting Bohemian Valhalla and I'll try to remember to give Sneak Previews of what's coming and being made available out of my Private Collections.   I'm still kinda on the fence about allowing Pickers to come Pick Bohemian Valhalla because I don't know how I'll react to being put on the spot to part with items I may not realize I'm not quite ready to Let Go of?  We'll see... I'm thinking that it might actually be Fun so I'm Considering the possibility to speed the Process up that I'm deeply into now!

'Cause like the Kiddos remind me, it's not AS IF we're never goin' Pickin' again Gramma to replenish whatever we Negotiate a Sell on... they're right... where it all came from, there's more to 'Score' and the Thrill Of The Hunt is our Real Rush anyway.  The Art of the Deal is what Drives us... our Life Blood really.

But I know my Weaknesses too when it comes to the Letting Go Process... Salvaged Old Doors for example.   Though I have a Hoard of them that no Sane Person should accumulate 'Just Because' you never met one you didn't Love and want to Rescue or Pop on if it was Cheap enough... I can't remember the last time I wanted to Sell Off one of them.   So most I have had in the Showrooms have been Display Props for other Merchandise... Crazy I know, since I could easily Sell them and not really miss one... or two... or three... or a half dozen as The Man could Testify!  *LOL*

And so I also know that if I let one of my Picker Friends have free reign of Bohemian Valhalla for a Pick I'd be anxious if they honed in on my Old Doors... or my Vintage Tablecloth Collections... or Salvaged Stained Glass Windows... and Pressed me to Sell... because those Collections, though at Insane levels of Overcollecting of them for Decades... are almost Sacred to me still!

I'm afraid I'd risk turning into one of those Poor Obsessed Souls on 'Hoarders' who almost has an Anxiety Attack when Pressed to get rid of some of the Sacred Stuff to them!  *LOL*   And lets face it, Normal Folks don't Get It that certain amassed Treasures and Collections are Off Limits... so they wouldn't know your Achilles Heel 'til they wanted one or some of it and then saw you Freak Out or have a Panic Attack!  *Winks*

I'm getting there tho'... and quickly in fact... by Letting Go of a whole heckuva lot and not Feeling anything about it actually... except relief and a sense of accomplishment, nothing Negative tho' as I Cull the Hoard of Lovelies Accumulated over a Lifetime... so I've guessed that perhaps it's just Time for most of it to go... not all of it, but most of it.

And I've also Amazed myself by being able to Source Product without Feeling any Need or Temptation to Keep most of it.   Just the Occassional Thing... and then sometimes only for a little while before deciding it needs to hit the Inventory List.   Funny thing is some things around the house and Studio actually have Price Tags on them because they're Temporal and just being Enjoyed for a little while before being Sold Off.   *Smiles*

And other things, no matter how Cute, just have no Special Attachment or Temporary Purpose for our Home or my Studio so they don't stay long even tho' I really liked them when I Sourced them.   Because frankly I won't even Buy anything I don't like or Love myself or find Interesting and the right Aesthetic for my Showrooms.

And it's also given me the Op to Upgrade my own Personal Collections regularly now and bring in something I Love better and Turn something it replaced.   Old Luggage is a Prime Example of an ever Transient population of Collectibles I'm Upgrading constantly!  They Sell well and I still Love them for my own Collections and Uses.   And I've been known to Enjoy a Good Trade too... so any Fellow Gypsy Traders out there... know that it's an Option to Negotiate a Good Trade that is mutually beneficial.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You're definitely in the right business for YOU, Dawn! I always enjoy coming to "witness" life at The Bohemian Valhalla :)

  2. Clever survivor you, dear Dawn, to seize upon that energy rising from "perhaps we'll move...?!" and converting it to "time to edit and purge, in case we do -- or even if we don't!"

    Your remark about some items about the Valhalla carrying price tags poked my funny bone. Many of my treasures are not; however, a few bear hand-written labels taped to their bottoms advising 'the kids' NOT to put this on a table on the lawn for $1!

    What is it about men and salt and pepper shaker collections? Those, and Hummels? I"m not attracted to either, but some men I know would happily use them for handgun targets!

  3. Good for you! Purging is hard!! Glad your granddaughter is helping you!


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