Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mantiques Vibe For Father's Day...

Since we had that block of time without Technology interrupting us... Princess T and I spent quite a bit of that Blissful Time prepping the Inventory and Showrooms so that we'd have more of a Mantiques Vibe for Father's Day.

I had a Vision for hanging a grouping of loose Globes of varying Hues and Sizes in front of Showroom One Fourteen.   And put Prince R to Work threading the wires thru them since he was the only one with the Mad Skills to actually do such a thing... since we all had tried and failed miserably... and he made it look so quick and easy that we Marveled!  *Smiles*

And you know how Visions of things are... how they Work Out in your Head on the Canvas of your Imagination doesn't always Line Up with how it will ACTUALLY Work Out in Real Life... Okay, so they ALMOST NEVER Line Up actually!   *LOL*   And so after I hung my Vision of them cascading down in front of the Showroom Entrance, Clearly they were hanging too low, even tho' they looked as I'd Intended.  *Le Sigh*

Unless I wanted any Customers taller than me to be dodging them or taller Kiddos using them as Tether Balls, I had to reconfigure the Vision of the grouping... higher... much higher.

Now, in case you don't already know, Yours Truly doesn't like heights because I have Vertigo... and so if I'm only inches off the ground on a ladder or chair, I think I'm going to fall off and die!  *Winks*   Sure, logically I know that I'm not that far off the ground really for it to be necessarily life threatening... but when things begin to spin, sway and get distorted in your Head with the effects of Vertigo, well, you just wanna get down as quickly and safely as possible before you Freak Out and cause a Scene!!!  *LOL*

Or have to ask someone to call Fire and Rescue to come get you down, since you become Frozen and totally immobilized by your Fears!  Since I was only two rungs up a small ladder, that would have been very Embarrassing indeed... so having to hang the Globes twice was making me sweat like I'd just run a Desert Marathon in June.  *LOL*   Okay... so it wasn't Perfect, this Altered Vision, but I wasn't climbing up there again, so it'll hafta do.  *Winks*

Besides, I still had to re-foof and arrange vignettes with the insane amount of Old Tool Boxes I'd recently Sourced just in time for Father's Day.   I'd hit the Motherlode of Old Tool Boxes... many Rusty and Crusty enough that I know the Guys will Love 'em... and maybe some Gals too... since Rusty and Crusty Sells well and I've found that if I leave them Fresh from the Farm so to speak, and don't clean them up, they Sell even faster... go figure!?!  *Ha ha ha!*

So I had Old Tool Boxes, Old Signage, Old Tools, Old Farm Supplies, Old Camping and Sporting Goods Supplies here, there and everywhere!!!

Because I can't forget about my Guy Customers... in fact, I have always been quite Surprised at how many Guys come into my Showrooms regularly and Shop there, since initially I had expected mostly us Gals to dig my Style, my Aesthetic and Inventory!!!   So I have to make a point of Sourcing more Mantiques and Vintage Industrial now at the request of my Regular Customers who can't get enuf of that kinda thing.

Isn't it funny how that works out and developes a Life of it's own when you have a Retail Space... you begin with what you Love and it then begins to Morph into what your Customers Love best... but with your distinctive Spin on it!

And along with the Rusty and the Crusty... anything Iron or Metal... Guys Love it!  I feel somewhat like a Scrapper now as much Old random Metal objects as I'm Sourcing to Sell!  *Ha ha ha!*

Small Furniture and Painted Furniture is another Perfect Example of what I usually wouldn't have thought about Sourcing regularly, but can't get enough of to keep stocked because it Sells so well and so quickly in my Showrooms!   So... whether I can Source something ready to Sell... or needing a Make-Over and a coat of Paint... I'm all over it now if it has good bones!  *Winks*

Almost any small Orphaned Table or Chairs will flip fast so now I keep my eyes peeled for them when I'm out Pickin'.   I recently Scored this Cute lil Marble Topped Table and once the Wood was oiled it sprung back to Life!

And caused quite a stir when I brought it in since I've got it Priced to Sell fast... so it probably won't last long and my Smalls will end up on the floor again.   *LOL*   Since I have absolutely zero Attachment to small Furniture I always Price it low because I want it to rotate quickly since my Real Estate isn't all that large to keep Furniture languishing in.   I'm also glad I stocked up on Old Suitcases because they keep Selling Fast too and my Detachment to them is improving.  *Winks*

But other things are still a tad bit hard to Let Go of when I Source them... such as this Awesome Pair of Old Framed Fabric Art... with Gorgeous Bright Florals painted on Wonderful Old Satin or Silk Fabrics!

These are some of those pieces of Inventory, that if they don't Sell quickly... or at all... you don't even Care!  Because you'd Keep them for yourself and like the way they look Decorating your Retail Space anyway.   *Winks*

I know... that's the Spirit Dawn... not Caring if something Sells or not, right?!!   *Bwahahahaha!*   But Seriously, since I only Source what I like or Love, if it remains in the Retail Spaces for a minute... it just means I could rotate it out and into Bohemian Valhalla for a while and give my Home or Studio a Temporary New Look... and then take it back later for Sale.  So... there's no down-side in my Mind.

And when it Sells, I can then go out and Source more... and it's the Thrill Of The Hunt that has the Greatest Allure for me, more than the Found Treasures really.  I'm just a Hopelessly Wired Hunter Gatherer I guess?!  *Winks*

And remember... that Father's Day Weekend the BRASS ARMADILLO WEST will be having a Free Drawing for a Smoker AND for a Gas Grill for Father's Day so be sure to come by and Enter Saturday and Sunday!  

 Now... you KNOW your Guy or your Dad would just ADORE owning one of these!!!  Plus the Mall will be grilling up Hamburgers and Serving other Goodies all Weekend long!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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