Tuesday, June 3, 2014


We have fertile Imaginations in this Family and we paint many Adventures on the canvas of our Imaginations frequently.  One of our Favorite past-times is Imagining... because Imagination is limitless and everything and anything you can conjure up is possible in that realm.  There isn't anything you can't do, anyone you can't be, any place you can't go, anything you can't have in the Imaginary World.

I used to Live by this Mantra... "I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the World."    And for most of my Life much of the World I actually saw in this way, by being a true Nomad and not putting down roots long enough to form permanent Attachments to any place, any thing, any Community.   But... now that I have... and have become Attached and Comfortable, and have far too much to fit into just a suitcase anymore, though Traveling is still in my blood... I now have a permanent Home to return to after each Great Adventure.   When people ask me where I'm from, I can say Here... instead of which Year?

I still Imagine many, many things... but not so much anymore about where I'll make my Home.  I have come to the Realization that it IS HERE and scratching the Wanderlust itch doesn't mean I have to pick it all up and cart it all off somewhere else.  

I can still pack a suitcase and live out of it for a while and see even more of the World without sacrificing Home Base.  And in many ways, at this Season of Life anyway, there is quite a bit of Comfort in that being our Reality.   Though neither The Man nor I would ever trade our Nomadic Experience nor want a do-over, because we thoroughly Enjoyed being Nomads in our Childhood, Youth and Younger Adulthood... once we hit the latter Years of Middle Age, moving just had more of a downside associated with what it took to relocate frequently.  

Traveling and Vacations are still as much Fun as they ever were and hitting the Open Road still holds it's Allure and Appeal for us both and we still often have itchy feet to have Change... probably because we've been Conditioned and so used to it being our Lifestyle for so very long.  Sometimes it just Feels like we've been in one place too long, because it's foreign to us to stay put and Connect permanently to places or things and any one Community.

But now that I do own what had always been my Historic Dream Home... complete with Art Studio Space, Work Cottage Space for The Man and lots of land around me... it would be way more difficult for me to give it all up than I had Imagined.   And like I said, I have a fertile Imagination... but Imagining that now, after having Invested a block of recent time in looking at other options, makes me much more likely to Imagine just staying put and what we can do to improve everything right here so that we'd never want to consider leaving it again?! 

And anytime I'm Feeling a tad bit overwhelmed at the Process of a complete Makeover of Bohemian Valhalla... all I need to do is enter the Main Room of my Art Studio Cottage and Encourage myself that all this was accomplished in less than a Week.  Because once focused and intent on a Project and the making it a Priority... it tends to come together quite quickly really and you build momentum as it Transforms into the Vision you had for it.

In case you couldn't tell, I tend to be a very Type A Personality anyway, so I throw myself whole heartedly into any Project with gusto and relentless hours devoted to it.  *LOL*  Much to the chagrin of The Man, who tends to be more of a Procrastinator and leaves many a Project unfinished as he fades at the gate and loses Interest and Enthusiasm or gets distracted by something else.   He's got stalled Projects all over the place that have sat dormant for Years... that would drive Yours Truly Crazy to begin and not finish a Project or Goal!!!

The most difficult part for me of any Project is Life getting in the way of it!   *Winks*   You know how it is... those darn and often mundane or dreaded daily commitments and obligations that are taking you away from your Pet Projects and Enjoyable Creation Time!   *Le Sigh*   Things like Work, be it housework or work outside of the Home that consumes precious Time away from getting a Dream Project completed.   Things like Appointments, laundry, preparing meals, shopping for necessities and distractions by Family Members when you're deep into devoting Time to The Project.  This Crew can be so NEEDY when they see me busy with a Project and that darn Calendar can get so FULL!  *LOL*

Because Honestly my Friends, I don't know about you, but for me, a Make-Over, Styling, Sourcing for a Pet Project and Transforming a Space is Pure Bliss even though it certainly is a lot of Work.  Because the Pay-Off is SO worth it!!!   I get such a sense of Accomplishment and Satisfaction after having Created a Special Vision and transferred it from the Canvas of my Imagination into the Real World where I can not just Dream about it Being, but have it now be a Reality.  No longer Imagining it... but being able to have it and Enjoy it in it's completed state of Being.

After I've completed a Project, whether a piece of my Art or the Make-Over and Transformation of a whole Room, I like to just sequester myself with it and bask in how it Feels to have a Vision come to Life and be right there beside or around me!!!  There's no better Feeling in the World for us Creative Types who Enjoy making our World a more Beautiful Place any way we can.  We don't need to Create every piece ourselves... the Thrill of the Hunt will have added Beautiful items especially Sourced for those Pet Projects too.

And I can easily Let Go of many un-necessary things once I have a Vision Complete and it lacks nothing, so any excess is welcome to Exit Stage Left!  *Smiles*   Paring down for me is much, much easier when I'm in the midst of a Complete Transformation or Make-Over of a Space.  Prior to the Project though, disparate objects don't bother me so much because if a Space hasn't been Overhauled, its difficult for me to Imagine what doesn't fit... when nothing seems to be Working Well anymore and it's time to Change it up or clean it out!

You see, as a Person prone to  and used to Extremes, either things are in complete Chaos or perfect Order... I rarely have some middle ground or the Balance I would like.   I prefer perfect Order, Relaxed Order to be sure, I'm not very Rigid and certainly have never been a Suzy Homemaker Type A Personality... but I don't Feel Comfortable around complete Chaos, especially in the Home.  It almost makes me physically and emotionally ill in fact to have Exposure to Chaos and it Stresses me out.   But the Crew here seem to be Comfortable in their Chaos and Order is not their Strength.

Princess T is very OCD like me and Loves to Clean and Organize... but on the flip side, she can Create Chaos and reek havoc upon her Environment like the Tazmanian Devil too!  No matter how hard she Worked at getting a Space immaculate and in Order, she can also be a one Gal Wrecking Crew at tearing it up so fast it looks ransacked and damn near vandalized!!!   She's clearly not very Attached to her results and the Outcome of all her hard Work... whereas I can be.  If I've Invested Time, Sweat and Sacrifice into a Space I want it to remain that way and strive for it to be Maintained... but I don't live alone.  *Sigh*

Maintenance for The Man and the G-Kid Force is a foreign concept apparently.  They don't seem to be convinced that just taking small amounts of Time regularly at Maintaining any Environment or thing means that it will never slide right into Chaos and end up being a Big Project again.   This is why they're only allowed in my Studio Space under strict Supervision!   *Ha ha ha!*   But the Main House, well, we ALL Live there, so what can I say?   I could and often have gotten a room revitalized only to have to run damage control in short order... which seems futile... and so often I almost don't want to waste my Time and Energy... and then get upset that all my hard Work was in vain!

They all always say they'll Help to keep things up... and that is probably their Intention... and for a while they will... but then they fall back into complacency about it all.   I'm not bragging, but once I've Worked hard to Accomplish something, I always take care of it and Maintain it to the very best of my abilities... so I don't 'Get It' when others don't or won't for whatever reason they're wired that way?  

And don't suggest it's all in the Training... because The Man is a Retired Marine and couldn't have been Trained any better at Structure, Execution of Projects and Order.   And I've Raised every Kiddo that has Lived under our roof to be Clean and Responsible... but for some, it has not been deeply enough imbedded in their DNA apparently.  Or Mental Health Issues have gotten in the way of execution of Natural tendancies towards Cleanliness, being Orderly and the doing of good or the right things on a consistent basis.

So yes, I often have my Bohemian Rants when in my absence, however brief, the place gets tore up so that I want to turn right back around and head out the door because what greeted me was disaster and mayhem.  *Sob*  Looking like a bomb went off in a Toys R Us and rained upon Bohemian Valhalla... tripping over orphaned shoes that have a lost mate... backpacks and Medical Equipment strewn helter skelter... and a trail of evidence of whatever they were doing, wearing or eating in each room of the house!   *Arghhhhh!!!*   How can one have and Experience their Dream Home and a semblance of Order in such Conditions I ask you?  Well, you can't really.  And I do Believe in a Home being Clean enough to be Healthy yet Dirty enough to be Happy... so I just want some middle ground really.

Our Home may never be as ready for a Magazine Spread Photo Shoot as my Art Studio Space could be... and that's Okay, we Live here in the Main House and so it gets daily use and it doesn't ever have to be Perfect, just Presentable and less embarrassing to Reveal to anyone.  *LOL*   And I'm up to the job of at least attempting to revitalize the whole Home and Edit, Purge and Let Go of as much as is un-necessary to make it easier on all of us to keep it more Organized, Clean and Orderly than it has been.   Then I will probably want to stay here and not run away and join the Circus anymore, I dunno?  *Winks* 

At least we now fully have the Realization that Downsizing would definitely NOT be the answer... since less Space with just as many peeps under one roof would probably just look worse because it wouldn't have the mess nearly as spread out and hidden in rooms that cannot be seen in a bigger Home!?!  *LOL*   And nobody wants to give up just about everything they have and Cherish anyway... just so that they have far less to take care of.  So we'll just have to keep working upon them being more Consistent about the taking care of and Maintaining part.

And though sometimes I Imagine what it would be like to live alone and have less Work because I'm not constantly picking up after others and running damage control behind them all... I also know that in Reality I'd rather have a Home filled with Loved Ones and all the Blessings that come with Relationships and the Companionship of Sharing Life... and that Life can sometimes just be Messy and less than Ideal with more Personalities and their habits to deal with.

Thankfully I DO have my Sanctuary to Retreat to... and I often do now that I've Reclaimed it and begun the Process of the Make-Over of it.   Sometimes I do just Escape there and lock the door for a minute to Enjoy the Order and the Solitude, the Creative and Positive Energy it Imparts.  Well... 'til little knuckles begin rapping on the door and begging to be let in that is.  *LOL*  "We'll be Good and we Promise we won't make a Mess...", and perhaps it's the Energy in there, but usually they are Good and they don't make a Mess?!??!??!??!   So you see, there's HOPE... that PERHAPS... if we manage to get the rest of Bohemian Valhalla in such an Ideal state of affairs...

The Chaos won't reign quite as much or as often, who knows?  Perhaps there will be more Positive Energy and Bliss... and I won't be playing Referee quite so much between the trio and harping at them to also tidy things up behind them?!?   See... see how BIG my Dreams and Imaginings are?!?  *Winks*

And yes... usually after I've opened up my Sanctuary for the G-Force to join me... in will wander The Man... curious as to where everybody is at and what we're all doing... since the Peace and Serenity of finding himself alone in the Main House just seems Strange and unfamiliar I suppose!?  *Bwahaha!*

And where ever I Hide Out they ultimately all always manage to FIND me!!!   Even Bohemian Valhalla isn't big enough to elude them for long or ditch any one of them!!!  *Winks*

So... I'm Working towards that Dream Goal now of Making-Over the entire Property and Progress is definitely being made.  It's too Hot to spend much time outside now anyway, so I might as well concentrate all of my efforts into this gargantuan Project I've begun... in earnest and with continued Enthusiasm.

Because I'm in the Mood for it... and we're ALL in the Mood for Change... so we might as well just start right here at Home and see where it takes us?!?

Because you really can Create your own Great Adventures without ever even leaving the house, if you surround yourself with the people and the things you Love and Create the Environment that makes you the Happiest together.

I'm not saying that it won't be a Process... or even a lot of hard Work... and you won't have to tighten your belt and make some Sacrifices or Compromises along the way... but it is Possible.  Anything you want badly enough you'll find a way to get... Trust me, that's just Human Nature!!!

And if you find yourself not wanting to do whatever it takes... then perhaps it's not really something you want badly enough after all?  And all the excuses in the World won't rectify that situation... so you might have to just re-assess it and Discover what you DO want badly enough to put in the Work for?

Only YOU can really know what that is and what it will take and cost you... but I do Hope that you'll eventually choose the Path that is right for you.   This just happens to be OUR Path... and we may not know exactly where we're going, but we're on our way...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I do wish you could enjoy some secluded time in your studio! It sounds like the G-force and the Man are like my pets always wanting to be where I am!

  2. I'm glad you have found somewhere that feels like home. they call it somewhere to lay your head....

  3. Purging is always, always good when you feel a 'wander lust' coming on...
    Beautiful things to look at~~
    Thanks for the eye candy this morning with my coffee.


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