Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fiber Nirvana And A Graduation...

Yes, the G-Kid Force are now out of School for the Summer and so before The Young Prince's 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony Yesterday Afternoon, I went on my last solo 'Pick' of Freedom without a G-Force Entourage in tow!  *Le Sigh*   And I hit Fiber Nirvana in the very last 30 Minutes of the 'Pick'!!!   For a Fabric and Fiber Artist this was the Motherlode of 'Scores' and my pulse was racing as I scooped up every last Hand-Dyed Fiber I saw... for only Ninety-Nine Cents a Pound!  *Booyah!*

The 'Pickin's' had been lean 'til that last 30 Minutes... isn't that the way it always goes... when you HAVE to get ready to leave to pick up Kiddos and THEN you see everything you REALLY wanted or desperately NEED to Marathon Pick like a Maniac!?!   I was like a Picker on Steroids I tell ya!  Luckily before spotting the Art Fiber Lot I'd 'Scored' a trio of Hand-Made Burlap Pillows and one had lost all it's stuffing and made for a perfect Loot Sac to toss all that Art Fiber into... it literally filled it to the top!  And most of the Art Fibers were still in packaging and had original expensive Retail Prices on them... hundreds of dollars worth, I was High Fivin' myself!  *LOL*

The two filled Hand-Made Burlap Pillows with Equestrian lettering on them went into the Showroom.   I decided to keep the third unstuffed one for myself since the lettering said NEST and it was decorated with Vintage Seam Binding.  I'll fill it with Down Feathers and add my own Embellishments from the Art Fiber Stash I 'Scored'.

And Princess T and I spent all day Today Organizing the Art Fibers still in their packaging into Antique Sewing Cabinet Drawer Storage in the Studio... and then untangling and winding the huge mounds of unpackaged Art Fiber Yarns onto my Vintage Spools that are displayed on Vintage European Bottle Racks in the Studio for use in Future Art Projects and Creations.

Yes, it was a big Project, but actually quite Zen in the doing of it and she was a Quick Study on straightening out the bundles into lengths to be wound onto the spools, having Fun in the Process and sticking with it 'til it was all done.  We actually used up my Hoard of unused Vintage Spools so I'll need to Source some more since we didn't have enough for all the Yarns!!! 

They are so Colorful, Unique and such Eye Candy that I'll be Inspired just looking at them on Display on the Racks with the Antique Velvet Trims.

In fact, when you Love Fabrics, Trims and Unique Fibers like I do it is Nirvana to surround yourself with them and soak in the Inspiration of what you can Create with them.   Typically these Beautiful Hand-Dyed Art Fibers are not within Budget, so to find the Motherlode of them so cheaply by the pound was like getting them practically for free! 

Ironically, none of the other Pickers happened to be interested in the bounty of Art Yarns, Tassles or even the Antique Doorknobs and Burlap Sacks I 'Scored, so some of them I see regularly actually Assisted me in finding as many as we could before I had to bail.   I Appreciated the Helping Hands and extra sets of Eyes scouring for the remnants I might have missed since I was running out of time quickly and it was all made available way too late in the 'Pick'!  

 Lucky for me I'm Quirky so often I'm Sourcing completely different Treasures than everyone else around me.  Yeah, you can get odd glances when you're spazzing out over something someone else is thinking "Huh?" or "Whatever..." about... *LOL*   But at least it means I rarely have competition or have to throw down over anything I'm totally diggin'!  *Smiles*  Normally I keep my Composure too so as not to draw undue Attention... but when there is a Motherlode Score like this, I couldn't contain my Excitement and sense of Urgency to scoop it ALL up as fast as I can!  *Winks*

Pickin' can sometimes be cut-throat if everyone is after the same stuff, but if they're not, often there is cooperative Helping each other out if they know what you're Sourcing and they're not.   Also most of the Pickers now know each other quite well and many of them get a kick out of how hard the G-Kid Force Work when they accompany me.  When they see me Rolling Solo they know I could use the extra Help.  I Wish I could have stayed longer just in case I missed some... but I didn't want the Kiddos sitting on the curb and we had to get ready for the Promotion Ceremony for the Young Prince as well.

There would be plenty of time later to gloat over my Haul!  *Smiles*  I have skeins of Art Fibers everywhere you look in the Art Studio Cottage now and I can luxuriate for Hours in the Visuals and Textures of it all.

I think Princess T might also have Inherited a Fetish for Fabrics, Trims and Art Fibers because she seems to Appreciate them to the same degree that I do and can spend countless Hours wading thru them, Organizing and Styling with them... and Creating Art from them.

Yes, my drug of choice is Fabric, Trims and Fibers... I can't get enough of them and they are my True Addiction.   It was really Enjoyable to Serve my Addiction so completely in the Sourcing of them and then Sorting thru it all at Home... and without hardly putting a dimple in the Budget!

As I tallied up how much they would have cost Retail I realized just how fortuitous this unexpected 'Score' really was!   I had to Wonder where it all came from?  Perhaps a Retail Donation?   Or a Crafter or Artist that Purged their Stash?  A Display or Old New Stock Inventory that hadn't Sold?
  Because there were also Beautiful Art Tags attached to some of the skeins, as if they were ready for Gifting...  I don't know if Eleanor or Maria Teresa are responsible for the Art or just the Sayings?

All I know is that if it were my Collection {which it now is, smiles}... I'd have to DIE before it would all end up anyplace else in bulk like this!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Yep, it would be over my dead body before it would be hauled off and be offered up for Sale as a discarded Lot!   Lets Hope that Eleanor or Maria Teresa are still amongst the Living as I think they may have been rolling over in their graves if their Art Studio Treasures ended up discarded and unappreciated by whoever Inherited or had to dispose of them?  I have a pact with my Artist Friends that if I ever kick the bucket, they are to rush over here and Salvage Art Supplies and Lovelies that the Family don't wanna bother with!  *Winks*

These were all in such a mess when I 'Picked' them that clearly they had been dumped unceremoniously and not Appreciated for what they were or the Value in them.   I couldn't Imagine that had I not Salvaged them, they could have ended up trashed and landfill bound!  *Gasp!*

Sometimes I shudder to think what lays buried and Lost in some of our landfills because they were not considered of any Value anymore or not Discovered by someone who could recognize it.

Luckily I came along and that didn't happen to this Art Fiber Lot... *Whew!*

And the Art Studio can always absorb more Art Supplies since they are in constant rotation of being made into some Creative Project and need to be renewed as the Creative Process continues.

I also want to be able to Host informal Workshops for Family and Friends to get together and just Create.   And have plenty of extra Supplies for those who don't have their own to Create with.

I think one of the best Gifts one can give is a portion of themselves in the way of their Hand-Made Art... the Artist's Soul and Imagination is imparted in every piece they Create you see.

I also 'Scored' some Inventory for the Showrooms... this Beautifully Embellished huge South American Art Folder was very tempting to wanna keep...

I Adore South American Fabric Art and the strip of it added to this Canvas Art Folder was Gorgeous.  But I haven't been doing any Drawings or Paintings in recent Years, so it is better Served going to an Artist who will utilize it for their Art Storage or proudly Display it in their Studio.

And tho' I rarely Source damaged and repaired pieces, this Sweet Sugar Bowl with fused underplate, lid and spoon was too Precious to pass up.  Sometimes the Imperfections make it so that you can price a Collectible piece at a rock bottom price for the Novice Collector or someone who doesn't mind, or maybe even prefers, the Imperfections and Loving attempts at restoration of a Beloved piece.   The fact that someone took the Time to Repair it proves to me that it was a Favored piece.

This Sweet Talavera Bird Napkin Holder also had to come away with me and head to the Showroom...

And the Postage Scale, which I have kept for a time to weigh my own Postage, but now I'm not shipping so much Product I can pass it along to someone who needs one....

The Kiddos had Fun weighing all their Toys and anything in the house they wanted to Guess the weight of so it's Entertaining for Children as well.  *Winks*

And speaking of Entertaining... can you only tell WHOSE been Entertaining herself in my Art Studio Cottage lately my Friends and Styling it with her own Brand of Vignettes?  *Winks*

It's Okay, though I Sequester myself in there for Solitude at times, I also Invite the Family in to Enjoy it too and Create to their Heart's Content, so long as they Promise not to trash the place and clean up after themselves. 

Ideally, if I can get the three of them to spend more time Creating and finding Positive Outlets to occupy their time, there will be less Boredom proclaimed during Summer Vacation and The Man will have less time to focus upon his limitations and infirmity.   I could lose myself in the Creative Process twenty-four-seven if I wasn't so busy being a Caregiver and would be a more prolific Artist if I had more time to devote to the Craft and the Passion I have for it.

Sadly, it's been far too long that I've had to sideline what I'd rather be doing with my time, so I'd like to get back to it more often and if I can get those I'm Caregiving for involved, then it can be some Family Time that will be beneficial for us all.

The Young Prince has been dealing with a lot of Anxiety Attacks and I Believe Art would be a Therapuetic Activity for him since he has a Natural Gift for it anyway and Loves to Create.  I recently bought the Kiddos a bunch of Clay for Sculpting and some New Art Sand that is pretty Awesome stuff.  The Young Prince was having a lot of Anxiety about his 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony... from agonizing over Wardrobe to how he should wear his hair!   Should I wear it like this Gramma?

Or like this?  He finally settled on the Mohawk and he looked so Handsome and Grown Up that I almost cried!

I also teared up when I downloaded many of the Images and saw that Spirit Orb had showed up in a few of them... I like to think it was their Great-Grand-Dad, my Dad, coming to Celebrate with us.  The Young Prince even obliged Gramma's Pathological Picture Taking and posed with his Lil Sniss even without Protest.  *Smiles*

She was having no such Anxiety about how she'd wear her hair... deciding not to wear it down because her Big Brother's Daddy was coming and he'd be wearing a ponytail... so... so would she.  *Smiles, she Adores her Big Brother's Paternal Side of the Family and they Adore her too.*

So... this was a Precious sight to me as they strolled hand in hand with their matching ponytails!

And I could see how Proud his Dad was that he's growing into such a Fine Young Man and Inviting him to join us in all his important Milestones.  I've always been glad they have cultivated a mutually respectful and beneficial Father and Son relationship and Enjoy spending time with each other when they can.

And I'm also extremely glad that they include his Lil Sister in many of the activities they share since her Paternal side of the Family are in Mexico and we can rarely journey Internationally anymore due to Health and Financial restraints in recent years.

It was a Lovely Ceremony and we had good seats on the Basketball Court so I was able to take a few pixs and we didn't have to climb bleachers and could sit near an Exit, which is important for The Man since it physically is very difficult for him and large crowds can cause him a great deal of Anxiety as well.  *Spirit Orb showed up in this Image as well... so clearly came along to the Ceremony as well as joining us in the House as we Photographed and Celebrated it all!*

Each 8th Grader got a copy of a Fun CD the Student Body had Created a Movie of, the Young Prince was in it five times, yes, he's a Hambone at times!  *Smiles*

And I allowed him a lot of leeway on choosing his own ensemble for the Ceremony... since what do I know about Eighth Grade Fashion Trends?  *LOL*   And these two G-Kids stay way ahead of the Trends and tend to be Trend Setters rather than Trend Followers anyway.

 And after the Ceremonies we all met up with extended Family that couldn't attend the Ceremony due to Work and had Lunch AND Dinner out together.   The Son and his Family treated everyone to the Dinner and the Lunch was our treat.

Cause for Celebration in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The Prince is quite handsome - it sounds as if the universe smiled down upon your family for the celebration of this young man's milestone.

    Of course, i also loved all the fibers you scored!

  2. What a happy post! Congratulations to the young prince! Looks and sounds like it was a grand celebration worthy of the special occasion! Oh how excited I am for you! I can just see you trying to stay calm and collected with so much yummy loot cheap and waiting for the taking! Congratulations to you too!

  3. Congratulations to HRH, and to all the family who celebrated this happy milestone with him!

    What serendipitous picking, dear Dawn! A local teen sews strips of raggedy ribbon to the side seams of charity shop jeans and sells them at a local flea market. Moi, I adore stacks of pillows that have interesting colors and textures -- and I'd love to make some myself someday! Were I not more than 1,000 miles away, I'd gladly pay to play in your Art Studio among all those lovely bits of ribbon and fabric!

    Wouldn't it be fun to "decorate" an inexpensive Goodwill bedspread/curtain set in ribbon stripes?!

    Looking forward to viewing your fiber art creations!


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