Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time For Big Unexpected Changes And Letting Go? Perhaps...

It began with a leisurely random drive to no place in particular for The Man and I on a Beautiful Wednesday Morning... after we had dropped the G-Kid Force off at School and enjoyed Breakfast at Village Inn.  And it ended in a most unexpected manner... in a part of the Arizona Desert that held a Community we had never been before and instantly Connected to.  One that Captivated us so much that we began thinking something we never thought we'd think again, especially at this Season of Life... Contemplating a Move and the Selling of our Historic Bohemian Valhalla!!!  *Gasp!*
We have Lived the Nomad Life all of our Lives, moving so often that we never really put down roots anywhere and never Loved any Property so much that we couldn't or wouldn't leave it.  When we Purchased this Old Historic House many moons ago though, we had expected to Live out our Lives here and we Truly do Love our Home... every quirky inch of it... and it has been a Labor of Love since day one... so it would be very difficult to leave it and entrust it to anyone else... the Property has such Character, such Spirit and History.
But there are the facts... the Wanderlust and discontent was building for both of us in recent Months and we knew it... it was perhaps Time for big unexpected changes and Letting Go.   Perhaps...
Why else would we suddenly feel Compelled to take a random drive with no particular destination and just Happen Upon the Ideal Community... and even more than that... a Home that Called to us as strongly as Bohemian Valhalla had all those Years ago when we rescued it and Lovingly Restored it?  Sure, we drove around this Ideal Community for hours and jotted down every Home we saw for Sale to do our due diligence once we got back Home... but this one... well, we just kept coming back to it.  We could SEE ourselves living here with complete Contentment.
And so we discussed it, with more Excitement and Enthusiasm than we had felt in Years... of this Possible New Beginning?!?   And we made an Appointment to View it for Tomorrow Morning... even tho' the Virtual Tour had Confirmed a Love At First Sight Feeling.  We'll then see what our Options are more clearly.  You see, it would be so difficult to give up what we presently have, because we DO still Love it and there are certain merits to remaining since our Ranch Acreage is paid off and this Old House is almost paid off.   And yet, there are certain merits to downsizing and starting afresh... and weighing the two had begun to tip the balance and not ever so slightly... but a lot in fact... which Surprised us.
After all, this was a Community only about ten years old and we prefer Historic neighborhoods... but this one had been built with similar Charm and Character... but without any of the decay and social ills that Older Neighborhoods often can't eradicate entirely, even with revitalization.  Making all that is New Appear Older and more Established... and Reminiscent of other Historic Areas we Love and had Contemplated moving to.  This Community had Small Town Appeal with spectacular views and just outside the Urban Areas... so it wasn't remote... and yet was self-contained if you didn't want to venture to the City.
I really don't know what the Future holds... but the Possibility of starting over again, though daunting and a bit scary... also thrills and makes us tingle.  It just Feels Right at this Time and I've always gone with my Instincts of when it's Time for Whatever.  Those with Nomadic tendancies don't form the Attachments as deeply I suppose... and this is the longest we've ever stayed put.  But Selling Off Bohemian Valhalla and our Ranch up North is no longer something we would never consider.  Though I came Home and realized how much I'd surely miss and probably cry over... maybe even a river of tears... I also Feel as tho' there would be tears of Joy as well at a Fresh Start and a Blank Canvas to build upon... New Dreams, New Possibilities!!! 
There's a lot of Work in maintaining a Property this large and I no longer have the Help to do it.  Though we had always Dreamed of developing our 48 Acre Ranch into our Retirement or Vacation Home it is very remote and The Man is now very sick, so it probably won't happen as we'd Envisioned many years ago.  I've been in a Letting Go Mode for the past two Years in fact... with a strong yen to Simplify and go back to a more footloose and fancy free existance like we Enjoyed for the first four decades or more of our Lives. 
 And there are the questions.  What do we need so much Property for anymore?  As we Age will it all become even more of too much?  Why not cash out on all this Equity we've built since all of our Grown Children have their own Paths which likely won't lead to wanting Bohemian Valhalla?  We want what is best for these Precious G-Kids now that we have to consider where we're Raising a Family again.  When we Purchased Bohemian Valhalla they weren't even born and we almost had an Empty Nest so our Needs and Location Filters were quite different.
  Our Old Neighborhood was even quite different then when everyone else had owned their Homes around us for close to half a Century.  Now most of them have moved away or passed away, leaving Investors gobbling up what is around us.  People who don't Live here and just want the Properties for Passive Income Flow, so there's not the same Pride of Ownership with all the Rentals and a more transient population of Neighbors coming and going, not Connecting the same.  Times Change... People Change... Needs Change... Seasons of Life Change... and we must sometimes accept that and consider New Possibilities and Let Go.  We're at that Crossroads now... and only Time will tell which Path we'll chose...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Wow! How wonderful to be in a position ($$$$) to be able to do this!

  2. You have someone to help make this decision with you , if you both like the new location go for it and enjoy the rest of your days in the new house
    Sounds good to me
    And I know what you mean about the neighborhood changing lots of my older neighbors have died or moved to a nursing home and what homes don't sell the family is renting and the neighborhood is looking shabby unkempt lawns etc

  3. Oh My! What a hard, big decision! But it is a beautiful house and you would have it just like you want it in no time! Less would be good, especially with your added responsibilities! If it feels right and you can manage it financially, and the kids will go along with it I say "Take the leap" "Go for the Gold" ! Marlynne Snare Folk Artist. Be sure and let us know immediately what you decide!

  4. When DIY is no longer physically or financially feasible, one must make some hard choices. Think how pleasant it would be to cross those 'deferred maintenance' items from The List. Think how your artistic talents could respond to the challenge of fresh, new EMPTY spaces!

    You're blessed to have real options to consider ---- and it does sound as 'tho a guardian/guide was nudging the steering wheel when you set off on the drive. I hope the numbers crunch green for Go.

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  6. Dawn, you hit the nail on the head... people change, needs changes, seasons of life... I think you have your answer. Downsizing is wonderful, my husband and I moved and down sized our yard, and we are thinking that within the next 3 or more years, we may move and downsize again. We shall see. Go with your heart.

  7. Dawn, I'm a little late reading this but so excited for you! It sounds like the perfect adventure!


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