Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day Trip To California

**NOTE: I know I've been MIA from the Land of Blog, but along with our Mother's Day Weekend Trip to California, we've been dealing with a serious Family Emergency since we got Home.  This Post will be all about our Wonderful Trip... and your Prayers will be Appreciated in regards to the Medical Emergency regarding our Grandson, which we prefer to keep Confidential out of Respect for his Privacy.**
Yes, the Trip was all about Mom and the big Surprise for her was that we'd be spending two days with her and not just Mother's Day, so she wasn't expecting us Saturday Afternoon!  She'd never looked better or been in better Spirits, which belies the fact that internally things are beginning to shut down and so we don't know how much longer she has before she crosses over.  So we all wanted to Enjoy as much time together as possible on this side of Time and Eternity.

She knows she has many who Love and Care about her, so she frequently gets Phone Calls from Friends and Family... but it's just not the same as Being There.  It had been far too long since we'd all been together in Person, due to other Family matters, Medical barriers and inability to Travel in recent years.   From being able to see each other Locally every week or even every day if we wanted to, distance had been the greatest barrier since she relocated to California to be closer to my Brother and his Family.  We Love to Travel, but it just hasn't been possible physically nor financially for a very long time.

So when The Son and his Lovely Girlfriend suggested that for my Mother's Day Present... and his Nanna's... they would fund the trip there and Help with the Care of The Man and the G-Kid Force during the entire Trip... well, you didn't have to threaten me with a Good Time!   *Winks*

And my Brother, the Professional Hollywood Photographer, would be on hand to Celebrate with us, so we also jumped at the Opportunity of his Generous Offer as a Mother's Day Gift to The Son and his Family to take some Beautiful Professional Candid Family Photos.   You can clearly tell which Images he took, they'll be the most Fabulous ones!  *LOL*   And my Bro' will be in front of the lens in some of the other Posts of the Trip.  Because his Pathological Picture Taking Big Sis was snapping Images like crazy too!  *Winks*

My Brother's Wonderful Special Lady of over Twenty Years was also there, so there were lotsa Special Moms in the House that day!   And Nanna had loads of Presents to open from us all...

And Nanna had made Bead Bling for all of us Girls... 'cause she's all about Da Bling you know!  *Winks*  In fact, her favorite Gift for Mother's Day, besides seeing us all in Person, was her new Cache of Beading Supplies to make more Bling to hand out as Gifts!

And the other highlight of the Trip for us all was for The Son to finally get to Introduce his Girlfriend and Children to his Nanna and his Uncle's Family in Person so everyone could really get to know each other.   We knew they'd just Adore the Girls as much as we all do, how couldn't you!?

My Brother's Candid Photography of the extended Family was his Mother's Day Gift to us Moms in the Family.  My Bro' knows how much capturing Moments of Loved Ones thru the Eye of the Lens means to us Moms and he does it superbly.   Everyone had so much Fun during my Brother's Photo Shoot on Mother's Day.  We'd reserved the Big Gazebo and Grounds around it at the Nursing Home Mom lives at for our Family Gathering.  And I Hope you'll Enjoy joining us Virtually as I Share some of these Special Moments on this Post.  I'll probably break up the Trip into several Posts since we took a bazillion Images!  *Of Coarse!*









More to come in Future Posts of our Trip... Happy Mother's Day from our Family to Yours!  Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson. I wish him the best.

    It's nice to see pictures of you and your family. Very nice.

  2. You have a beautiful family and what a wonderful Mother's Day present you were given.

  3. I will be thinking of your Grandson and all of you with positive thoughts.Your brother is a amazing photographer! Those pics are family treasure!

  4. Special Special Pictures! Love your outfit, did you make it? I'm sure you haven't had the time yet, but your time will come! I am continuing to praay for your grandson and son ans your whole family. Love snd Peace to you all! Marlynne Snare Folk Artist

  5. What a thoughtful Mother's Day gift! Praying for your grandson (and YOU)!


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