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Antiques Row ~ Pomona ~ Mother's Day Trip

Another thing that most def is in the Family DNA is the Love of everything Old, Junquing, Salvaging and Collecting.  So my Bro' and his Lovely Lady couldn't wait to take us to Antiques Row in Pomona on Mother's Day where they have a Booth in an Antique Mall housed in a turn of the Century building with three levels of Fabulousness that used to be a huge Department Store!   Resplendant with a water driven Elevator with a Cage... ahem, his Lovely Lady and I took the Stairs and let the rest of the Family Enjoy that Adventure to get to their Booth on the Second Floor!  *LOL* 

My Bro' has a Friend that helps clear out Storage Lockers and so he has an Eclectic mix of Curated Found Treasures to stock their Booth with.   I Loved the Architectural Elements of this Lovely Old Building, from the many tall Windows letting in Natural Light, especially in the 2nd Floor rooms, to the Hardwood Floors and numerous Exposed Brick Walls and Wonderful Original Plaster Walls with Fab Aged Patina to the Paint!    This is the Bro' in a portion of his large Booth and we had a great time Talkin' Shop and comparing Notes!

Not only were the Wonderful Old Buildings in Antiques Row Beautiful... but the entire Street Scene was as well and the Weather was absolutely Glorious the Mother's Day Weekend we were there.  Oh how I Wish our Antiques Mall were housed in an equally Preserved Historic area!!!  It made lingering and Shopping all the more Pleasurable!!!

We all only Wished we had more days we could have spent Exploring the Area and having my Brother and Family give us the Grand Tour rather than the Edited one due to Time Constraints!  *Sob*   Ah, well, next time... and be sure there will be a next time, we Loved this place and there was so much to see and too little Time this Trip!!!

We are indeed Fortunate that the entire extended Family Loves and is Passionate about the same things and so all of us wanted to Explore and see even more... and cannot wait until we can all return and linger much longer than a brief Afternoon!!!

The Son grew up around our Passions of Salvaging, Junquing and Collecting... and his Girls LOVE TO SHOP... so, it was an Ideal Afternoon for Mother's Day and everyone got a lil Somethin'-Somethin' to bring Home as a Souvenir of the day out!

The Movie "The Cat In The Hat" starring Mike Myers was filmed on Antiques Row and there are still some remnants of the Props from the Movie.

And of coarse Yours Truly was scoping out Price Comparisons... and Potential Inventory for another Time and Trip back. *Smiles* I was pleasantly Surprised that Pricing was comparable to the Metro Phoenix Market and there were Bargains to be had... so a Pickin' Trip to Pomona and the surrounding Antique and Flea Market Shows will definitely be in order!  *Winks*   I had thought the California Antiques and Collectibles Market would be way pricier, since I know for a fact other parts of the Country are compared to our Local Market Price Point, but it really wasn't and that was a Rush!

And of coarse the Import Market there on the Coast is much broader... and I definitely Loved that!!!

I'm a huge Fan of Asian, Middle Eastern and East Indian Art and Collectibles.   The Workmanship, Artistry and bold Fearless use of Color lends itself to my particular Bohemian Aesthetic.

And there were a Wealth of Favorite Items difficult to Source Locally that were all over the place here... and at great prices... so I need to start Saving my Mad Money.  *LOL*  In fact... if it were not for the fact that dragging a Vintage Mannequin Home would mean we would have had to leave a Grandchild behind to make room for it... I might have sprung on at least one this Trip!!!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

But I Appeased myself with this single Purchase for Mother's Day of a Creepy Antique Doll Head for a mere six bucks!  *Insert Happy Dance!*   Such Restraint, huh?  *Winks*

Of coarse I had a virtual Family Army keeping their Eyes on me to make sure Gramma Dawn didn't get carried away and load up the vehicles with Found Treasures and leave no room for People to get back Home!  *Smiles*

The Man was striking Classic Poses of the Contented Old Men parked out front of the Stores Enjoying the Weather and People Watching as us Women Shopped our little Hearts out!  *Winks*  He did come inside many of the Shops, but was having a bigger time visiting out front with the Guys on the many chairs and benches scattered up and down the Row.

And the Kiddos had their own mode of Transportation to get up and down the Row...  *Smiles*

And keeping Grandpa Company as well...

Doing a Marathon Look-See thru just the 3 Levels of my Brother's Antiques Shop was no easy task tho'... oh how we all wanted to linger much, much longer and take our time seeing everything!  It was quite the Workout speed Shopping thru every floor of just that huge Building and seeing what the hundreds of Vendors had to offer!!!

And then covering just a small Sampling of it for you all for here in the Land of Blog when I returned!

I knew all you Kindred Spirits would wanna know... just in case you make it over to the far West Coast on your own Road Trips, right?  *Winks*

I could Imagine having a Grand Caravan Convoy of Friends and Family for a Grandoise Girl's Day Out one day in Cali!

The Colorful Old Buildings and Distinctive Architecture of the Historic Districts were such a Treat.

As was seeing what had been Preserved and Salvaged of the Vintage, Antiques and Collectibles in this part of the Country.

I found the Variety to be vast in what was offered...

And there were many more Styles, especially of Antique Furniture, than what I can Source Locally.

So Interesting to see what different Areas have to offer that are somewhat different than Home.

And this Manne gave me some Inspiration of what I could do to one of mine at Home!  *Winks*   Adoring the Sugar Skull Girl with numerous Ed Hardy Style Tattoos as Mannequin Flash!  I am definitely now gonna Pimp Out one of my Mannequins! *LOL*

I liked that many of the most Awesome Vintage Mannequins were for Sale and not just for Display... as is usually the case here in our Antique Markets.

And the Bohemian Bling and Movie Props were abounding!!!

In fact, one of the Vendors at the Antique Shop my Bro' has a Booth at has been Collecting Bohemian Bling of the highest calibre for over thirty years and her Booth had me in a Cold Sweat!!!  *Winks*  It was the Bohemian Bling Vault of all Bohemian Bling Vaults I tell ya!!!  And I thought Mom and I had a lot of da Bling... we can't hold a candle to this Gal's EXTENSIVE Collection!  WOW!!!

The variety of Vintage and Antique Lighting was abounding and quite Impressive too.

It was a good thing we could take Rest Breaks inbetween each Shop we visited!   I was virtually Junque Drunk!!!  *Smiles*   And so without further Words... I'll allow you to get Junque Drunk with us on this Virtual Journey down Antiques Row...  *Winks*




The Finale' of our Mother's Day Trip will be in the next Post... and then onwards to other Adventures and News...  Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. What a wonderful day! You really did great with your one little purchase! Still remembering your grandson!


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