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Welcome To Our Easter Celebration In Arizona

Welcome... to our Easter Celebration in Arizona!!!

It was the First Year that we actually found ALL of the Eggs hidden!  *LOL*

And probably the Last Year that 13 Year Old Prince R will choose to participate in the Egg Hunt since Clearly by his Countenance he was less than Thrilled!  *Smiles*

Though I must say he got really Artsy at Hiding them dontcha think?  *Winks*

Seriously Artsy... in fact I think he spent more time Artfully Styling where his Eggs were and how they looked than actually Hiding them!!!  *LOL*

But I must say the Results were quite Creative to say the least!   And Visually Appealling for Gramma's Photo Ops for Easter Post Blog Fodder.  *Winks*
And he didn't need any Help this year in Hiding his... though Finding his did require some Princess T Recon because she hid his GOOD, so he didn't find a lot of them without her Help!  *LOL... she's getting Serious about Hiding Well!*  

So, that left Grandpa and I to Focus on Helping his Little Sister mostly since she Agonized over PERFECT PLACEMENT and otherwise it would have taken her forever and a day to Hide her Cache.  So better to lend her a hand before everyone got tired and cranky! *Le Sigh*

Yes, Princess T in Typical OCD Diva Mode Orchestrated the entire Hunt in a "It HAS to be THIS way..." Fashion... could she be yet another budding Control Freak in this Family?

Well, YEAH... guess there has to be at least one in every Generation to carry on the Tradition and make sure everything is done RIGHT and NOTHING gets left out... down to the most minute Details!!?   *Bwahahahaha!*

The Kittens were Curious... what ARE these Egg Things... Smells like Sweetness inside!!!??  *Winks*

And the Entire Weekend wasn't spent at Home... Princess T and I hit some of our Favorite Local Historic Arizona Ranches now Preserved and converted into Public Parks.

First stop was Sahuaro Ranch Park which is known for it's Peacocks which have been on the Estate since 1886 when the Ranch was founded.   So feeding all the Birds is a 'draw' for the G-Force, tho' Prince R opted out this trip.

It's a Beautiful Old Ranch with numerous well Preserved Original Buildings and most of the Land of the Original Working Ranch, since the City of Glendale was pro-active in Purchasing it before greedy developers had a chance to buy up all the Acreage first.

And the City Developed the Park Beautifully for the General Public, while still holding True to much of the History of the site and making newer additions look as if they'd always been there by matching Architecture .

Since it's a very large Park in the interior of the City it draws crowds for the Holidays... so Easter Weekend was very Festive with lots going on, including Weddings and entire Church Picnics.

The Facilities are really impressive for Bar-B-Que Parties so it's not surprising... these are just a small sampling of the huge Bar-B-Que Grills and Picnic Areas where you can Host your Parties and Celebrations!

And the other thing this Park is known for is it's extensive Rose Gardens and Orchards that were Original to the Ranch... Citrus Groves, Vineyards, Olive Trees and Date Palms still produce an abundance of Crops.   Many of the Roses here are the most Vivid Colors I've ever seen!!!  The hue of this one almost required Sunglasses to behold!  *Smiles*

Next we headed to Manistee Ranch Park, founded in 1897, which the City of Glendale also bought from a well known Local Family that chose to Sell it to the City at a discount to Preserve it rather than accept a better offer from a Grocery Chain that would have razed the Historic Property to put in a Grocery Store!  *Whew... close call... Thank Goodness Preservation won out over greed for a change!*

The Main House is a truly Magnificent Structure and yes, at both Ranches Tours are given of the Victorian Era Ranch Mansions and they've been Lovingly Restored by the City of Glendale and generous Donations.  I could Fantasize all day about owning a Home and Estate like this! *Winks*

Since alas, much of the surrounding Original Land of Manistee Ranch was Sold Off to developers who put in Subdivisions and Commercial Properties... enough still remains for a Modest 4 Acre sized Park and a small portion of the Original Orchards the Ranch was known for... producing Citrus and Dates. 


So you won't find the crowds here and if you want a more Private and Intimate Setting, I'd recommend this Park since a lot of people don't really know it's been opened to the Public as a City Park rather than a Private Residence or Living History Museum. 

 You can Imagine and Pretend you Own the Place during your Visit and let the Kiddos roam Freely with no worries about losing them!  *Smiles*

Meanwhile... back at Casa Bohemian Valhalla we're still taking you along on the Egg Hunt which Princess T Coordinated down to the tiniest Detail.

Including rousing everyone from slumber really, really early so that we could get all the Eggs hidden AND found before the Heat of the day set in and before Church Services.   Since this Easter Weekend we're in the Nineties, that meant everything had to be a 'wrap' before 9:00 a.m.!!!

The Kittens were uncertain as to why their 'house' had to have Eggs hidden in it... but they had Fun batting them around and sniffing the Delightful Sweet Aroma that lay within, until Discovered.

Okay... so these aren't mine, and were for Sale at our Antique Mall, but I had to include them because this Dealer had the most extensive Collection of Antique Easter Chocolate Molds I've ever seen!!!  Insert me Lusting after it ALL!  *Winks*

Though they're too pricey for me and well outside of the Budget, they are hard to find Collectibles so to see so many Offered for Sale was a Special Treat.   This Mold was my Personal Favorite.

But Clearly I would have been Spoiled for Choice had I been in the market for Antique Easter Egg Molds!!!   *Smiles*   If this is your 'Thing' to Collect, I'm sure you'd want them ALL and choosing just one or a couple would have been torturous??!?!!!  *LOL*

These oversized Egg Molds were just Stunning and a great Selection of different ones.

But there were Spiritual Easter Molds too that were equally Fabulous!

And Easter Bunnies of every Shape, Size and Design Imaginable stretching out as far as the Eye could see!!!   So it was somewhat of a relief that I couldn't afford any of them... so that I didn't have to Agonize about Choice!  *Smiles*

I was also relieved this Easter that we didn't miss any Eggs this Year and found them all... since I didn't want Princess T insisting we keep at it as things Heated up to uncomfortable levels and Prince R was getting anxious to get to Church Services on time.

I wasn't the only one relieved to get things back to Normal after the Finding Egg Frenzy... the Kittens had been Overstimulated too and were more than ready to be settled down for some Nursing and a Nap!  *Winks*

Miss Priss didn't seem to want Overstimulated Young-uns anymore than we did!  *LOL*  Though I must say she's been Content to leave them on the Front Porch without moving them around the Property and it is the Safest and most Convenient place for them to be for her and for us.  Though we've upsized their 'house box' twice already as the Family grows and gets more active. 

This hasn't been our Hottest Easter ever but you still want to wrap up the Egg Hunt and get inside where it's air conditioned and before you're sweating bullets!  *Smiles*

Which is precisely why I always hold off on the Presentation of the Easter Baskets until AFTER the Egg Hunt so that we can move that right along and have Incentive to Quit!  *LOL*   Princess T was ecstatic over her Hello Kitty Basket.

And though certainly it would destroy any Street Cred so he has to Pretend he's not really that 'Into It' anymore now that he's a Cool Teenager and all that, the Young Prince dived into his Retro Candies exhuberantly too!   *Winks*

Yes, they are growing up and I know eventually all of our Grandchildren shall be Grown... half of them are already anyway... and I shall definitely miss all of this!

Because there is always so much more Joy in Holidays filled with the Excitement, Wonder and Laughter of Children.

And though each Year I seem a bit more Worn Out than the Year before after it's all over... I do Enjoy it very much myself and receive Joy in making it as Special and Memorable as possible for the Little Ones.

The Traditions and Rituals of our Celebrations, Holy Days and Holidays are something we look forward to each Year.

And the Significance especially of each Holy Day and the Real Reason it is being Celebrated!!!

It just seems that the Older I get the quicker they all seem to roll up on us!!!   Leaving me less Prepared it seems than the Season before!!!   And much more Exhausted afterwards!  *Whew!*

The Joy of it all never diminishes one iota, but now as I'm in this Season of Life I do have more Understanding as to why the Elders often left all the Prepping, Decorating, Organizing and Orchestrating to the Younger Generations!   *Smiles*

They possess more Stamina and Enthusiasm for going All Out!

The Excitement and Wonder of it all is still so Fresh and New for them.

Whilst us Elders tend to do more like this, huh?   Even during the Festivity of it all!  *LOL*

But Thank You for Joining us on our Easter Celebration in Arizona my Friends... and I do Hope your Easter was as Memorable and Special as ours was...

Blessings and Happy Easter from the Arizona Desert...

Dawn... The Bohemian and Family


  1. Yes I'll have to admit those were very artistically decorated and hidden eggs! And my that artistically yummy bowl of fruit and toast was the "icing on the cake"! Glad your Easter was so special!

  2. Happy Easter!

    Yummy food photos!

    Did you ever try the edible flowers from WF, btw? ;)


    1. Yes I did try the edible Flowers... they looked really pretty in the Salad and most were quite tasty... some a bit strong on flavor so should be used sparingly... most had a distinctive Herbal flavoring to them... I tended to prefer the Pansies.

      Your Friend Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Such lovely egg hunt.......those eggs are really georgeous! And prince and princess are so lovely........they certainly will never forget these special days when they are grown up.

    Wishing you a fine second easter day........

    Enjoy the eggs today ;)

  4. Sounds and looks like you had the most delightful Easter weekend!! Your story of your grandkids and the Easter egg hunt made me laugh.
    Thanks for visiting,
    Mary Alice


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