Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories

So... I know you've been patiently waiting for it my Friends... this Month's Event at SWEET SALVAGE where the Theme was 'Color Stories'.   We'll begin with the Color that drew me into it's Vignettes the strongest even though I rarely Style with it at Home... Lavender.  My Friend Myko had Sourced the most Amazing Victorian Lavender Glass Cloches you could Imagine... this was the smaller one that had a removeable venting stopper at the top... can you say Sublime!!!

And here is the larger one... with the thickest and heaviest Amethyst Colored Glass I have ever seen... oh how I Wish I'd had the Budget to procure both of these Lovelies for my Cloche Collection at Home!   It took beaucoup Years of Sunlight to turn the Antique glass of these Cloches this coveted shade of Amethyst and so they are quite rare and one of those 'Keeper Collectibles' to pass down to Future Generations!   There were many smaller Amethyst Glass Bottles to be had... but the Cloches had definitely Spoiled me!  *LOL*

Living plants in all shades of Lavender, and actual Lavender Plants, were tucked into the Vignettes, making these gorgeous Lavender Color Story sections a Botanical Feast for the Eyes and so very fragrant and soothing.

Now that it's Spring I'm really into bringing the Outside In... and the Inside Out... to blur the distinctions between both in my World.   These are the more temperate Months just before the intense Heat of the Desert will make it difficult to spend a lot of time Outdoors, so being outside now is where the majority of our time is spent... and then come Summer, it will be nice to retreat Indoors and have the Essence of the Garden inside so that it can still be Enjoyed, but in the comfort of air conditioning!  *Winks*

We arrived later than usual, so our place in line was quite far back and thus... by the time we even got thru the doors many Lovely Vignettes were already picked clean and Yellow Sold signs abounded on some truly Desireable pieces that caught my Eye!   I would have Loved to have seen it all in it's Pristine Glory before throngs of eager Treasure Hunters had descended upon it all!  *Insert Petulant Pouting!*

Okay, maybe I'm a total Weirdo, but I am always more saddened not to have been there early enough to soak in Pristine meticulously Styled Vignettes oozing with Inspiration that everyone has worked so tirelessly to Create... than I am that something I see and fall in Love with has already Sold!  Yeah, that's just how Weird I am!  *LOL*   I can get over a stealthy Treasure Hunter beating me to any Coveted Prize more than I can in arriving too late to behold a Vignette that must have been a Vision of Beauty and Inspiration but now lays in shambles before me!  *Sob*

I know, I know... that's the POINT of a Wildly Successful Event to have Loyal Followers scooping up everything in sight so that the Merchandise turns fast and can be replenished and re-styled.  But I'm one of those Treasure Hunters that not only Enjoys the Thrill of the Hunt, but who also Stops and really Smells the Roses so to speak in my Shopping Experience, one who Lingers... Soaking in the Ambiance, the Styling, the Story, the Vision, the Layers of Loveliness and the heady doses of Inspiration that goes into the Creation of these Vignettes!
Much to the chagrin I'm sure of my Junquing Buddies who can cover ground like you wouldn't believe in order to do the most thorough Recon any Marine in Special Forces would be Proud of, so that no Coveted Treasure is missed or anyone gets to it first!   *LOL*  They've usually thoroughly Scouted the Entire Event before I even moved past my first Vignette you see!  *Smiles*
Totally Lost in my own Bubble and oblivious of the crowds swarming around me, well, unless they get into frame that is.   Also totally oblivious of the sheer volume of Treasures being scooped up around me at an alarming rate so that by the time I come out of my Appreciation Trance and Pathological Picture Taking Mode... it's probably long gone!  *Le Sigh and a Shrug*  In case I ever Wondered what I actually look like Lost in my own Bubble... well, my Friend Pamela Obliged this Month and took a Covert Shot of me doing my Thang!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   See... nothing else Exists for me when I'm in this Zone of Beholding what is directly in front of my gaze and lens!  *Winks*

And of coarse there is the Socializing... here I am with my Talented Friend Myko, one of the Stylists and Vendors at the Event, whose Magic you will behold in many of Today's Images.  Yes, I spend probably as much time Visiting with my Friends at these Events as I do scouring for Treasures and capturing Images thru the Eye of my Lens!   So most of my Junquing Buddies know that they can just wander, um I mean speed off like greased lightening because wandering would be an understatement of their warp speed, to do their Thang while I'm being very fixated on the Beauty I'm beholding, Socializing with everyone at my leisure... and being very A.D.D. in general.  *LOL* 

Sure, I will miss a lot of great Treasures that everyone around me will likely beat me to in their Shopping Frenzies, but that's Okay, I got an abundance of Treasures at Home and in my Showrooms, so it's not as if I'm deprived or anything.  *Winks*   And typically I still manage to gleen exactly what I think I NEED and cannot live without.  *Wink Wink*   The Man is probably relieved that I am not a Marathon Obsessed Shopper that gets to everything first and considers that my Primary Objective to every outing... or I could do a lot of damage to the Bank account and would definitely be a candidate for an episode of Hoarders!  *Smiles*

As you can now clearly see, we've moved to the Color Story of Aqua... and nobody does Aqua better than my Friend Myko because that is one of her preferred Color Palettes to Style with and she does so impeccibly!   If I had a Beach Cottage, I'd probably have to ask her to come Style it with the Aqua and Seafoam Green Treasures and Natural Elements she is always abundantly Sourcing.

But the really good thing about having Kindred Spirit Junquing Friends like Myko and Pamela is that they are the Pastel Gals and I am NOT... so we won't be beating each other down to get to the same Treasures!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Nope, no going to the dirt with these two Fun Friends, my Aesthetic and theirs are different enough that we probably won't be going after the exact same things.  And yet, they know me and my Style well enough that they can always spot what I would absolutely J'Adore and Source it for me or point it out if I am not there to spot and Score it for myself!  *Whew!*   So yes, I've often been one of their Best Customers too and I've returned the Favor!  *LOL*  Ever had Friends where you can often swap each other's Fabulous Junque?!?  *Winks*

And here's one of Myko's Beautiful Daughters, Marina, who is following in her Mom's footsteps of being uber Creative and with an Appreciative Eye for the Good Stuff and very Artistically inclined.  It's always so nice when your Kids and G-Kids Inherit that Shared Love of Found Objects, Styling, Art and have a deep Appreciation for Beauty.  And I dunno, but doesn't that look like Sally Jessie Raphael cruisin' up behind the Gals?  *LOL*  You never know at The Sweet!  It is also a good place for Celebrity Spotting.

But back to a Vision of an Aqua Color Story!   I have to Confess that I rushed to Myko's Spaces first because I knew she'd have so many deep layers of Loveliness that it would take intense de-foofing by avid Treasure Hunters to strip it down to where I couldn't capture the Essence of it thru the Eye of my Lens! 

You see, all of these Events are Super Popular... but some reach Critical Mass in the volume of Treasure Hunters quickly... and this was one of them.  So I knew I'd have to bounce early when it became too uncomfortably crowded for me.   I'm just that way when it comes to large crowds... and yet I wanted to try to see it all and capture some of it for you all to Share it here in the Land of Blog... before I had to Tap Out and bail.  *Smiles*

And unfortunately this Month we also had some Time Constraints, which meant that I had to decide and choose whether to Photograph the Event sufficiently... or make a Purchase and stand in line... I chose the former this Month... just for you my Friends, because you Deserve it.   And I know how much you all Love to come along Virtually with us to these Special Events my Local Friends Create and Host.  I really do Hope many more of you can make it in Person some day... I know many of you already have and it's always such a Treat to finally run into you and meet in the flesh to Share the Experience in Real Time!

I think that Aqua is a very good Choice of Color Story for Spring or Summer, don't you?  And it goes very well with my predominant Palette as well, so I often incorporate it with Sepia and Black.

This really is quite the Fantasyscape dontcha think?  So I'm sure you can see why I spent the majority of my time Mezmerized by it all and soaking it in for as long as I could and before the masses descended upon it and Treasures started going Home with their new owners.

I also have to Confess that because I spent so much time really taking the Color Stories of Lavender and Aqua in... I didn't have the time to really focus upon nor Photograph many other Gorgeous Sections that began to fill up with shoppers.   So you really won't get the overall Variety and Selection of all of the other Wonderful Color Story Palettes that were Presented and were Worthy of Decorating any Special Place with.  Not as thoroughly anyway and for that I apologize profusely because it was all well worth beholding!

But even just getting a Sampling should whet your Appetite for Decorating for Spring.  I know that Myko's Theme had me digging out some of my own Treasures from Storage since I had been duly Inspired! 

And that's part of the Point too... to Inspire and BE Inspired by what we see around us when we attend such Spectacular Events... and not just to load up with more Found Treasures.  For me anyway, I have very little in the way of a Blank Canvas at Home to build upon, and so it's more likely I am at Saturation Point on most Decor and Hope instead to pick up those carefully Curated Items I haven't yet checked off my List to complete and compliment what I already have.

So I'm not too broken up by coming away empty handed at times... not that I don't always see something I would have liked... or even Loved... but it's not really necessary and so I can have a Peace about leaving it behind.  Well... most of the time anyways.  *Winks*

This was the Exception to that Rule this Month... this I would have liked to have dragged Home with me had Time to stand in line at checkout permit.   But that would have risked leaving the Kiddos on the curb at School and not getting my Friend Pamela to her destination on time since I was the designated driver this trip.  *Smiles*   Not to mention we had an Itinerary with far too much to do in far too little time on Girl's Day Out... which is always the case... you wouldn't believe how much we cram into a single outing since it's so rare I can get out!  *LOL*

Could I go back Today and see if it's still there?  Perhaps... we'll have to wait and see as the day unfolds... Princess T isn't feeling 100% Today so it may be one of our 'Down Day Weekends'?  We've had a LOT of those lately... because though Spring is absolutely Glorious... it also brings with it the allergens that those with severe Respiratory ailments will find difficult.   And though I'm Thankfully Spared that suffering... the G-Kid Force and The Man are sadly not, this can be a difficult Season for them to move thru Medically.

Though the Event will have some Tutorials this Event on using Chalk Paints effectively which will be Hosted Today... and the Event will run thru Sunday, so there's still time my Friends for you to get down there and see what I haven't been able to Share in my Posts.   I don't know how many Posts I'll be able to gleen from the less than prolific images I captured this Month, but at least a few I Hope.
So be sure to come back and join us... as I get around to Creating a few more Posts of our Adventures on Girl's Day Out... at SWEET SALVAGE and some other equally Wonderful Favorite Destinations!

Until the Next Post... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. is that a new Bohemian dress? pretty! I want to try my hand at creating the look some day! Enjoyed the pictures as always!

  2. Great gorgeous chunks of blue green slag! Antique lab jars that still have their stoppers! And lo! that wonderful image of an early 20th century equestrienne (side-saddle!) --- my antennae are up, there's at least one horsey print by C.W. Anderson nearby...!

    Yes, I do enjoy foraging with friends who do NOT share my tastes: "Oh, yoohoo, there's some of the weird stuff you like over here..."


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