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Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part III

Today's Post will cover more 'Color Stories' from SWEET SALVAGE.   The Color Stories of Romance... Shades of Red, Pink, Lilac, Pale Mint Green, Teal, Powder Blue, Gold and Silver.

Even if you don't Decorate with them regularly, Romantic Hues are always Enjoyable for Special Occassions and that is when I typically use them, to Evoke a Mood or to feel particularly Feminine.

Though my preference and leaning is towards the Exotic... during certain Holidays and for brief periods of time I will Style with Pastels and the Deeper Romantic Colors.

And besides... who wouldn't Enjoy and Appreciate an Unusual Minty Green Vintage Dress Form, regardless of what Color Stories you normally Decorate with?

I don't believe I've ever seen one before and if this were your Statement piece, you could Style an entire Room around it... with Lovely Shades of Greens and Whites... and Zinc... for a Romantic Garden Vibe and Style.

These really are Springtime Favorite Color Stories as well... each Spring I'm always more drawn to predominant Colors of Nature that have a Spring Feel to them... Sunshine Yellows and all Shades of Green.

Princess T liked all of the Springtime Color Stories in the Vignettes... this was one of her Favorite spots with the Minty Green Table and Robin Egg Blue Chair... and an Old Cabinet that had many Drawers with Wonderful Windows showcasing what was inside!
Yes, this would certainly be a Statement Piece I would Enjoy tremendously, how about you?

In fact, at the Event there are always Magnificent Statement Pieces... and many go Home with their New Owners... including this Spectacular Chandie!

I am a Sucker for Chandeliers and so I don't have room for anymore really, but I can still Admire Fabulous Specimens.  *Smiles*

And I have also been Collecting Treasures from the Sea for many Years as well.

So I really had an Appreciation for this Display and Collection.

I've found that Groupings of any Collection make it a Statement and Visually Appealing, no matter what type of Collection it happens to be.

And if you Love Jewelry and all types of Bling... why not Display that en masse as well?

And one of the nicest things about Nature's Collectibles are that you can often obtain them directly from Nature and at no Cost... to build an instant Collection and Visual Impact regardless of Budget.

And if you've had Pretty Outfits from a Special Time, even if they don't fit now, why not Display them and Enjoy them?

Personally I've even bought Secondhand Outfits I just Love the look of even if they aren't my size just for that Purpose of Displaying them on my Antique Dress Forms.  It's also a Beautiful Backdrop for your Favorite Jewelry and keeps the pieces in sight to Enjoy and Remember you have, rather than stored away in Jewelry Boxes or Drawers.

I loved the stack of similar Vintage Quilted Jewelry Boxes in different but complimentary Hues.

And keeping those especially Pretty Valentine's Day Candy Box Hearts or Collecting the Vintage ones is another way to have Lovely Storage of your tinier Treasures.

There have also been many times when I've dried some of the Roses that The Man has bought me bouquets of... or used other dried Florals like Lavender and Baby's Breath for Display Purposes.  They can last quite a long time if properly cared for... and I often Scent them with Essential Oils.

Even the Bathrooms at the Event are laden with Found Treasures and Delightful Vignettes to Inspire you and have you Styling even your smallest Rooms and Hallways.
Or Creating your own Guest and Gift Baskets... which always make anyone Feel Special and Pampered because it's such a Thoughtful way to Express your Sentiments towards them during a Visit or Special Occassion!  I just LOVE Gift Baskets!!!

And Collections of Antique Mirrors scattered about reflect some of your Favorite Vignettes opposite them, so I like to utilize that Visual, especially in smaller rooms.

Small Fragments of Beautifully Ornate Architectural Salvage always look Romantic to me... the Victorian Era in particular paid such Attention to Detail and making things Pretty and Ornate rather than just Functional or Ordinary.

Yes, Color Stories of every Shade you could Imagine were Showcased in the Vignettes during this Event and I really Enjoyed the Variety.

And all the Sweet Details... even of the Display Pieces that weren't for Sale.

Such as this Adorable Miniature Hand-Made Bureau Style Jewelry Box!!!  LOVE IT!!!

And this nod to Mercury Glass... where the interior of Old Bottles was coated with Silver Paint and then Embellished with Vintage Lovelies Upcycled as Stoppers. 

And to me there's nothing more Romantic than every tiny Detail being Ultra Ornate... down to Doorknobs and Door Plates!   Which just HAPPEN to be yet another Weakness of mine to Collect!  *Winks*

Along with Ornate Old Frames because there are so many different uses for them...

And I'll be finding use of the other Images I took during the Event for a few more Posts.  *Winks*  So be sure to come back to see even more!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I do think the colors of yesteryear, before the 70's and 80's are more gentle and serene. I know they age a lot better than bright, bold, garish colors. Your collections are lovely and Little Miss is a cutie.


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