Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bad Meetings And Creepy Doll Creation Envy

Today's Post will take you back to SWEET SALVAGE's March Event and some of the rest of the bajillion Images I captured thru the Eye of my Lens and haven't Shared yet!  *LOL*   Some of my Favorite Artists and Stylists Created some Wonderful Vignettes and Props, along with the Awesome Creations Offered for Sale.   I must say at my Friend Cyndie's Space of VINTAGE ENVY I was having quite a bit of Envy of my own... Creepy Doll Creations Envy that is!  *Winks*

Cyndie is a very Talented Artist whose Imagination moves right along the same lines as my own, so I always fall in Love with her Whimsical and Delightfully Funky Creations.   They always make me Smile and when Art does that, I WANT IT... Desperately!!!  *Smiles*

In fact, my two Favorite Creations at the Event were these two Props Showcasing her Amazing Upcycled Jewelry Line for Spring.   I think I NEED them Cyndie... Seriously!!!  *Winks*

They'd Clearly be right at Home here in Bohemian Valhalla and in my Creepy Doll Head Collection of Oddities and Curiosities dontcha think?  *Smiles*   Plus Serving Double Duty of holding some of my overflow of Bohemian Bling Collections at a glance.  So it's True, I NEED them!  *LOL*

I'm very Needy, I know... *Winks*

And I have some Good News to Share... it's going to be a Trial Run, to see how The Man and the Kiddos handle it... but I'm going to pick up my two Part-Time Night Shifts again at our Antique Mall, BRASS ARMADILLO WEST, on Monday and Friday Evenings.  *Yay!!!*  The Staff and Management have been wanting me back for some time, but understood my circumstances and were very accommodating and considerate about my Leave of Absence.  I wanted to ensure that the Family was ready for me to return to a few hours work a week outside of the Home... and I feel that now they are.  They'll all be fed before I leave and in bed thru half of each Shift anyway, so their consensus was they could manage my brief absence.  Monetarily and Emotionally it will be a Blessing to me... and I'm only five minutes away if they need me.

I've always Enjoyed Working... and though I can do some Work from Home... I need to Supplement that right now in order to make the ends come together better and hopefully meet.  Raising Kiddos is Expensive... and on a Fixed Retirement/Disability Income it can be quite a Challenge because you don't expect to still have Young-Uns at Home to Support and get Raised!  That was never a part of our Retirement Plan you see.  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   I always Worked whilst Raising our own Children... but The Man's Health was better back then too so he could Work and also take on greater Responsibilities at Home when he was Well.   He's come so far though since his Accident last Summer and it was always our Plan to get him Semi-Independant again, with the Help of the Kids and I we've met that Goal early!  *High Five!*

I'm very Proud of him for putting in the Work it took to get there... and for embracing his Safety Prompts Routine.   When we realized that there would be little, if any, Respite Care that we could Qualify for, due to the Services being so Conditional that we couldn't meet the Conditions based on our Family's dynamics, we knew we'd just have to make our own way as a Team.  Backing each other up and learning to do and to make do, which every Member of the Family has put the Work in to get to that place of Functionality and so I'm very Proud of them all.   We're using what little Help there is available, but we're not Reliant upon it and we never really wanted to be.

This is a fiercely Independant Family and having a Circle The Wagons kinda Moment is not uncommon for us at the Casa Bohemian Valhalla.   I not only Wanted to be able to go back to Work... Resources indicated that I Needed to as well... so that was the eventual Goal we all had in mind, whenever the Time came that I could again... even if for just a mere eight hours a week.

And as a Caregiver you also need to have that Life Space of your own to pursue and apart from the Caregiving Role and Duties... if you don't want to Risk Total Burnout.   If there was a Staff of us, we'd probably STILL need to Work in Shifts Caregiving for those who Depend upon us.  But when you're a Staff of One... it's still Vital to find a way to give yourself some leeway and breaks that ARE possible when ever and however you can.

It's no Secret that I've Shared with every Agency that provides Services to us that whenever they think I'm not enough... don't hesitate to send in their Troops... I'm an Expert at Delegation if I have a Team Assisting me.  *Winks*   Apparently they don't think a Team or Troops are necessary and I'm handling everything just dandy... or they just don't want to Fund it all {more likely}... but, if they change their minds, I'm Open to whatever Help they Cover

 Covering being the Key Phrase here, because I'm practically buried alive already in Medical Bills piling in that they already aren't Covering or haven't Covered and should have!!!  And trying to find a way to pay off or even make payments on a slew of Medical Bills, when they're so unexpected and random in making their appearance after Insurances fail to Approve or Cover Expenses already done and in the now distant Past... Espenses you Assumed were Covered and already Paid for, is definitely a Budget Buster!!!   So it's one of those vicious cycles of Life with the New and Allegedly Improved Medical System in place Nationally... but we just won't go into that right now since I'm keeping this a Happy, Upbeat Post full of Joy, Good News and Wonderment!  *Winks*  

Every time I download Images from a previously Outing I always Discover Fab Items that I didn't even Consciously SEE and Process enuf to snap them up... do you ever do that my Friends?  For me in this Image it was the Vintage Postcard of a Hare... which is just so 'Alice In Wonderland' and falling down the Rabbithole Perfect that I would have snapped it up if I'd paid more Attention while there in the Flesh!  *Smiles and Le Sigh*   It belongs to my Friend Myko so perhaps she didn't Sell it?  I'll have to ask Brett when we're Working 2nd Shift together again at our Antique Mall.  That's the biggest part of what I Missed about my Leave of Absence, my Awesome Co-Worker Friends and the Good Times we have on the Job!

I always have a Good Time... regardless of what I'm Doing... but when you've got folks that Live by that Mantra too... it makes whatever you're Doing all the more Pleasurable doesn't it?   It's a 'Just Dance' Moment when Positive Energy abounds where ever you're at and whatever you're Doing.

So, Tomorrow Night is my first return to Work Day... and The Family is as Happy for me as my Co-Workers are to have me back again.   I've put all the Rules in Place at Home with the Understanding that if it doesn't work out, I'll have to take a Permanent Leave of Absence.  And that probably won't be as Good a Thing as the Option of having this Opportunity brings us as a Family.   So I know they'll all be doing their very best... they know I'm Working all my angles to Provide for the Family as much as I'm able... but that they too must do their parts and lighten the load somewhat.

As a Family we're used to the hiccups tho'... and our unusual dynamics as a Family.  Recently the Young Prince had tried to join the Boy Scouts and had been going to Meetings and having a Good Time... but apparently it didn't work out and he Confessed to me Today that he probably got kicked out.   He'd had an Incident with another Scout at last Night's Meeting and gone Manic.   I had Suspected as much since the Youth Pastor that heads up the Boy Scout Meetings had called me earlier Today and asked for a Meeting tomorrow Afternoon. 

 By his Tone I knew it wasn't going to be a Good Meeting even tho' the specifics weren't discussed over the phone.  *Le Sigh*   It rarely is a Good Meeting with regards to the G-Kid Force... all the Therapy and Meds in the World don't fix everything when it comes to some Life Challenges... being 'Fabulous' and Mental Health Issues for the Young Prince... it is what it is.  Some things aren't meant for the Young Prince, guess Scouting might be one of them.  
My Concern was more in the Mode of:  Did you hurt anyone? {No}  And are you Okay with getting kicked out of the Program and the Reasons Why? {Yes}  Followed with "The Speech" about his Extreme Reaction to what the other Boy did or said being equally Inappropriate and Unacceptable, even if he felt Justified or Picked On.  I'm thinking that Maybe the Summer Camp Op with these same Kids might not be such a Good Idea after all either now, if that's still even on the table since he was being partially Sponsored? 

 Previous Church Camp Experiences have been difficult for him anyway... Kids can be Mean and Cruel if you're 'Different' and have trouble fitting in or being Accepted.   He just keeps trying to 'Fit In' and find his Niche, being who he is, but with no facades... which is Typical for most Teens anyway.  Though when you have peeps in the Familia with Special Needs and Differences that can be barriers and bring bias Socially, you Learn to just Roll with whatever that brings with it and move on with Life.  You can't change People, you just have Control over your own Reaction to them and have a Peace about yourself.

He said he was just Thankful that I didn't Spazz Out about him getting kicked out of the Boy Scouts... and perhaps even that Church.   *LOL... I couldn't help it... even tho' it is Serious, you'd have to know the Kid to Truly Understand that it could even be considered mildly Funny!*   I countered with, "Remember, I already Raised your Mother and your Uncle, who were quite the Mental Health and Quirky Handful themselves, so it's not as if we haven't been kicked out of better places than that!  *Winks*  

His Uncle was kicked out of two Church Youth Programs for Mental Health and Autism reasons as a Kid, 'til he finally found one that Welcomed him, Embraced who he was and could Cope with a Mentally Ill Child.  It's not all that Unusual and as long as it doesn't hinder his Faith Walk either, we're Good with it and don't Personalize it... we've dealt with the Issue before and come out the other side just Fine.   I had been really Happy he was Attending a Church Youth Group he really liked and was Interested in Boy Scout Meetings held there one Night a Week... and just Sad for him that it didn't work out.  But he's not distraught and has plenty of other Extracurricular Activities to thrive in the Atmosphere of.
The insistance on the Meeting with the Young Prince and I Tomorrow Afternoon after School with the Youth Pastor is just lousy Timing for me, since Tomorrow Morning is 'The Meeting' with my Doctor about the 'Problem' with my Test Results that they want to also talk about right away.  So I just Hope I'm still in the Mood to Deal with the Youth Pastor Guy in the Fruit of the Spirit later on, depending on what News the Doc has to bear?   Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to either Meeting.  So Today I had a Joy Day on Purpose and to Celebrate any Good News we Received.  'Cause that's how we Roll...

Blessings and Joy from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I pray that both of your meetings result in positive action. Happy that you are able to return to your part-time pleasure :)

  2. Oo'eer! That bust of Minerva upon which hangs a variation of the Victoria Cross....excites my acquisitive instincts, as does that tome entitled "Useful Songs for Unprejudiced Singing Teachers." How very useful one might find it!

    Dear Dawn, this posts reminds me of a poem of Basho, who commented upon the storm toppling a wall of his hut: "Now I can see the beauty of the moon more clearly!" You do appreciate the distinction between bad news negating good news, and good news balancing bad news!

    Blessings on you and your family as you cope with the news you receive tomorrow.

  3. Praying for you that both meetings will go well and not be as bad as expected!


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